First line
28. Ville Vahalahti
39. Tomas Plihal
12. Marko Anttila
4. Tomas Mojzis
24. Joni Tuominen

Second line
16. Michal Birner
40. Ryan Stone
18. Jakub Cerny
25. Veli-Matti Vittasmäki
2. Garrett Raboin

Third line
61. Timo Salo
71. Tapio Laakso
17. Mikko Laine
22. Timo Seppänen
55. Rasmus Ristolainen

Fourth line
27. Marko Virtala
15. Janne Hauhtonen
87. Jarkko Hattunen
36. Mikko Lehtonen
21. Rasmus Kulmala

33. Marek Schwarz
(31. Aleksis Ahlqvist)

TPS - Tappara
3 - 1

Period 3
20:00 TPS wins! The home team was better in this game and deserved to win. Tappara had also chances to score but Marek Schwarz was great in TPS's goal. The best player of the game was Tapio Laakso (TPS).

19:00 Metsola is out of the goal. 6-5.

18:00 Two minutes remaining.

17:20 Same cause, different men. Hattunen (TPS) and Leimu (Tappara) 2min for both.

16:57 A little match-up in front of TPS's goal. 2min roughing for Kangasniemi (Tappara) and Ristolainen (TPS)

16:31 Schwarz makes a nice glove save! He has been very good tonight.

16:05 TPS had few good chances but Tappara managed. Still 3-1. Tappara full strength.

14:05 Cerny (TPS) 10min penalty and Pekkala (Tappara) 2min for cross-cheking. TPS powerplay.

11:52 Tappara has been quite powerless in third period.

09:00 Cerny took a nice wrist shot but Metsola saved.

07:04 Plihal made himself a great chance but the puck ranaway just before the shot.

05:24 TPS full strength.

04:04 GOOAL! Laakso makes a shorthanded goal from a breakawayl! TPS leads 3-1.

03:24 Lehtonen (TPS) gets a penalty for hooking

00:52 Plihal had an excellent chance but he didn't hit the flying puck.

00:01 Period nr.3 has begun!
Period 2
20:00 The second period has ended. TPS managed to get two goals and has now the lead. TPS was better in this period and Tappara was in big troubles sometimes. It also had chances but Schwarz is playing very well.

20:00 TP had a good pressure before the end of period but no goals.

15:14 GOOAL for TPS! Cerny took a wrist shot and Seppänen finished the goal.

14:00 Tappara had a good pressure and few good shots but Schwarz is a wall in his goal.

12:46 A solid glove save from Schwarz.

09:55 It was Tapparas turn to control the puck. It got a few chances but Schwarz saved.

09:00 TPS is way better than Tappara at the moment.

07:02 TPS pressures but can't make a goal.

03:32 Pekkala had a chance in front of goal but Schwarz saves.

03:00 Tappara full strength.

02:43 Tuominen takes a good shot but Metsola is awake.

01:14 TPS's powerplay continues.

01:14 GOAL! TPS brings the game even in 5-3- powerplay. Score was made by Ryan Stone. Assists by Vahalahti and Anttila

01:00 TPS had a very good chance and Ekbom (Tappara) had to take a panelty. Cause: hooking.

00:01 The puck is dropped! TPS starts with a powerplay.
Period 1
20:00 The first period is over and the visitors are leading. TPS was controlling the period but didn't get a goal. Tappara's goaltender Metsola took a few very nice saves.

19:59 Venäläinen (Tappara) gets a penalty for interference.

17:35 TPS full strength.

17:34 Tappara's powerplay is poor.

16:38 Tappara full strength.

15:35 TPS played a good powerplay before the penalty.

15:35 Vahalahti gets a penalty for tripping.

14:38 Lehtonen (TPS) plays himself for a good scoring chance and Cepis (Tappara) takes a penalty for hooking.

14:28 Erkinjuntti has a chance but he gets surrounded byt TPS's defence and Schwarz handles the puck.

12:16 The game is quite even. Though Tappara is leading, TPS has had the better scoring chances.

10:16 Cerny and Laine played well together but the shot was poor.

06:52 Stone takes a wrist shot but an easy save for Metsola.

05:52 Again a beautiful leg save by Metsola.

05:35 2-1 attack by TPS but Metsola saves!

04:19 GOAL! Peltola (Tappara) makes a nice deke and Schwarz is defeated for the first time. Assist by Venäläinen.

03:52 Both teams are holding the puck well in offensive zone.

02:24 A nice shot from Mojzis (TPS) but no goal.

00:01 And the game begins!

00:00 Both teams are on ice.

00:00 Hello and welcome to follow the live report from HK Areena Turku. Tonight's match is between TPS and Tappara. There are still 25 minutes before the puck is dropped.

First line
81. Jukka Peltola
85. Jussi Makkonen
20. Sami Venäläinen
55. Kalle Kaijomaa
12. Tuukka Mäntylä

Second line
77. Antti Erkinjuntti
16. Joey Tenute
11. Miikka Männikkö
26. Viktor Ekbom
9. Juha Leimu

Third line
17. Jacob Cepis
44. Jan-Mikael Järvinen
33. Joni Karjalainen
73. Aleksi Elorinne
15. Jussi Halme

Fourth line
87. Jouni Virpiö
71. Antti Kangasniemi
37. Tomi Pekkala

29. Juha Metsola
(34. Jani Nieminen)
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