First line
33. Joni Karjalainen
85. Jussi Makkonen
20. Sami Venäläinen
55. Kalle Kaijomaa
12. Tuukka Mäntylä

Second line
82. Kim Strömberg
16. Joey Tenute
37. Tomi Pekkala
5. Pekka Saravo
9. Juha Leimu

Third line
17. Jacob Cepis
44. Jan-Mikael Järvinen
81. Jukka Peltola
73. Aleksi Elorinne
26. Viktor Ekbom

Fourth line
87. Jouni Virpiö
71. Antti Kangasniemi
14. Nestori Lähde

34. Jani Nieminen
(29. Juha Metsola)

Tappara - Frölunda Indians
3 - 4

Period 5
00:00 Three stars to Joel Lundqvist of Frölunda, two stars to Pekka Saravo of Tappara, and one star to Frölunda's PJ Axelsson.

00:00 P-J. Axelsson for Frölunda...and he wins it for the visitors with a nice move!

00:00 Turns are reversed. Strömberg for Tappara...hit the post!

00:00 Leimu for Tappara...Hellberg makes the save! No scoring in the first three pairs.

00:00 Olimb for Frölunda...and Nieminen makes the save!

00:00 Venäläinen for Tappara...hit the crossbar!

00:00 Umicevic for Frölunda...wide of the net.

00:00 Tenute from Tappara....saved by Hellberg!

00:00 Kahnberg first shooter....saved by Nieminen!
Period 4
05:00 No scoring on OT. A penalty shootout follows.

03:38 Kahnberg's turn to try, no luck.

02:57 Olimb to Pyörälä, saved by Nieminen.

02:06 Henrik Tömmernes' shot hits the screen, but Nieminen still sees it and makes the save.

01:01 Sami Venäläinen had the first chance. Hellberg makes the save.

00:01 The game continues for maximum of five minutes. It's sudden-death!
Period 3
20:00 The 3rd period ended, and an overtime follows. Tappara made a great comeback and tied the game in the 3rd period. In the last few minutes it was anybody's game with Frölunda having more chances but Tappara having the closest one.

19:42 Last seconds of regular time.

18:46 Mäntylä shoots, Hellberg saves.

18:06 Anton Axelsson breaks towards the net, Nieminen makes the save again.

17:08 A pass hits Lasu's skate and bounces towards the net, but Nieminen gloves it.

16:08 Strong shift from Frölunda, but Nieminen saves Tömmernes' shot and drops on the puck.

14:50 Tenute hit the post after a great pass from Jake Cepis.

13:48 The crowd wakes up and starts chanting Tappara!

12:58 Teams are full strength.

12:29 Tappara ties the game shorthanded! JOEY TENUTE gets a breakaway from Pekka Saravo's pass and puts it top shelf nicely.

10:58 Tappara Jussi Makkonen 2 min for holding.

10:11 3010 spectators tonight.

08:45 Teams are full strength.

08:35 Von Gunten shoots from the point, Nieminen makes the save.

06:45 Mika Pyörälä of Frölunda had a scoring chance, but Tappara's Nestori Lähde takes him down and gets 2 min for hooking.

05:52 Teams are full strength.

04:07 JAN-MIKAEL JÄRVINEN scores on two-man powerplay. He gets the puck when it bounces from the board behind the net after Kalle Kaijomaa's shot. Other assist to Saravo. Still 1.30 powerplay left.

03:52 Svedberg gets out of the box, battles for the puck with Mäntylä and ends up getting another penalty for holding. 56 seconds 5-on-3 PP for Tappara.

03:18 Tenute's shot goes too high and over the glass. Frölunda gets a breather.

02:49 2 min penalty to Frölunda's Niclas Lasu for hooking. 53 seconds for Tappara on two-man PP.

01:42 2 min penalty to Frölunda's Viktor Svedberg for holding.

00:58 Tappara's Joey Tenute tries on the rebound but Hellberg closes the opening in time.

00:01 The 3rd period has started. Frölunda has a two goal lead.
Period 2
20:00 That's the 2nd period. Frölunda seemed to be getting away with their two goals during this period, but Tappara got a little hope from their first goal. The ice in the arena is terrible and the bouncing puck makes it hard for both teams.

16:17 Teams are full strength.

14:17 2 min penalty to Frölunda Henrik Tömmernes for holding.

13:47 NESTORI LÄHDE puts Tappara on the scoreboard. His slapshot on the gloveside top corner surprises Hellberg. Assisted by Juha Leimu and Pekka Saravo.

12:21 Teams are full strength.

11:43 Lundberg close to scoring his second goal, but it hit the outside of the net.

10:21 2 min penalty to Tappara Kim Strömberg for interference.

09:58 Tappara 2-on-1 but Kim Strömberg shoots wide.

09:38 Frölunda scores on the powerplay. A wide pass from Joel Lundqvist and MAGNUS KAHNBERG puts it in from the post. Other assist to Robin Lindqvist.

07:38 2 min penalty again to Tappara's Tuukka Mäntylä, this time for interference.

05:00 Tappara's best chance so far for Jouni Virpiö, but Hellberg makes the save.

03:22 Second goal for Frölunda. NICKLAS LASU one-timed Mikael Johansson's pass in from Nieminen's five-hole. Other assist to Toni Koivisto.

01:24 Frölunda shot hit the crossbar.

01:14 Teams are full strength.

00:01 The 2nd period is on the way. Frölunda still has 1.14 left on the powerplay.
Period 1
20:00 Frölunda was close to score in the closing seconds of the period but the shot went wide. Pretty even 1st period where Frölunda had better chances.

19:15 2 min penalty to Tappara Tuukka Mäntylä for holding.

17:01 Tappara chance to Järvinen, but he shoots wide.

16:37 Another great chance by Frölunda, byt Jani Nieminen saves Johan Sundström's shot.

16:05 First goal of the game scored by Frölunda's JOEL LUNDQVIST. Assists go to Magnus Kahnberg and Jari Tolsa. Lundberg scored from the rebound.

14:30 A good shot from Tappara's Jake Cepis, Hellberg saves.

13:31 Penalty over, no shots at all by Tappara.

12:49 Tappara playing the powerplay with their 3rd and 4th lines. No shots.

11:31 Frölunda Patrick Von Gunten 2 min for tripping. First powerplay of the game.

10:49 Both teams are still struggling to get anything decent going.

05:03 Long time without a whistle. No great chances.

00:54 The first shot of the game by Tomi Pekkala, Tappara.

00:01 The game has started.

00:00 The referees tonight are Timo Favorin and Jari Leppäalho, the linesmen are Juha Kumpu and Sami Laaksonen.

00:00 Five minutes until the puck drops. The teams skate on the ice.

00:00 One hour until game time. Here are the line ups.

First line
37. Mika Pyörälä
41. Mathis Olimb
84. Dragan Umicevic
33. Patrick von Gunten
2. Pierre Johnsson

Second line
17. Jari Tolsa
20. Joel Lundqvist
9. Magnus Kahnberg
7. Henrik Tömmernes
4. Viktor Svedberg

Third line
16. Anton Axelsson
11. Per-Johan Axelsson
12. Johan Sundström
8. Fredrik Eriksson
46. Christoffer Persson

Fourth line
22. Toni Koivisto
21. Mikael Johansson
31. Nicklas Lasu
28. Oliver Bohm
72. Robin Lindqvist

45. Magnus Hellberg
(30. Frederik Andersen)
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