First line
5. Thomas Raffl
19. Ramzi Abid
15. Manuel Latusa
51. Matthias Trattnig
26. Brent Aubin

Second line
41. Steve Regier
10. Robert Earl
18. Danny Bois
44. Doug Lynch
20. Daniel Welser

Third line
61. Chris Lawrence
92. Daniel Erlich
74. Johannes Bischofberger
91. Dominique Heinrich
37. Erik Reitz

Fourth line
13. Michael Schiechl
72. David Labrecque
70. Markus Pöck
17. Giffen Nyren
23. Markus Schlacher

39. Joshua Tordjman
(30. Thomas Höneckl)

EC Red Bull Salzburg - Tappara
3 - 8

Period 3
20:00 3 Stars: #85 Jussi Makkonen (Tappara)
2 Stars: #15 Jussi Halme (Tappara)
1 Star: #91 Dominique Heinrich (RBS)

20:00 End of Game!

18:49 RBS now on full strength

18:00 the last two minutes of the game and 49sec powerplay Tappara

16:49 and next penalty RBS #61 Chris Lawrence for hooking

15:56 RBS penalty #41 Steve Regier for slashing

13:13 RBS goalkeeper change off #39 Joshua Tordjman and now on ice #30 Thomas Höneckl

13:13 the next easy goal for Tappara scored by #17 Jacob Cepis

10:46 it is not the day of RBS, next goal Tappara scored by #15 Jussi Halme assisted #9 Juha Leimu and #71 Antti Kangasniemi

08:34 Tappara at full strength

08:31 and the result is a shorthanded goal for Tappara scored by #85 Jussi Makkonen

07:27 RBS with less ideas in powerplay

06:34 2min penalty #55 Kalle Kaijomaa for hooking

06:03 RBS tries to line up in attack zone, tappara defense and is waiting for break away

05:15 5min in the third period an no penalty ....

00:40 Tappara now at full strength

00:02 Face off, won by RBS

00:01 the third period has just started
Period 2
20:00 end of the second period with too many penalties again, so the game has no flow, many interuptions and the speed is not high

SOG: 9:20
PIM: 41:12

19:00 the last minute in the second period starts with a face off

18:40 next penalty for Tappara #12 Tuukka Mäntylä for hooking

17:30 Tappara does a good penalty killing and now 5:4 players

16:56 now 5:3 powerplay for RBS

16:53 and the next penalty Tappara #9 Juha Leimu for hooking

15:30 #15 Jussi Halme 2min penalty for interference

14:03 goal Tappara #15 Jussi Halme assisted #81 Jukka Peltola and #11 Miikka Männikkö

13:33 Tappara use the 3:5 advantage and #11 Miikka Männikkö scored assisted by #15 Jussi Halme and #16 Joey Tenute

12:47 Tappara now at full strength and at advantage 3:5 for 20 seconds

11:53 and the next penalty RBS #72 David Labrecque for hooking

10:12 RBS are now in wave of attack an did a bar shot and icrease the power

10:04 goal RBS
#91 Dominique Heinrich assisted by #15 Manuel Latusa

08:47 RBS #51 Matthias Trattnig match penalty for check against the knee and by Tappara goali #29 Juha Metsola 2+2 min for leaving the goal area during a figth and roughing

06:48 2min penalty for both teams after a small figth between RBS #26 Brent Aubin (roughing) and Tappara #11 Miikka Männikkö (hooking)

06:25 powerplay goal for Tappara #20 Sami Venäläinen assisted by #82 Kim Strömberg and #85 Jussi Makkonen

04:26 #20 Daniel Welser 2min penalty for charging and 10min misconduct for criticizing the refeere

04:14 Goal Tappara, #82 Kim Strömberg assist by #85 Jussi Makkonen

01:46 Tappara at full strength

00:00 start of the second period
Period 1
20:00 End of first period with less highlightes on both sides but many penalties

Shots on Goal:
RBS 14, Tappara 11
Penalty: 14:35 min

19:46 Tappara #17 Jacob Cepis 2min penalty for slashing

19:00 last minute of the first period

18:43 Tappara at full strength

17:05 RBS at full strength

16:43 Tappara #71 Antti Kangasniemi 2min for hooking

16:25 RBS #15 Manuel Latusa 10min penalty for misconduct

15:57 and Tappara #20 Sami Venäläinen shots the first goal assisted #85 Jussi Makkonen on 4 to 4 player

15:05 RBS #74 Johannes Bischofberger gets a 2min penalty for holding

13:48 #44 Jan-Mikael Järvinen from Tappara take the chance for a short handed goal but RBS goali Joshua Tordjman did a great save

12:48 Tappara #77 Antti Erkinjuntti did a hard check against #10 Robert Earl.
# 77 is out of game with 5-20 GA-MI for boarding.

12:38 goal for RBS by #15 Manuel Latusa assisted by #19 Ramzi Abid and #5 Thomas Raffl

12:24 Tappara #71 Antti Kangasniemi 2min penalty for hooking

10:16 RBS now on full strength

08:16 RBS #17 Giffen Nyren 2min penalty for chross checking

06:32 #41 Steve Regier scored the first goal assisted by #18 Danny Bois and #44 Doug Lynch

04:21 Tappara now at full strength

02:21 and the next 2min penalty #81 Jukka Peltola for interference

01:15 first penalty #5 Pekka Saravo for holding the stick

00:01 the puck is dropped and the game starts

00:00 the teams are back on ice and the game starts in a few moments

00:00 the warmup is finished now; 20min to face off.

00:00 tonights referees are Georg Veit & Wolfgang Fussi assisted by the linesman Christian Kaspar & Walter Zehenthofer

00:00 Hello again from Salzburg to the game against Tappara.

It is even very hot in the city of Mozart (~35°), RedBull Soccerteam is playing the last game to the Championleague qualification, but we hope that many fans will find the way to the fine temperatured hockeyrink.

Lineups are ready and we start in 60min.

First line
77. Antti Erkinjuntti
85. Jussi Makkonen
20. Sami Venäläinen
55. Kalle Kaijomaa
12. Tuukka Mäntylä

Second line
82. Kim Strömberg
16. Joey Tenute
11. Miikka Männikkö
9. Juha Leimu
5. Pekka Saravo

Third line
17. Jacob Cepis
44. Jan-Mikael Järvinen
81. Jukka Peltola
26. Viktor Ekbom
15. Jussi Halme

Fourth line
33. Joni Karjalainen
71. Antti Kangasniemi
14. Nestori Lähde

29. Juha Metsola
(34. Jani Nieminen)
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