First line
26. Florian Busch
14. Stefan Ustorf
15. T.J. Mulock
7. Frank Hördler
8. Nick Angell

Second line
24. André Rankel
40. Darin Olver
22. Barry Tallackson
29. Jens Baxmann
3. Jimmy Sharrow

Third line
34. Toni Ritter
48. Julian Talbot
62. Tyson Mulock
21. Dominik Bielke
49. Richie Regehr

Fourth line
12. Laurin Braun
57. Daniel Weiß
55. Björn Svensson
11. Sven Felski

31. Kevin Nastiuk
(72. Rob Zepp)

Eisbären Berlin - Tappara
1 - 0

Period 3
20:00 Berlin wins it! The guests demonstrated their best hockey, but unfortunately for them it wasn´t enough

19:29 Time-out Tappara! They have a 6 on 4 player situation

19:29 Berlin: Andre Rankel two minute minor for high sticking

18:37 Tappara pulls the goalie! Six strikers on the ice

18:37 Time-out Berlin

18:37 The spectators are trying to sing Berlin to the lead

18:09 The guests back at full strength

18:00 Two minutes remaining in the game

16:54 Barry Tallackson passed to Darin Olver in the slot area. He standed all alone, aimed, shot - but Nieminen stopped the puck. Unbeliveable save

16:09 Tappara: Mikka Männikkö two minute minor for interference

16:00 Attendance: 2123

14:37 Berlin back at full stength

12:37 Berlin: Jimmy Sharrow two minute minor for holding

10:51 Both teams back at full stength

08:51 Tappara: Kalle Kaijomaa two minute for slashing

Berlin: T.J. Mulock two minute minor for tripping

08:45 The guests back at full stength

08:00 Berlin get into position very quickly. Richie Regehr smashed the puck from the blue line and Barry Tallackson took the perfect rebound, but it went just a few centimeters besides of the goal. Than Regehr hammered a puck again and Nieminen defended with the high end of his stick. Good stoppes made by the finish goalkepper

06:45 Tappara: Jussi Makkonen two minute minor for a high stick

02:51 Berlin: Laurin Braun two minute minor for roughing

01:30 Tappara back at full strength

00:01 Start of the last period
Period 2
20:00 End of the second period! Tappara played really strongly and put on a big pressure onto Kevin Nastiuk´s goal. They had many good scoring chances. Almost they found an answer to the score board, but Berlin´s goalie stayed calm and defended all of their shots. The guests will continue to play physically in the third period making it very difficult for Berlin to secure the one goal lead

19:41 Tappara: Tomi Pekkala two minute minor for tripping

19:00 One minute remaining

17:00 Berlin back at full stength

15:55 Berlin with four men on the ice

15:38 Tappara get into position, lift pass crossing the ice but Antti Erkinjuntti doesn´t use his chance

15:00 Berlin has for one minute two men in the box! Daniel Weiß joins Stefan Ustorf with a two minute minor for hooking

14:36 Tappara back at full strength

13:57 Berlin: Stefan Ustorf has to sit two minute for interference

13:40 Shorthanded Tappara almost equalized the game! Sami Venäläinen knocked the puck from the slot area besides the goal

12:36 Tappara: Juoni Virpiö gets a two minute minor for checking his opponent at the board

10:58 It is noticable that Tappara are playing a stronger physical game in the middle period

09:58 The guests back at full stength

07:58 Tappara: Two minutes minor for hooking called on Juha Leimu

02:36 Berlin scored! Richie Regehr (Barry Tallackson, Darin Olver) Richie Regehr received the puck at the blue line and hammered it into the goal. No chance for Nieminen to stop that

01:28 Tappara: Tuukka Mäntylä two minutes for high stick

00:01 Start of the second period
Period 1
20:00 End of the first period! Both teams trying to get some chances going onto the goalie. But both goalies showed their skills and kept their cages clean for now. The teams are quite equal - we have 40 interessting minutes left and there are coming some fights, for sure

19:00 One minute remaining of the period

18:37 Tuukka Mäntylä had some free space and blasted the puck towards goalie Nastiuk. Luckily for Berlin it goes wide

17:56 Berlin: Jimmy Sharrow has to sit two minutes in the box for interference

15:50 After Nestori Lähde wrist shot at Nastiuk Berlin thinks quickly and put Darin Olver in action. Nieminen could stop his well aimed blast

15:30 Berlin back at full stength. Tappara didn´t get anything lethal onto Nastiuk´s goal

13:40 Tappara got into position but Berlin gets a stick on the puck and knocks it out

13:30 Berlin: T.J. Mulock gets a two minute minor for tripping

11:00 Stefan Ustorf trying to find somebody in the slot area, but Tappara´s defense knocks the puck out off the defenseive zone

08:31 Andre Rankel standing all alone infront of Nieminen with a nice one timer, but the goalie stops it. On the other side it was Viktor Ekbom who tested Kevin Nastiuk

06:31 By the way we are playing in an open arena. Berlin´s fans are singing very loudly since the game started and it doesn´t seem that they are going to quit

04:31 Berlin back at full strength

03:31 Joey Tenute with a wrist shot at Kevin Nastiuk´s pad. Unfortunately for Taparra that nobody stood in the slot area to take the rebound

02:31 Berlin: Florian Busch has to sit in the box for slashing

02:00 Both teams are trying to carry the puck into their offensive zone.

00:01 The game started!

00:00 The game today beetween the Eisbären Berlin and Tappara is about to start. The location is the Kunsteisstadion im Sahnpark in Crimitschau.

00:00 Warm-up started

First line
77. Antti Erkinjuntti
85. Jussi Makkonen
20. Sami Venäläinen
55. Kalle Kaijomaa
12. Tuukka Mäntylä

Second line
82. Kim Strömberg
16. Joey Tenute
11. Miikka Männikkö
9. Juha Leimu
26. Viktor Ekbom

Third line
87. Jouni Virpiö
44. Jan-Mikael Järvinen
81. Jukka Peltola
73. Aleksi Elorinne
15. Jussi Halme

Fourth line
37. Tomi Pekkala
71. Antti Kangasniemi
14. Nestori Lähde
17. Jacob Cepis

34. Jani Nieminen
(29. Juha Metsola)
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