First line
16. Ville Peltonen
64. Mikael Granlund
33. Eero Somervuori
26. Toni Söderholm
3. Mikko Jokela

Second line
21. Jerry Ahtola
44. Kim Hirschovits
71. Eetu Pöysti
12. Markus Kankaanperä
8. Mikko Kousa

Third line
9. Kimmo Kuhta
13. Petteri Wirtanen
31. Miikka Tuomainen
41. Ilari Melart
67. Kristian Tuohilampi

Fourth line
38. Teemu Tallberg
11. Markus Granlund
18. Robert Nyholm
47. Juuso Salmi

34. Juuso Riksman
(60. Jan Lundell)

HIFK - Luleå HF
5 - 2

Period 3
20:00 The players are saluting the fans who where great tonight. We had an excellent night here in Tikkurila.

Next game IFK - Djurgårgen Sunday at 7 p.m. Wellcome!!

20:00 Game over. IFK wins 5-2 after a solid performance

3 stars Ville Peltonen, IFK
2 stars Ilari Melart, IFK
1 star Mikael Granlund, IFK

19:48 12 seconds on the clock. IFK wins the game

19:35 Kousa blocks last Luleå shot

18:49 IFK is just killing the time, however Tuomainen almost scores

18:15 Somervuori finds Melart who shoots an inch wide

18:00 Two minutes remaining

16:18 The fans are now singing Miikka Tuomainen...

16:04 Gustavsson seals the puck

15:17 Granlund is showing his moves on Luleå end.

13:03 IFK 5-2 on PP. Scored by Söderholm and assisted by Mikael Granlund and Eero Somervuori

12:36 Söderholm shoots but the pass was rolling puck. No goal

11:36 Luleå Joonas Vihko 2 min for slashing

11:00 The game is more or less like "Land of confusion" at the moment

09:40 IFK fans are really on fire tonight. Friday night game...

09:10 Ahtola checks Sandell

08:55 Land of confusion is played as the lines-men drill new holes to the Luleå´s goal post

08:55 Next game on Sunday at 7 p.m. IFK -Djurgården

08:43 Persson takes the shot but it is off the mark

08:28 Melart is being mean. The home crowd is loving it..

06:14 Wirtanen blocks again. IFK has 4 players.

05:55 Jaakola´s stick is broken and that gives IFK a breather

05:40 Harju shoots from the blue, Wirtanen blocks the shot with his body

05:16 Söderholm goes after Enterfeldt. We have a tivoli in front on Luleå bench.
2 min for roughing for Söderholm. Luleå 5¨on 3

04:30 Peltonen sends the puck to the neutral zone

04:24 Jokela 2 min for slashing. Luleå PP

03:35 IFK fans are singing Ville Peltonen, Ville Peltonen...

02:35 Markus Granlund is trying to set up his office behind Luleå goal but he is checked out of the puck

02:00 Riksman makes a glove save

01:38 Assists to Hirschovits and Ahtola

01:38 Ilari Melart blasts 3-1. What a shot!!!

01:09 Kankaanperä checks Harju on the IFK blue

00:59 Gustavsson stops the puck

00:20 Peltonen shoots over the cross-bar

00:00 Peltonen-Granlund-Somervuori open the period

00:00 "Whatever you want"
Period 2
20:00 IFK wasn´t able to capitalize the PP. The third period is going to be even more exciting.
One notion from the 2nd period was that Kimmo Kuhta didn´t play. However, I have no more info about his condition.

19:58 Tallberg shoot from the blue. Last draw of the period

19:35 Teams playing at full strength

19:00 One minute remaining. IFK moves the puck on Luleå end

17:57 Peltonen and Söderholm move the puck nicely until Peltonen takes the shot. Somervuori is close to scoring few moments late

17:35 Karlsson 2 min for holding. IFK PP

16:49 Good hit from Nyholm on neutral zone

16:15 IFK had total control of the game but one penalty changed that. Luleå is back on the game again

15:56 PP Goal by Jaakola, assisted by Viitaluoma, Fagerudd

15:51 Riksman saves

15:21 Melart sends the puck to the Luleå end

14:30 Jokela 2 min for elbowing. Luleå PP

13:37 Luleå icing.

13:03 Big hit from Tuomainen on the corner

12:35 IFK is controlling the game

11:29 Peltonen is wide open but the shot just an inch of the target

10:54 Teams playing at full strength

10:37 IFK has 5 players

09:25 3-1 Peltonen, assisted by Söderholm and Kankaanperä

09:12 4 on 4

09:01 Peltonen hits the post

08:54 Riksman saves. Harju hits the pads after the whistle and gets 2 minutes for slashing. 5 on 4

08:37 Tuomainen 2 min for interference. Luleå 5 on 3

08:34 Viitaluoma hits the post

08:05 Melart checks Persson hard on the corner. The crowd is loving it.

07:26 Peltonen and Granlund are the penalty killers

07:12 Luleå player shoot the puck after the whistle and Kankaaperä knocks him over. 2 min for roughing. Luleå PP

06:46 Markus Granlund blasts a one-timer that misses the net

05:49 Tuohilampi takes the puck inside the blue but the shot just misses the net

05:34 Riksman is needed again.

04:32 Shot from the blue, Riksman saves

01:46 Luleå starts the 2nd period well. The first shift is almost 2 minutes and on the IFK end

01:32 Pöysti, Hirschovits and Ahtola change the momentum for IFK
Period 1
20:00 "Whatever you want"

20:00 Little over 3 minutes and then we go again

20:00 We have 18 minute intermission

20:00 End of first period

19:19 Luleå icing

19:06 Another assist goes to Mikko Kousa

18:58 IFK 2-1. Scored by Mikael Granlund, assisted by Ville Peltonen

17:06 IFK offside on the Luleå blue

15:00 Luleå retaliates. 1-1 scored by Hjalmarsson assisted by Fälth and Abbott

14:32 Hirschovits 1-0 on PP, assisted by Kankaanperä and Ahtola

13:27 Granlund finds Somervuori in front of the net but Gustavsson is there

12:43 Tuomainen steals another puck from Luleå D that results to 2 min holdin penalty for Olausson

11:45 Good shot from Somervuori, Gustavsson saves

09:52 Tuomainen steals the puck and IFK is close to scoring

09:17 Good hit from Kankaaperä behind IFK goal

07:57 The youngsters are on the ice Tallberg, Markus Granlund and Nyholm. Talking about a lot of energy

07:57 Offside on IFK blue

06:53 IFK has 5 again. The fans are singing "Ville Peltonen, Ville Peltonen"

06:22 Granlund and Pöysti are the penalty killers

05:47 Fans are shouting IFK, IFK, IFK

05:27 Kankaanperä clears the zone

04:56 Tuomainen wins the draw and IFK delivers the puck deep

04:53 Somervuori 2 min for interference

04:02 Persson is about to score but Tuohilampi is there on the last moment

02:45 Teams are playing 5-5 again

02:17 Granlund and Peltonen create a scoring opportunity and seconds later Kuhta is on a break-away. No goal

01:46 Big hit from Melart

01:19 Melart sends the puck to the Luleå corner

00:45 Luleå PP

00:45 Mikko Jokela 2 min for slashing

00:00 Starting line-ups are being introduced

00:00 Get this party started....

00:00 Followed by IFK and the crowd gives big applause for their team

00:00 Luleå comes to the ice

00:00 Referees and the lines-men are on the ice: Laaksonen-Hakkarainen and Korteniemi&Österholm as lines-men

00:00 Wellcome to Vantaa says Micke as we are getting ready for the line-ups

00:00 9 minutes to go

00:00 Young kids are gathering behind the glass to watch the zamboni...not

00:00 Warm-ups are over and the players leave the ice. IFK´s equipment manager, Snadi comes to the ice to collect the pucks.

00:00 The referees are the same as on Jokerit game: Tom Laaksonen and Jukka Hakkarainen. Laaksonen who is much appreciated referee tripped during the warm-ups. The crowd and his colleagues had lots of fun but he took it well. He took a bow and received nice applause...

00:00 Teams are warming up for 7 more minutes and then the zamboni takes the ice

00:00 Luleå certainly has many interesting players on the roster. Two ex-IFK players Vihko and Viitaluoma are sure to draw some interest and Topi Jaakola who played alongside Mikael Granlund on the World Championships this year

00:00 IFK´s roster include many players who weren´t at the Jokerit game: Kankaanperä, Kousa on the D and Tallberg-Markus Granlund-Nyholm as a line. Juuso Riksman is the netminder on todays game

00:00 IFK is wearing red, white and blue. The opponent, Luleå is white, red, black with some orange

00:00 Greetings from Tikkurila!
The players just took the ice as DJ Micke is playing Roadhouse Blues. After all we´re not playing at our home rink.
The lline-ups are ready now, too

First line
11. Simon Hjalmarsson
29. Chris Abbott
15. Mattias Persson
10. Johan Fransson
39. Robin Jonsson

Second line
90. Johan Harju
16. Niklas Olausson
14. Damien Fleury
26. Niclas Wallin
33. Elias Fälth

Third line
40. Sami Sandell
38. Ville Viitaluoma
20. Joonas Vihko
36. Marcus Fagerudd
3. Topi Jaakola

Fourth line
17. Konstantin Komarek
9. Sebastian Enterfeldt
19. Kim Karlsson
23. Jonas Berglund
25. Daniel Mannberg

37. Johan Gustafsson
(1. David Rautio)
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