First line
26. Florian Busch
14. Stefan Ustorf
15. T.J. Mulock
7. Frank Hördler
8. Nick Angell

Second line
24. André Rankel
40. Darin Olver
22. Barry Tallackson
29. Jens Baxmann
3. Jimmy Sharrow

Third line
34. Toni Ritter
48. Julian Talbot
62. Tyson Mulock
90. Constantin Braun
49. Richie Regehr

Fourth line
12. Laurin Braun
57. Daniel Weiß
55. Björn Svensson
21. Dominik Bielke

31. Kevin Nastiuk
(72. Rob Zepp)

Eisbären Berlin - TPS
4 - 3

Period 3
20:00 Berlin wins it. End of the game

19:55 Unbelievable and almost not-making save made by Kevin Nastiuk securing the lead for his team

19:32 Ahlqvist leaves his goal. Empty-net

19:32 Berlin can make it! T.J. Mulock assisted Julian Talbot on his unbelievable goal. He scores with a trick shot from behind the goal line

19:04 Goalie Kevin Nastiuk leaves his goal! Empty-net

18:56 Both players get a 2 plus 2 penalty for roughing

18:56 Big missunderstanding on the ice! Hands flying beetween Andre Rankel and Timo Seppänen

18:00 Last two minutes of the regular game. It smells like overtime

15:32 TPS: What a game minute, game equalized! A big transfer in front of Nastiuk´s goal and Marko Antilla knocks it in. He equalizes the score board at three

14:52 TPS answers and cuts the lead! Jarkko Hattunen receives the puck and skates towards goalie Kevin Nastiuk. He finds a whole with a well aimed shot

13:31 Berlin scores for the third time! Nick Angell receives a pass at the blue line, dekes a shot, skates two or three times and passes hardly to Darin Olver standing in the slot area. Aleksis Ahlqvist couldn´t stop his deflection

13:10 TPS: Veli-Matti Vittasmäki two minute minor for holding

10:56 Time-out for Berlin

08:26 Andre Rankel couldn´t control the puck in front of the goal, that´s why it was easy for Ahlqvist to defend it

06:42 TPS didn´t get anything lethal on Kevin Nastiuk. Berlin back at full stength

04:42 Berlin: Richie Regehr gets a two minute minor for tripping

02:00 Attendance is announced: 2050

00:01 Start of the third period
Period 2
20:00 Shots: 24-6; penalty minutes: 2-29

20:00 End of the period. Berlin has turned the game and it is well earned! After the first period they had to find an answer to the score board and they did. Richie Regehr with a one timer from the blue line and Jimmy Sharrow with a wrist shot from the slot area. But Berlin had many more "must scoring" chances and shots at the post or the pipe. Luckily for Torku the score board still stands at 2 to 1

19:00 Last minute of the period

17:49 Two minute minor on Frank Hördler for slashing

15:59 Berlin has many shots at the goal post or at the pipe

14:45 Barry Tallackson one times the puck from the slot area into Ahlqvist glove

12:00 Hard collision on Stefan Ustorf. He has to leave the ice, probably a mild concussion

11:51 TPS: 5 minute penalty and a game misconduct for Timo Salo for checking at the head

07:42 Berlin scores again! A penalty was signalized on Torku. But Berlin doesn´t give the puck away and hustles to carry the puck towards Ahlqvist. T.J. Mulock receives a pass in the neutral zone and goes into the offensive zone, passes to Julian Talbot and he crosses for Jimmy Sharrow. He sees his chance and shoots leaving no chance to the Finish goalie

05:45 Torku back at full strength

04:12 Berlin scores! Barry Tallackson and Florian Busch assisted for Richie Regehr. The defenseman shot from the high slot area into the right angle

03:59 Berlin has a two men advantage for one minute and a half

03:45 TPS: Michal Birner two minute minor for a high stick

03:07 TPS: Timo Salo two minute minor for interference

02:25 Aleksis Ahlqvist defends Daniel Weiß´s backhand

01:25 Rankel´s shot tries to find a way into the goal but the TPS goalie denies

00:01 Second period started
Period 1
20:00 Shots: 13-6, Penalties: 2-1

20:00 End of the first period! The chances were almost equal on both sides. But Frank Hördler´s minor gives Torku some good scoring chances. One was enough for TPS. Berlin couldn´t knock the puck out off their defensive zone and Torku punished them for doing so

19:30 TPS scores! The guests find their power play position very quickly. Tomas Mojzis shoots from the blue line. Nastiuk can stopp it but Tomas Plihal knocks the perfect rebound over goalie Kevin Nastiuk.

19:00 One minute remaining in the first period

18:00 Torku tries to find their power play position

17:41 Berlin: Hooking penalty for Frank Hördler

16:20 Berlin´s Constantin Braun left the ice with a bloody nose

16:20 TPS is back at full strength

15:20 Berlin finds the power play position very quick. Darin Olver shoots from the slot area, but no problem for Ahlqvist

14:20 TPS: Thomas Suominen gets a two minute minor for tripping

12:49 T.J. Mulock one times from the blue line, but Ahlqvist stoppes the black slice

12:01 Tomas Majzis tries but Nastiuk catches it

07:37 Berlin back at full strength. Torku didn´t get anything on Nastiuk´s goal

06:00 Berlin is playing a good power play killing

05:37 Laurin Braun gets a two minute minor for hooking

04:10 Berlin: Andre Rankel shots high, Barry Tallackson can deflect it but it goes wide

02:30 TPS: Garrett Raboin tried to shoot with a sloppy backhand.

00:01 The game started!

00:00 The teams are coming back onto the ice!

00:00 The ice machine is driving through the arena.

00:00 TPS is going with one victory and two losses into the game. The Eisbären won their last game on Sunday against Slovan Bratislava and are going with one victory, one tied game and two losses into today´s game

00:00 In the Energie Verbund Arena Dresden the warm up just started!

First line
28. Ville Vahalahti
40. Ryan Stone
34. Tuomas Suominen
25. Veli-Matti Vittasmäki
2. Garrett Raboin

Second line
16. Michal Birner
39. Tomas Plihal
27. Marko Virtala
4. Tomas Mojzis
24. Joni Tuominen

Third line
87. Jarkko Hattunen
71. Tapio Laakso
18. Jakub Cerny
22. Timo Seppänen
55. Rasmus Ristolainen

Fourth line
61. Timo Salo
15. Janne Hauhtonen
12. Marko Anttila
5. Mikko Viitanen
10. Santtu Huhtala

31. Aleksis Ahlqvist
(35. Ville Runola)
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