First line
60. Mads Christensen
57. Daniel Weiß
55. Björn Svensson
90. Constantin Braun
8. Nick Angell

Second line
26. Florian Busch
40. Darin Olver
22. Barry Tallackson
29. Jens Baxmann
3. Jimmy Sharrow

Third line
24. André Rankel
14. Stefan Ustorf
15. T.J. Mulock
7. Frank Hördler
49. Richie Regehr

Fourth line
12. Laurin Braun
54. Julian Talbot
62. Tyson Mulock
34. Toni Ritter
21. Dominik Bielke

72. Rob Zepp
(31. Kevin Nastiuk)

Eisbären Berlin - EC Red Bull Salzburg
0 - 5

Period 3
20:00 End of the game. Salzurg wins it with 5 to 0. Joshua Tordjman saved many shots and secured himself a shot out.

18:15 Salzburg´s Erik Reitz two minute minor for delaying the game

18:10 Both teams at full strength

18:00 Last two minutes of the game started

16:10 Well, the players let their hands fly. Two minute minors for both teams. Berlin´s Richie Regehr sits in the cool box for holding and Salzburg´s Danny Bois sits in the box for cross checking

15:00 Not much happening in the last minutes of the game. Salzburg seem to be happy about the win and Berlin thinking about the next game already

11:34 Salzburg back at full strength

09:34 Chris Lawrence two minute minor for checking against the board

06:56 Robert Earl two minute minor for roughing

06:56 Nick Angell two minute minor for tripping

02:29 Salzburg´s Chris Lawrence receives Matthias Trattnig pass and carries the puck into the offensive zone and goes deep. From behind the goal line he puts Daniel Erlich in the slot area in action. Goalie Rob Zepp has no chance to stop the puck from hitting the net.

01:05 Salzburg back at full strength

00:00 Start of third period
Period 2
20:00 Berlin tries but doesn´t find an answer to the score board - nothing looked really lethal. Salzburg is deadly in front of the goal and continue to use their chances. Maybe Berlin will come back into the game, but for them to turn it a miracle on ice is needed

20:00 Second period is over

19:00 One minute remaining in the second period

18:30 Berlin tries and tries to get some chance at 4 on 4. But again goalie Tordjman is there and denies the first goal for the home team

16:04 Abid Ramzi 5 minute penalty plus game misconduct for high sticking

15:30 Again a missunderstanding on the ice, and again a some penalties. Jimmy Sharrow for Berlin and Daniel Welser for Salzburg two minute minors each for roughing

15:14 Mulock back on the ice

13:14 Tyson Mulock two minute minor for tripping

13:13 Salzburg get into power play position. They try to use their one man advantage. Somehow the puck gets to Dominique Heinrich. He knows what to do with the puck, he puts it into the net. Easy game now for the guest team

11:16 A big missunderstanding on the ice. Result: Julian Talbot gets a two minute minor plus misconduct for checking from behind

07:07 Darin Olver back on the ice. Berlin at full strength

05:44 Goalie Joshua Tordjman steppes out of the cage towards the puck. He can not controll it. Berlin´s Julian Talbot picks it up, but Tordjman corrects his mistake. His glove finds the puck somehow.

05:07 Darin Olver gets a two minute minor for tripping

02:01 Salzburg score again. Manuel Latusa gets the puck at the blus line. His shot goes wide but bounces back from the board. Rob Zepp isn´t concentrated and falls onto the ice. Daniel Erlich is there to lift the puck into the net

00:00 Second period started
Period 1
20:00 Shots on goal in the first period: 17 - 6
Penalty minutes: 6 - 10

20:00 Eisbären Berlin controlled the game in the first period. But they missed to find a way to score. They had some free space to shoot, but Joshua Tordjman showed his good goaltending skills. The goalie gave his teammates the needed push. Red Bull Salzburg used their chances. They punished Berlin for not using their many one man advantages during the period.

20:00 End of first period

19:00 Last minute in the first period

18:47 Berlin´s Constantin Braun two minute minor for slashing

16:13 Tallackson back on the ice

15:23 Heinrich back on the ice

14:13 Barry Tallackson gets a two minute minor for hooking

13:25 Dominique Heinrich two minute minor for hooking

12:50 The Eisbären seem to be disconcentrated. Salzburg score again. Markus Schlacher passes to Michael Schiechl. He sees Matthias Trattnig. His shot finds its way into the right angle of Rob Zep´s goal

12:13 Robert Earl and Markus Schlacher assist Jeremy Williams on his goal. They create a trianqle in their offensive zone. One, two passes and Williams can knock it in

12:03 Erik Reitz is back on the ice! Salzburg at full strenth

10:03 Erik Reitz first minor is over

08:33 David Labrecque is back on the ice

08:03 Erik Reitz two minutes plus two minutes penalty for tripping

07:25 Andre Rankel two minute penalty for roughing

07:25 Brent Aubin two minute penalty for roughing

06:23 David Labrecque two minute penalty for slashing

05:00 Good chances for Berlin, but no score yet.

00:00 Game started

00:00 Starting Six!

First line
19. Ramzi Abid
86. Jeremy Williams
5. Thomas Raffl
51. Matthias Trattnig
26. Brent Aubin

Second line
41. Steve Regier
75. Robert Earl
18. Danny Bois
37. Erik Reitz
91. Dominique Heinrich

Third line
61. Chris Lawrence
92. Daniel Erlich
15. Manuel Latusa
44. Doug Lynch
20. Daniel Welser

Fourth line
72. David Labrecque
13. Michael Schiechl
70. Markus Pöck
23. Markus Schlacher
17. Giffen Nyren

39. Joshua Tordjman
(30. Thomas Höneckl)
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