First line
22. Per Åslund
42. Joakim Hillding
71. Christian Berglund
6. Johan Larsson
16. Kristofer Berglund

Second line
79. Patrik Lundh
85. Mikael Johansson
18. Robin Sterner
7. Oscar Klefbom
32. Magnus Nygren

Third line
12. Marius Holtet
20. Anders Bastiansen
30. Marcus Paulsson
8. Sanny Lindström
73. Anton Grundel

Fourth line
13. Peter Wennerström
33. Linus Fröberg
23. Christoffer Bengtsson

29. Jesper Appel

35. Fredrik Pettersson-Wentzel
(40. Luca Boltshauer)

Färjestads BK - EC Red Bull Salzburg
0 - 4

Period 3
20:00 Thank you for watching this game. Next game will be played on saturday.

20:00 The three european stars of the game. Three stars: nr 39 Joshua Tordjman, Salzburg two stars: nr 20 Anders Bastiansen, Färjestad and one star: nr 92 Daniel Ehrlich, Salzburg

20:00 The game ends 0-4 to Salzburg

20:00 End of the game

19:50 Salzburg increases the lead to 0-4 by Marcus Pöck assisted by Michael Schiechl

18:00 2 minutes left of the third period

16:18 Färjestad is still looking for reduction

14:47 Trattnig stops Mikael Johansson with an excellent tackle on the blueline

14:25 Anton Grundel gets a good scoring chance but the shot goes wild

13:25 Salzburg continues to attack

12:07 Empty net goal by Manuel Latusa

11:54 Salzburg full strength

11:37 Färjestad full strength still one man advantage

11:00 Färjestad pulls their goalie

10:43 Nygren is hot on the blueline but the shots wents wild

10:21 Färjestad has a one man advantage

09:50 Timeout Färjestad

09:50 Salzburg and Ramsi Abdid gets a 2 minute minor for hooking

09:29 A double penalty after a fight between Christian Berglund in Färjestad and Brent Aubin both gets 2 minutes for roughing

09:27 Salzburg full strenght

08:27 The hardhitter Nygren shoots wild for Färjestad in powerplay but Joshua stops the puck twice

07:27 Salzburg and Jeremy Williams gets a 2 minute penalty for tripping

07:13 Salzburg does 0-2 by Daniel Ehrlich assisted by Chris Lawrence and Doug lynch

07:06 Reitz with a hard snapshot on Petterson Wentzel

06:06 Trattnig saves the puck in the offensive zone from the blueline

04:06 Joshua Tordjman stops a hard slapshot from Oskar Klefbom

03:15 Petterson Wentzel stops the puck and Salzburg holds the puck in the offensive zone

02:20 Anton Grundel with a slapshot who wents wild up over the glass

00:02 färjestad full strength

00:00 the referee drops the puck
Period 2
20:00 Period 3 will start in about 10 minutes

20:00 Färjestad has a small advantage, with much puck possesion. But Salzburg has still some dangerous counterchances. The match has not really turned on to a hard fight yet, but we look forward to see what the next period has to show... The attendance seems to enjoy the game and the rink is almost fulled up.

20:00 Shots on goal Färjestad 16 Salzburg 8 No goals in the second period

20:00 End of the second period

19:29 Patrik Lundh with a shot on Johaug Tordjman after a good counter and a nice pass by Mikael Johansson

19:00 One minute left of the second period

18:31 Salzburg tries to line up in the zone

18:02 Magnus Nygren in Färjestad gets a penalty, 2 minutes for hooking

17:19 A new brilliant save by Joshua Tordjman on a really dangerous counting

16:19 Färjestad hunts for equalization

15:00 Bastiansen wins another faceoff in the offensive zone

14:37 Petterson Wentzel with a brilliant glovesave

14:37 The game seems to be more fysical after a quite calm start

13:30 Petterson Wentzel makes a good save

12:57 Christian Berglund with two hits on the youngster in Salzburg Johannes Bischofsberger

12:00 Salzburg has problem to get the puck in to the offensive zone

11:10 Paulsson with another good scoring chance after a counter

10:36 Sanny Lindström with a slapshot

09:03 Salzburg tries to dump the puck but they cant hold it in the zone

08:48 Salzburg can finally clear

08:32 Färjestad still with the puck in the offensive zone

07:45 Salzburg Full Strenght

07:21 Färjestad lines up in the offensive zone

05:45 Salzburg gets another penalty for hooking by Nr 19 Ramsi Abid

05:42 Färjestad is on attack

04:43 Bastiansen wins the faceoff in the offensive zone

04:43 Johaug Tordjman makes a brilliant save on a hot scoring chance

03:25 Salzburg full strenght

03:03 Johaug Tordjman blocks the puck

03:00 Färjestad has some problems to get in to the zone

01:24 Salzburg and Chris Lawrence gets a 2 minute minor for Holding

00:56 Salzburg gets the first chance in period 2

00:01 The referee drops the puck

00:00 The Players enters the ice for period 2
Period 1
20:00 The first period was an intensive trench warfare with many chances in both directions. Maybe a little advantage for Färjestad but Red Bull Salzburg had some dangerous counters, and one of them resulted in goal. The second period will begin in about 10 minutes.

20:00 End of period 1, shots on goal Färjestad: 11 Red Bull Salzburg: 6

19:00 One minute left of the first period

16:24 The goal was a slapshot just under the bar, no chance for Petterson Wentzel

16:24 Ramzi Abdid scores the first goal assisted by Brent Aubin and Dough Lynch

14:13 Salzburg Full strenght

14:00 a slapshot by Magnus Nygren from the blue line but Joshua gets the stearing

13:40 Christian Berglund with a shot

13:04 Färjestad full strength

12:13 Mattias Trattnig 2 minutes interference

12:11 Åslund gets a empty net when Joshua Tjordman passes wrong, but Åslund hits the post

11:33 Salzburg lines up in the offensive zone

11:04 Salzburg seems frustrated and want a harder penalty

11:04 Sanny Lindström 2 minutes, elbowing

10:46 Puck over glass

10:11 Salzburg is on the attack

09:24 A big save by Petterson Wentzel

08:22 Another good scoring chance by Farjestad and a new faceoff

05:57 Färjestad gets a good scoring chance and it results in a faceoff

05:04 Färjestad full strenght

03:33 Puck over the glass

03:04 Magnus Nygren gets a 2 minute penalty for hooking

02:34 Salzburg full strength

01:50 Robin Sterner misses a breakaway chance during the powerplay

00:34 Salzburg nr 19 Ramsi Abdid gets a penalty for holding the stick

00:01 Salzburg wins the first faceoff

00:00 The Referee drops the puck and the game begins, enjoy!

00:00 Åsa Gustafsson sings the national anthems

00:00 The teams are back on ice and the game is about to begin

00:00 The players starts to leave the ice for 20 minutes break

00:00 Referees in todays game is Referees: Mikael Nord and Wolmer Edqvist Linesman: Andreas Malmqvist and Ola Adamsson

00:00 Both teams are on the ice for warmup

00:00 Welcome to the first match in The European Trophy between Färjestad Bk and Red Bull Salzburg, the game takes place in Kristinehamn, Sweden

First line
19. Ramzi Abid
92. Daniel Erlich
72. David Labrecque
13. Michael Schiechl
51. Matthias Trattnig

Second line
23. Markus Schlacher
61. Chris Lawrence
74. Johannes Bischofberger
81. Ryan Kavanagh
15. Manuel Latusa

Third line
70. Markus Pöck
91. Dominique Heinrich
26. Brent Aubin
20. Daniel Welser
37. Erik Reitz

Fourth line
5. Thomas Raffl
18. Danny Bois
86. Jeremy Williams
41. Steve Regier
44. Doug Lynch

39. Joshua Tordjman
(30. Thomas Höneckl)
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