First line
37. Mika Pyörälä
41. Mathis Olimb
10. Fredrik Pettersson
2. Pierre Johnsson
33. Patrick von Gunten

Second line
84. Dragan Umicevic
11. Per-Johan Axelsson
72. Robin Lindqvist
8. Fredrik Eriksson
46. Christoffer Persson

Third line
9. Magnus Kahnberg
20. Joel Lundqvist
17. Jari Tolsa
7. Henrik Tömmernes
4. Viktor Svedberg

Fourth line
22. Toni Koivisto
21. Mikael Johansson
31. Nicklas Lasu
26. Victor Backman

30. Frederik Andersen
(35. Linus Fernström)

Frölunda Indians - EC Red Bull Salzburg
3 - 2

Period 3
20:00 An entertaining game where Frölunda came out on top in the end.

Thank you for following the game online and have a nice evening!

Greetings from Gothenburg!

20:00 Three stars:

One star: Patrick von Guten, Frölunda
Two stars: Joshua Tordjman, Salzburg
Three stars: Jari Tolsa, Frölunda

20:00 End of the game. Shots on goal in the 3:rd period: Frölunda 10, Salzburg 5.
Shots on goal total: Frölunda 28, Salzburg 32

19:44 Salzburg gets the extra player by removing their goalie.

19:00 One minute left of the 3:rd period.

18:14 # 61 Christopher Lawrencer gets 2 minutes for slashing.

18:14 # 19 Ramiz Abid deflects a point shot making Andersen make a good save.

16:13 Shot by # 91 Dominique Heinrich hits Andersen who covers up for the face off.

15:25 # 22 Toni Koivisto hits the post after a rebound from the boards

14:45 Attendance: 2471

14:18 Frölunda full strength

13:18 Frölunda defends well on the box play, not giving Salzburg opportunities to takes shots.

12:18 # 31 Niclas Lasu gets 2 minutes for hooking.

11:00 Tordjman makes a spectacular save on a shot by #41 Mathis Olimb from in close.

09:19 # 37 Mika Pyörälä breaks away and fools Tordjman with a fantastic solo performance. Assisted by # 10 Fredrik Pettersson.

08:28 # 9 Kahnberg misses by centimeters from in close.

07:48 # 86 Jeremy Williams gets 2+10 minutes for crosschecking and misconduct.

07:48 # 11 Per-Johan Axelsson gets crosschecked from behind into the board face first. Upset feelings from both teams

07:09 Salzburg full strength

06:09 Salzburg continues to defen well in the box play.

05:09 # 26 Brent Audin, 2 minutes for hooking

03:55 Olimb on a break away but Tordjman made a good save.

01:51 Eriksson scored on a break-away and put it in the top left corner behind Tordjman.

01:51 # 8 Fredrik Eriksson evens the score, assisted by # 7 Henrik Tömmernäs

00:55 # 10 Fredrik Petterson hits the crossbar with a slapshot.

00:00 Period 3 has started. Frölunda starts with a power play.
Period 2
20:00 First twelve minutes of the period were Salzburg domination, Frölunda came back and played equally as well as Salzburg did at the start of the period and managed to create several good scoring opportunities.

20:00 End of period two, shots Frölunda 9, Salzburg 20.

19:46 #51 Mattias Trattnig gets a 2 minute penalty for slashing. Tolsa had an open net and Trattnig probably saved a goal

19:20 Andersen without his stick.

19:00 One minute remaining.

18:35 Frölunda have had three good shifts in a row where they pressured Salzburg.

16:26 Frölunda's line with Kahnberg, Tolsa, and Lundqvist are skating circles around Salzburg's defence, Kahnberg gets a golden opportunity to score but his shot goes wide.

14:45 Tömmernes with a solo raid, Tordjman saves the wrist shot.

14:10 Salzburg up's the tempo and start hitting at every chance they get.

12:27 Magnus Kahnberg with a takeaway, comes alone with Tordjman who manage to save the puck lying on his back.

11:51 Daniel Erlich with a good shot, Andersen makes a save with his shoulder.

11:23 Salzburg establish play in the offensive zone, Daniel Welser gets of a shot and a rebound.

10:26 Fredrik Pettersson tries a wraparound, Tordjman saves.

09:31 Kahnberg gets a good opportunity to score as Tolsa makes a tricky play to fool Salzburg's defence.

08:45 Frölunda much thanks to Andersen prevail on the boxplay, ices the puck and Salzburg continue to put pressure.

08:14 Frölunda playing at full stenght.

07:29 Clock failure causing a short delay.

06:59 Salzburg with hard pressure, Andersen made a great save on what looked like a sure goal.

06:14 #8 Eriksson and #7 Tömmernes both get penalties for slashing, 5 on 3 power play for Salzburg.

06:10 Frölund playing at full strenght.

04:50 Salzburg get two good chanses early in the PP.

04:10 #46 Christoffer Persson gets a 2 min penalty for hooking.

03:19 Salzburg takes the lead, #18 Danny Bois redirects a puck from #23 Markus Schacher into the net!

01:20 Ramzi Abid gets an opportunity but Andersen saves with his glove.

00:00 Period 2 has stared.
Period 1
20:00 The first period was an intensive trench with many chances in both directions. Both Frölunda and Red Bull Salzburg had some dangerous counters. Both teams are playing very offensive and the first pass from defenceman to forward strikes very fast to neutral zone.

20:00 End of period 1, shots on goal Frölunda: 9 and Red Bull Salzburg: 7

19:00 One minute left of the first period

15:20 Both team full strength.

13:39 Frölundas nr 21 Mikael Johansson missed just outside the goal at Salzburg.

13:20 Salzburg nr 18 Danny Bois and Frölunda´s nr 7 Henrik Tömmernes gets both a 2 min penalty for roughing.

10:03 Salzburg´s Steven Regier scores 1-1 assisted by Danny Bois and Doug Lynch

08:42 Frölunda´s nr 22 Toni Koivisto gets a 2 min penalty for hooking.

07:52 Frölunda´s Jari Tolsa scores the first goal assisted by Joel Lundqvist and Magnus Kahnberg.

07:24 Salzburg full strength

05:24 Salzburg nr 13 Michael Schiechl gets a penalty for hooking.

04:28 Both team plays very agressive in the beginning of the period.

02:08 Great scoring chance by Magnus Kahnberg in Frölunda.

00:00 The Referee drops the puck and the game begins, enjoy!

00:00 Referees in todays game is Referees: Morgan Johansson and Patrik Sjöberg.

00:00 The teams are back on ice and the game is about to begin

00:00 Frölunda thanks Tomi Kallio for all he has performed as a great player in Frölunda the last 8 years.

00:00 The players starts to leave the ice for 20 minutes break

00:00 Both teams are on the ice for warmup

00:00 Welcome to the exciting match in The European Trophy between Frölunda Indians and Red Bull Salzburg, the game takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden.

First line
41. Steve Regier
19. Ramzi Abid
15. Manuel Latusa
51. Matthias Trattnig
26. Brent Aubin

Second line
61. Chris Lawrence
92. Daniel Erlich
73. Dale Hunt
44. Doug Lynch
20. Daniel Welser

Third line
13. Michael Schiechl
18. Danny Bois
5. Thomas Raffl
91. Dominique Heinrich
37. Erik Reitz

Fourth line
75. Robert Earl
72. David Labrecque
86. Jeremy Williams
70. Markus Pöck
23. Markus Schlacher

39. Joshua Tordjman
(30. Thomas Höneckl)
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