First line
16. Ville Peltonen
64. Mikael Granlund
33. Eero Somervuori
26. Toni Söderholm
3. Mikko Jokela

Second line
21. Jerry Ahtola
44. Kim Hirschovits
71. Eetu Pöysti
12. Markus Kankaanperä
8. Mikko Kousa

Third line
31. Miikka Tuomainen
13. Petteri Wirtanen
11. Markus Granlund
41. Ilari Melart
67. Kristian Tuohilampi

Fourth line
38. Teemu Tallberg
19. Turo Järvinen
18. Robert Nyholm
45. Christian Silfver

60. Jan Lundell
(34. Juuso Riksman)

HIFK - Djurgårdens IF
4 - 3

Period 4
05:00 What a night we had here. IFK blew an early 3 goal lead as DIF forced the game on overtime. IFK had two powerplays and finally succeeded. DIF goalie Tim Sandberg made some unbelievable saves and gave the team a chance to win. Thank you and good night!

Next home game is 3.9. against Vienna Capitals. The game is played at Elisa Areena.

03:28 IFK wins this game 4-3 on overtime. The crowd is standing and giving applause for the team.

03:28 3 Stars 64 Mikael Granlund
2 Stars 71 Eetu Pöysti
1 Star 1 Tim Sandberg

03:28 Jokela shoots, Sandberg saves but Hirschovits is there first and puts the rebound in. Another assist for Söderholm

03:15 51 seconds left of the PP

02:25 Granlund finds Somervuori in front of the net but Sandberg makes an amazing save

02:06 It´s now or never

02:06 Another chance as Daniel Tjärnqvist gets 2 min for delaying the game - puck outside the rink

02:00 DIF killed the penalty

00:00 Peltonen, Granlund, Somervuori and Kousa open the PP

00:00 IFK has PP for almost two minutes
Period 3
20:00 "Whatever you want"

20:00 The score after regulation is 3-3. Next we have a 5 minute overtime.

19:56 One last draw

19:56 Printz 2 min high-sticking

19:43 Lundell makes a key-save

18:30 Granlund and Melart are trying to put the rebound in

18:00 2 minutes left of the period

17:07 Granlund delivers the puck to the net, Somervuori is close to rerouting it to the goal

16:15 Ahtola shoots, Sandberg saves

15:02 DIF 3rd goal scored by Klubertanz

14:39 Lundell stops a shot from blue.

13:01 Easy 2 min hooking penalty for Wirtanen

12:36 IFK icing

12:08 IFK kills the penalty

10:21 Granlund hits Klubertanz hard on the corner

10:08 Tjärnqvist shoots from the blue, Lundell stops the puck. 2 min slashing penalty for Hirschovits

08:33 Teams playing at full strength

08:14 DIF PP for 19 seconds

07:37 Lundell stops the puck

06:50 4 on 4 now

06:33 Söderholm shoots and Peltonen goes after the rebound. Norman jumps on Peltonen who ends up getting 2 min for slashing.
3 on 3

06:12 Granlund wins the draw

06:12 Bume trips Somervuori in front of the net. 4 on 3 PP for IFK

04:47 Printz trips Tallberg, Nyholm pushes Printz to the ice. 2 min for both

04:23 Nyholm is close to scoring

04:07 Pöysti shoots from the same place where he scored on the Ist but Sandberg makes the save

03:38 Markus Granlund shoots wide

03:11 Wirtanen blocks Holmqvist´s shot

02:20 Teams playing 5 on 5 again

01:40 Jokela shoots from the blue, Sandberg drops the puck but is able to seal it

01:03 DIF icing. IFK is 6 seconds of having 5 players on ice

01:03 Hirschovits shoots from b-point, Sandberg saves

00:24 Kankaanperä shoots, Sandberg saves

00:19 Teams playing 4 on 4

00:19 Nilson 2 min interference

00:00 "Whatever you want"
Period 2
20:00 An excting 3rd period awaits

20:00 DIF controlled the puck throughout the period and scored two goals. IFK had many good scoring chances but this period was DIF´s.

20:00 End of period. Granlund blocks a shot on the last second. The puck hits Granlunds ankle

19:33 Sandberg makes a glove save

19:33 Miikka, Miikka, Miikka

19:33 Tuomainen shoots himself

19:33 Tuomainen on a breakaway. Penalty shot

19:17 Jokela 2 min for holding

19:00 Last minute of the period.

18:13 Kankaanperä steals the puck and is close to scoring

16:47 Claesson scores on delayed penalty. Assisted by Ottoson and Åberg

16:05 Kankaanperä shows coolness on the own blue and fans are shouting "Kanki, Kanki.."

15:30 Face-off at the IFK end. DIF is on the drivers seat now

14:25 Nyholm checks M Tjärnqvist

13:35 Teams playing at full strength

12:15 IFK moves the puck nicely. Somervuori is unable to reach to Söderholm´s last pass to the back post

11:35 IFK PP

11:35 Eklund 2 min for cross-checking

11:25 Tuomainen checks Eklund who flies like a rag doll

10:25 We have a full house tonight

09:43 DIF is controlling the second period.

09:35 Holmqvist shoots, Lundell saves

09:19 Cehlin shoots, Lundell saves

08:41 Sandberg saves again. Teams playing at full strength

08:38 IFK PP

07:39 The puck is on DIF goal line, no goal

07:13 Teams playing 4 on 4

06:43 Sandberg saves Kousa´s shot

06:38 Mathias Tjärnqvist hits Lundell´s pads after the save. Jokela goes after him. Tjärnqvist 2+2, IFK Jokela 2

05:49 Granlund and Peltonen are the penalty killers

05:49 Ölvestad checks Melart hard from behind on the corner. Melart goes after him 2+10

05:21 Holmqvist scores on PP, assisted by Boumedienne and Nilson

04:47 Granlund and Peltonen are close to scoring another short-handed goal

04:29 Ahtola 2 min for slashing

04:29 Tuomainen checks Claesson

03:34 Holmqvist shoots from the blue. Lundell stops the puck

03:13 Bume shoots from close range, Lundell saves

01:09 Big hit from Markus Granlund on IFK corner

00:43 Kousa shoots, Sandberg saves

00:40 Sandberg seals the puck

00:24 Lundell stops Nilson´s shot

00:00 Game on

00:00 We´re ready for the 2nd period

00:00 "Whatever you want"

00:00 One notion from the stands is that people are wearing a lot of game worn jerseys and other IFK fan gear
Period 1
20:00 Highlight of the 1st period was Peltonen and Granlund on the 2-0 -goal. Granlund kept the puck and passed it to Peltonen on the last moment. Peltonen then had an empty net and easy job to put it in.

20:00 The first period was far from typical pre-season game as both teams were ready to play. Turning point of the period was DIF´s PP that resulted to a short-handed goal.

20:00 End of 1st period

19:40 Pöysti shoots from a tight angle 3-0. Assisted Hirschovits and Söderholm

18:59 Melart hits Kempe. The crowd is now shouting "Ilari, Ilari..."

18:30 Tallberg serves to Nyholm but the shot is an inch wide

17:29 Teams playing 5 on 5 again. Granlund is close to scoring

17:13 Boumedienne didn´t like Wirtanen´s big hit and they end up wrestling. 2+2 for both (roughing).
Teams playing 4-4

17:01 Kankaanperä checks Brodin on the corner

16:52 DIF icing

16:28 Fans are giving a lot of support for the hometeam

15:29 Järvinen 2 min and Eklund 2 min for roughing. Teams playing 4-4

15:29 Tivoli in front of IFK goal

14:23 Human cannonball Tuomainen hits again....

13:15 Holmqvist panics in front of own goal and loses the puck. IFK´s third goal is more than close

12:25 Järvinen checks Printz hard on the corner

12:10 Melart´s shot is deflected

12:01 Nyholm is on a breakaway but Sandberg makes a glove save

11:47 Teams playing at full strength

11:12 Lundell makes a huge save

10:24 Granlund blocks a shot and then takes the puck accross DIF blue. A great pass to Peltonen who has an easy job to do 2-0. Short-handed goal. The crowd is going crazy. I am having hard time not to...

09:47 Granlund wins the draw

09:47 Brodin and Melart have another chat. 2 min for Melart (roughing)

09:07 Jokela fires from the blue 1-0, assisted by Söderholm and Markus Granlund

08:57 Ahtola shoots, Sandberg saves

08:34 Pressure on the DIF end

07:19 Brodin shoots dangerously

06:53 Fans are singing Miikka Tuomainen...

06:30 Teams playing at full strength

04:33 Klubertanz´s shot takes a deflection and goes out of the rink

04:33 DIF PP

04:30 Jokela hits Brodin. 2 min for cross-checking

04:03 Kankaanperä blasts from the blue Sandberg makes a glove save

03:51 IFK has five players

03:29 Jokela checks Norman on the corner

02:33 Peltonen is on a breakaway but Kluberstanz is able to hook Peltonen. Teams playing 4-4

02:09 Peltonen and Granlund are the penalty killers

02:09 Lundell stops Nilsson

01:51 Melart and Broding are having a little chat. Melart 2 min for cross-checking

01:30 Offside on the DIF blue

00:29 Tuomainen opens the game with a good hit on the corner

00:00 Peltonen-Granlund-Somervuori vs Ottoson-Tjärnqvist-Nilsson

00:00 "Whatever you want" here are line starting line-ups

00:00 1 more minute for the take off

00:00 Teams greet eachothers at blue line

00:00 Here´s IFK, people are giving warm wellcome for the team

00:00 The lights are still out as DIF enters the ice

00:00 The referees are now on the ice

00:00 Here comes the IFK roster, accompanied by the song "ACDC´s Runaway Train"

00:00 Micke starts now with line-ups. People are ony listening as he reads the DIF roster

00:00 We have 8 minutes to go and I just heard that the line outside the ticket office is about 200 metres. Looks like we have full house tonight. Let´s keep our fingers crossed the everyone gets in - and on time...

00:00 The ice is almost ready as the zamboni takes last few turns

00:00 Slowly or should I say gradually

00:00 Warm-ups are about done and players slowly move towards the locker rooms

00:00 25 minutes for the face-off

00:00 I just received info that DIF´s starting goalie is Tim Sandberg

00:00 IFK sniper Kimmo Kuhta is out due to a minor hamstring injury. The line is now Miikka Tuomainen - Petteri Wirtanen - Markus Granlund.

DIF has the same roster as last night against Jokerit

00:00 DIF leads North Division with 4 wins in 4 games, IFK is on the 2nd place with 2 wins on 2 games

00:00 Jan Lundell is the starting goalie for IFK, Tim Sandberg for DIF

00:00 DIF jersey is white&blue with some red and orange stripes.
IFK is red,white and blue...

00:00 Followed by IFK

00:00 DIF comes first to the ice

00:00 We had a nice, long line behind the doors at 6 p.m as people were queing in like in Wimbledon tennis tournament

00:00 Greeting from Tikkurila. We have 45 minutes for the face-off as the referees are on warming up on the ice.

First line
4. Marcus Nilson
9. Kristofer Ottosson
17. Mathias Tjärnqvist
34. Daniel Tjärnqvist
49. Kyle Klubertanz

Second line
29. Patrick Cehlin
37. John Norman
15. Mattias Carlsson
78. Josef Boumedienne
7. Andreas Holmqvist

Third line
19. Jimmie Ölvestad
20. Christian Eklund
64. Daniel Brodin
55. David Printz
14. Fredrik Claesson

Fourth line
46. Pontus Åberg
26. Tim Eriksson
70. Mario Kempe
44. Stefan Söder
36. Philip Holm

1. Tim Sandberg
(41. Gustaf Wesslau)
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