First line
16. Michal Birner
39. Tomas Plihal
18. Jakub Cerny
4. Tomas Mojzis
24. Joni Tuominen

Second line
28. Ville Vahalahti
15. Janne Hauhtonen
34. Tuomas Suominen
25. Veli-Matti Vittasmäki
2. Garrett Raboin

Third line
10. Santtu Huhtala
71. Tapio Laakso
12. Marko Anttila
5. Mikko Viitanen
22. Timo Seppänen

Fourth line
27. Marko Virtala
21. Rasmus Kulmala
87. Jarkko Hattunen
17. Mikko Laine
26. Markus Palmroth

31. Aleksis Ahlqvist
(33. Marek Schwarz)

TPS - Frölunda Indians
3 - 2

Period 5
00:00 TPS wins the game in shootout! The game was quite even and the result was justified. TPS was a little bit better and deserved the victory. Best player of the game was Marko Anttila (TPS).

00:00 Michal Birner's huge shot and TPS wins! 3-2!!

00:00 Per-Johan Axelsson and Ahlqvist saves!

00:00 Marko virtala's chance but no goal. 0-0 still.

00:00 Johan Sundström and no goal!

00:00 Andersen saves. 0-0.

00:00 Tomas Plihal from TPS.

00:00 Ahlqvist saves! No goal!

00:00 Frölunda begins. The first shooter is Magnus Kahnberg.
Period 4
05:00 Tuominen (TPS) gets the final chance but Andersen saves. We are heading for the shootout.

04:16 An important save by ahlqvist.

03:02 Tuominen almost makes the goal but Frölund'as defensemen bring him down. No penalty.

01:39 2-1-offensive to Frölunda but Kahnberg's shot goes over the goal.

00:01 Overtime begins!
Period 3
20:00 Third perios is over. TPS took the lead and controlled the first half but Frölunda managed to get even. Both teams had chances to win but overtime is ahead.

19:00 The last minute of the third period has begun.

17:31 Goooal! Tömmernes (Frölunda) brings the game even.

16:53 Nice save from Ahlqvist also.

16:17 An enormous save by Andersen. A glove save from a movie!

15:12 TPS full strenght.

14:27 Frölunda pressures but TPS handles. No goals.

13:12 TPS full strength but Tuominen (TPS) takes a new penalty for slashing.

12:12 A baby fight in front of TPS's goal. No penalties.

11:08 Raboin (TPS) takes a penalty for puck outside the rink.

10:30 Beauuutiful! Suominen gives an amazing assist to Anttila who shoots the puck to the net. TPS is leading!

09:30 Not many good chances to TPS yet.

08:10 Eriksson (Frölunda) gets a penalty for puck outside the rink.

07:03 TPS has controlled the third period. Icing for Frölunda.

06:33 TPS had a good offensive but no goal.

05:40 The play is going from end to end. Both teams are having nice chances.

03:20 Andersen (Frölunda) saves shot by Cerny (TPS).

02:45 Frölunda full strentgh.

02:00 TPS's powerplay isn't working very well.

00:45 TPS has a great chance and Johnsson (Frölunda) is forced to take a penalty for holding.

00:01 Third period begins. The next goal can be crusial.
Period 2
20:00 Second period ends. TPS was in control but Frölunda managed to get the first goal. Third period begins by dead even, 1-1.

19:25 GOAAL!! Tomas Plihal (TPS) skates to the net and shoots the puck under the bar. TPS has brought the game even.

18:35 Seppänen (TPS) takes a good shot in front of goal but Andersen (Frölunda) saves.

17:54 Kahnberg (Frölunda) takes a penalty for slashing.

16:04 Cerny (TPS) gets the puck in front of the net but the shot goes over the goal.

15:46 Frölunda full strentgh. TPS had a few great chance but still - no goal.

14:46 Anttila gives a great assist to Huhtala but the shot goes a little over the net.

13:46 Seppänen shoots and Andersen saves.

13:39 TPS is having a great scoring chance and Tömmernes (Frölunda) takes a penalty for hooking.

12:03 TPS full strentgh. Mojzis (TPS) gives amazing assist to Hauhtonen (TPS) to the goal but Andersen saves.

11:26 Frölunda is pressuring but there isn't many good scoring chances.

10:03 Mojzis (TPS) is having a penalty for slashing.

09:45 TPS is having difficulties in leaving the own area.

08:45 Tolsa (Frölunda) shoots from side and Ahlqvist saves.

07:45 A few nice tackles from TPS.

04:46 GOAL!! Per-Johan Axelsson (Frölunda) goes in a breakaway and slides the puck between the legs of Ahlqvist. Goal was made shorthanded.

04:03 Frölunda Tömmernes 2 min for high sticking.

04:00 Birner (TPS) tries to surprise Andersen but no goal.

03:30 von Gunten has a great scoring chance but Ahlqvist saves twice.

02:06 Frölunda pressures and Axelsson shoots but Ahlqvist saves.

00:57 Birner (TPS) takes a good shot but Andersen saves.

00:01 Period number two begins.
Period 1
20:00 The period is over. Both teams had a few chances but no goals. Period was quite even.

19:02 Eriksson (FRÖ) has a good chance in front of a goal but the shot goes over the net.

16:23 TPS had a few chances and shots but no goal. Frölunda full strentgh.

14:23 TPS is full strentgh and Persson (FRÖ) takes a penalty from hooking.

14:18 A nice shot from Eriksson (FRÖ) but great save from Ahlqvist (TPS)

13:18 TPS is playing well shorthanded.

12:10 Laakso (TPS) gets to shoot from 2 metres but Andersen saves. Another amazing chance but no goal. And TPS gets penalty for hooking (Laakso).

10:58 Frölunda keeps pressuring after powerplay.

09:37 Frölundas powerplay was much better than TPS's, but no goal. TPS is full strength.

08:11 Laakso (TPS) almost gets in a breakaway but Frölunda's defence takes care.

07:37 Viitanen (TPS) is getting a penalty for interference.

06:58 2-1-attack by Frölunda but the shot is poor.

06:30 Frölunda had a nice situation but the shot goes way over the net.

06:18 Frölunda is full strentgh.

05:30 Frölunda full strentgh. TPS had no chances on powerplay.

04:45 TPS's powerplay is poor.

03:28 Matthis Olimb getting a penalty for hooking.

02:58 Mojzis (TPS) shoots sfrom blue line mut Andersen (FRÖ) saves.

01:16 Tuomas Suominen (TPS) brings the puck to the net but no goal.

00:01 The game begins!

00:00 Welcome to follow the live report of European Trophy! The match between TPS and Frölunda Indians is ready to start in 6 minutes.

First line
37. Mika Pyörälä
41. Mathis Olimb
84. Dragan Umicevic
33. Patrick von Gunten
2. Pierre Johnsson

Second line
17. Jari Tolsa
20. Joel Lundqvist
9. Magnus Kahnberg
7. Henrik Tömmernes
4. Viktor Svedberg

Third line
16. Anton Axelsson
11. Per-Johan Axelsson
12. Johan Sundström
8. Fredrik Eriksson
46. Christoffer Persson

Fourth line
22. Toni Koivisto
28. Oliver Bohm
72. Robin Lindqvist

30. Frederik Andersen
(45. Magnus Hellberg)
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