First line
71. Antti Kangasniemi
85. Jussi Makkonen
20. Sami Venäläinen
12. Tuukka Mäntylä
55. Kalle Kaijomaa

Second line
82. Kim Strömberg
16. Joey Tenute
37. Tomi Pekkala
5. Pekka Saravo
9. Juha Leimu

Third line
17. Jacob Cepis
44. Jan-Mikael Järvinen
81. Jukka Peltola
26. Viktor Ekbom
73. Aleksi Elorinne

Fourth line
87. Jouni Virpiö
52. Arttu Ilomäki
14. Nestori Lähde
15. Jussi Halme
33. Joni Karjalainen

29. Juha Metsola
(34. Jani Nieminen)

Tappara - Färjestads BK
2 - 4

Period 3
20:00 3 stars to FBK Sterner, 2 stars to Tappara Järvinen and 1 star to FBK K.Berglund.

20:00 That's it for tonight's game. Shots on goal 14-9 for FBK who deserved their win tonight.

19:54 FBK icing.

19:33 Saravo shot, Venäläinen rebound, Pettersson-Wentzel holds on. A small brawl follows where Venäläinen takes Grundel down. Grundel with 2 min penalty for roughing, Venäläinen 2+10 for dropping gloves.

19:17 FBK icing. Tappara pulls the goalie out and triws with six skaters.

18:37 Mäntylä lost the puck to Åslund. Metsola saved his breakaway attempt.

17:54 Metsola saves Holtet's shot.

15:51 Järvinen with another great chance for a hat-trick, but FBK goalie makes a key save. Peltola took the puck from a d-man again.

15:10 Good shot from Bastiansen, leg save by Metsola.

13:00 2810 spectators tonight.

12:01 Both teams full strength.

11:40 FBK full strength, Tappara shorthanded.

10:14 Järvinen with amazing moves between the d-men, but couldn't score.

10:01 Anders Bastiansen in a shorthanded break, Antti Kangasniemi takes a penalty for slashing.

09:40 FBK Anton Grundel 2 min for delaying of game - puck out of rink.

08:57 FBK in a 2-on-1 rush, nicely defended by Aleksi Elorinne.

08:48 Shot by Pekkala, gloved by Pettersson-Wentzel.

05:44 FBK takes another two-goal lead quickly. ROBIN STERNER gets his second goal of the night with a nice wrist shot. Assisted by Magnus Nygren.

05:17 Then a lucky bounce for Tappara. Aleksi Elorinne's shot bounces in from JAN-MIKAEL JÄRVINEN who gets the credit for 2-3 goal, his second of the night. Assists to Elorinne and Peltola.

05:03 Tappara making it hard for themselves in their own zone with bad passing.

03:18 FBK playing wisely, dumping the puck, avoiding mistakes in the neutral zone.

02:01 Marcus Paulsson with a slapshot. Saved by the goalie.

00:01 The last 20 minutes of regular time have started.
Period 2
20:00 Period has ended with shots-on-goal 12-5 for Tappara. It's a tough call saying who is the better team on the ice. FBK had one and a half good chances and they scored two goals from them. Tappara has more attempts but they are not getting anything really dangerous going.

18:23 Tappara's Venäläinen and Makkonen had tight angle attempts, Pettersson-Wenzel handled them easily.

16:55 Tappara icing.

16:18 A good shift from Tappara.

15:36 A correction to FBK's 3rd goal's second assist. It goes to Kristofer Berglund.

13:41 Sterner intercepts a Tappara pass, but his slapshot hits a stick and goes high.

10:59 ROBIN STERNER scoring for FBK from a breakaway, 1-3. An excellent pass was made by Peter Wennerström. Another assist to Kristofer Berglund.

09:30 Teams are full strength.

09:06 Then suddenly good chances by Strömberg and Pekkala. Pettersson-Wentzel holds on.

09:01 Tappara struggling with their powerplay.

07:30 FBK Robin Sterner 2 min for high-stick.

07:11 Good shot by FBK's Hilding but Metsola made the save.

06:04 An offside by Tappara followed by an icing by FBK.

04:59 Good wrist shot by Tappara's Tenute.

02:13 FBK second goal scored by MARIUS HOLTET. He came from behind the net and lifted the puck high from a tight angle. Unassisted.

00:01 The 2nd period has started.
Period 1
20:00 Erik Thorell is added as a second assist to FBK's goal.

20:00 Very even and close period has ended. Shots on goal 12-10 for Tappara.

17:30 Jake Cepis entertaining the home crowd with his skating ability.

16:36 Icing by FBK.

15:07 FBK goal scored by MARCUS PAULSSON, assisted by Mikael Johansson. Johansson made the shot, and the puck bounced in from Paulsson's skates after an initial save. Erik Thorell also gets an assist.

13:53 FBK C. Berglund with a great chance, but Metsola made a huge kick save.

12:53 Teams are full strength. No quality shots from Tappara.

10:53 FBK Patrik Lundh 2 min for slashing.

10:41 Mikael Johansson FBK got a screened shot in, no goal.

10:06 Teams are full strength.

09:47 A couple of good chances for Tappara's first line.

08:06 FBK Kristofer Berglund 2 min for holding.

07:50 Tappara's Strömberg with a shot, saved by Pettersson-Wentzel.

06:34 Tappara's Cepis had a semi-breakaway but he was interfered enough so he didn't get a shot in.

05:08 Teams are full strength.

04:36 FBK iced the puck during powerplay.

03:45 Åslund had a close range chance, Metsola saved.

03:08 Tappara Nestori Lähde 2 min for hooking.

02:31 Tappara goal scored by JAN-MIKAEL JÄRVINEN. Jukka Peltola took the puck from a defensemen, his shot was saved by Pettersson-Wenzel, but Järvinen put the rebound in.

01:37 Icing from Tappara.

00:29 The first shot of the game by FBK's Åslund. Metsola kept the corner closed.

00:07 The game has started and the first icing from FBK.

00:00 Starting fives on the ice. Juha Metsola playing in the goal for Tappara for the first time ever, Fredrik Pettersson-Wentzel for Färjestad.

00:00 The referees tonight are Tero Toivola and Jussi Leppänen, the linesmen Erkki Mikkonen and Sami Laaksonen.

00:00 The World Championship trophy won by Team Finland this spring is honoring the event today. People are crowding to get their pictures taken with it when there's still about 10 minutes until game time.

00:00 Today's game's line-ups are ready.

First line
71. Christian Berglund
51. Rickard Wallin
22. Per Åslund
25. Jonas Brodin
6. Johan Larsson

Second line
28. Erik Thorell
85. Mikael Johansson
79. Patrik Lundh
7. Oscar Klefbom
32. Magnus Nygren

Third line
30. Marcus Paulsson
20. Anders Bastiansen
12. Marius Holtet
16. Kristofer Berglund
73. Anton Grundel

Fourth line
18. Robin Sterner
42. Joakim Hillding
13. Peter Wennerström
33. Linus Fröberg

35. Fredrik Pettersson-Wentzel
(41. Cristopher Nihlstorp)
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