First line
61. Christoph Harand
10. Philipp Pinter
50. Mario Fischer
18. Martin Oraze
4. Philippe Lakos

Second line
15. François Fortier
25. Benoit Gratton
6. Rafael Rotter
28. Dan Bjornlie
7. Jon Insana

Third line
47. Harald Ofner
17. Pat Kavanagh
24. Jonathan Ferland
21. Kevin McLeod
20. Peter Casparsson

Fourth line
94. Taylor Holst
22. Marcel Rodman
16. Daniel Nageler
57. Wilhelm Lanz
58. Filip Gunnarsson

38. Reinhard Divis
(27. Sebastian Stefaniszin)

Vienna Capitals - Oulun Kärpät
3 - 2

Period 5
00:00 Jonathan Ferland scored the decissive penalty, Caps are winning this game 3-2 after penalties

00:00 Capitals: No.27 Ferland SCORES

00:00 Kärpät: No. 30 Komulainen saved by Divis

00:00 Capitals: No. 22 Rodman saved by Hostika

00:00 Kärpät: No.13 Junttila saved by Divis

00:00 Kärpät: No.84 Vondrka saved by Divis

00:00 Capitals: No. 20 Casparsson missed (hit the bar)

00:00 Kärpät: No. 27 Haataja scored

00:00 Capitals: No.17 Kavanagh saved by Hostika

00:00 Kärpät: No. 71 Huml: saved by Divis

00:00 Capitals starting: No.15 Fortier: He scored
Period 4
05:00 End of overtime, Divis had to save twice, he did well. Shots on goal: 1-2

04:06 Time Out Kärpät

04:06 Penalty for Capitals: No. 18 Oraze 2 minutes for hooking

03:00 Capitals had two chances in the first minute of overtime, but now it seems that both teams are waiting for the penalty shoot out

00:00 The 5 minute sudden victory overtime starts
Period 3
20:00 Both teams had their chances, but goalkeeping was outstanding from both keepers
Shots on goal: 12-12

20:00 End of the third period. The game is tied, so overtime and maybe penalty shootout is necessary

13:47 Kärpät at full strength again, not the best powerplay from the capitals

11:47 Another penalty for Kärpät: No.71 Huml 2 minutes for tripping

11:23 Kärpät at full strength

10:53 Capitals at full strength

09:23 Penalty for Kärpät: No.35 Hostika (Goalkeeper) 2 minutes for interference

08:53 Penalty for Capitals: No.6 Rotter 2 minutes for Tripping

07:00 At the moment Kärpät has more chances

05:30 Tonights attendance: 4700

04:48 Powerplay Goal for Kärpät: Scored by No. 71 Huml, assisted by No.3 Mäntymaa and No.13 Junttila

03:43 Penalty for Capitals: No.20 Casparsson for Hooking

03:14 Kärpät at full strenght

02:23 2 minutes each for roughing for No. 6 Mikkola (Kärpät) and No. 24 Ferland (Capitals)

01:54 Powerplay Goal for Capitals: Scored by No. 6 Rotter, assisted by No. 17 Kavanagh and 25 Gratton

01:14 Another penalty for Kärpät: No.5 Ohtamaa 2 minutes for checking from behind plus an automatic misconduct penalty.

00:00 Third period starts, Capitals 2 minutes with an one man advantage.
Period 2
20:00 End of the second period. There is no big difference between the two teams, Capitals better in powerplay, so they deserved the equalizer. Shots on Goal: 17-11

20:00 No. 20 Snopek (Kärpät) 2 minutes for charging

15:51 Kärpät playing at full strength

14:49 Capitals at full strength

13:51 No.5 Ohtamaa (Kärpät) 2 minutes for interference

12:49 No. 4 Lakos (Capitals) 2 minutes for holding

10:27 Kärpät is at full strength

09:47 Another penalty for Capitals. The keeper No. 38 Divis 2 minutes for tripping.

09:16 Penalty for Capitals: No. 7 Insana 2 Minutes for interference

08:27 No. 4 Lakos (Capitals) and No. 71 Huml (Kärpät) 2 minutes each for roughing

06:26 Goal for Capitals: Scored by 15 Fortier, assisted by 6 Rotter and 21 McLeod.
Good powerplay by the hometeam, after a series of fine passing Fortier stands alone in front of the keeper and made no mistake...

01:52 Kärpät is at full strength, Capitals missed another chance of a 2 men advantage.

01:00 Björnlie shots from the blue line, but the keeper saves well

00:00 Second period starts, Capitals are in 5-3 Powerplay
Period 1
20:00 End of the first period. Kärpät slightly better, but they take to many penalties.
Shots on goals: 11-12

19:52 Kärpät: another penalty, a bench minor penalty for delaying the game

19:52 The penalties for this fight: No.7 Lehto (Kärpät) 2+2 for roughing + 2minutes for charging. No.6 Rotter (Capitals) 2+2 for roughing

19:52 Small fihght between Rotter (Capitals) and Lehto (Kärpät)

18:22 Goal for Kärpät, scored by No. 84 Vondrka, assited by No. 26 Lehtonen and No. 71 Huml

16:37 Peanlty for Capitals, No.24 Ferland for high sticking

15:45 Good chance for Capitals on a break, Rotter passed to Fortier, but his shot was not good enough.

13:57 Kärpät at full strength, this time the visitors had no problems, Capitals made too many mistakes.

11:57 Penalty for Kärpät, No. 28 Niemelä for holding

11:04 Vienna Capitals at full strength, good powerplay from the visitors, but the Capitals defended well, and Divis made some fine saves.

09:04 Penalty for No.4 Lakos (Capitals) for holding

07:53 Kärpät is now at full strength, Capitals were not able to score on a 5 against 3 powerplay.

07:31 Kärpät are now 4 players, Mäntymaa returns to the ice

06:10 Alikoskis penalty terminated, but Kärpät still play 2 men short handed.

05:53 Next penalty against Karpät: No. 27 Haaataja 2 minutes for roughing

05:31 Another penalty against Karpät, No. 3 Mäntymaa 2 minutes for interference

04:10 Penalty against No. 18 Alikoski (Kärpät) for tripping

03:38 Capitals at full strength

01:38 First penalty of the game, No.20 Peter Casparsson from Vienna Capitals for holding

00:00 Welcome from Vienna. First Europaen Trophy Game at the rebuild Albert Schultz Eishalle. It is the first game after rebuilding the arena and a good crowd turned up to this game when Vienna Capitals welcomes Oulun Kärpät from Finnland. Game starts a little bit delayed due to a welcome speech from the clubs president.

First line
84. Michal Vondrka
71. Ivan Huml
13. Julius Junttila
26. Mikko Lehtonen
3. Ville Mäntymaa

Second line
11. Kimmo Koskenkorva
12. Pekka Saarenheimo
27. Juha-Pekka Haataja
5. Atte Ohtamaa
15. Oscar Eklund

Third line
18. Mikko Alikoski
23. Joonas Kemppainen
49. Ville-Matti Koponen
6. Ilkka Mikkola
20. Jan Snopek

Fourth line
16. Markus Korkiakoski
30. Joonas Komulainen
21. Tomi Körkkö
7. Nico Lehto
28. Mikko Niemelä

35. Ville Hostikka
(33. Tomi Karhunen)
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