First line
24. Sami Kapanen
22. Matti Kuparinen
25. Jukka Hentunen
46. Jussi Timonen
6. Marko Kauppinen

Second line
23. Sakari Salminen
15. Joonas Riekkinen
19. Tuomas Kiiskinen
57. Ryan Lannon
38. Adam Masuhr

Third line
18. Iiro Pakarinen
28. Jaakko Rissanen
11. Ossi Saarinen
40. Mikko Kukkonen
48. Henri Laurila

Fourth line
42. Tommi Jokinen
13. Jasse Ikonen
84. Jyri Junnila
33. Henri Ikonen
3. Simo-Pekka Riikola

4. Juha Toivonen
(31. Ari Ahonen)

KalPa - Oulun Kärpät
3 - 4

Period 5
00:00 This was last game from Niirala, Kuopio for this years European Trophy!

00:00 Kärpät won European Trophy game after penalty shots. Thank you for following this game! Good night and waiting for next games!

00:00 Winning goal scored by Komulainen

00:00 Hentunen missed the net

00:00 Komulainen scored for Kärpät

00:00 Rissanen scored for KalPa

00:00 Huml scored for Kärpät

00:00 Now going for head to head

00:00 Donskoi scored for Kärpät

00:00 Kapanen missed

00:00 Haataja missed

00:00 Kiiskinen scrored for KalPa

00:00 Viuhkola scored for Kärpät

00:00 Goal for Salminen

00:00 KalPa start the shootout!
Period 4
05:00 Now waiting for winning shot competition!

05:00 End of overtime

04:30 Kärpät are playing good offence

03:45 No both teams will play with four players

03:45 Good scoring chance for Kärpät.

02:48 Teams at full strenght

02:24 Kärpät is playing better power play now!

01:55 Good scoring chancce for Kärpät

01:27 Kärpät on power play!

00:03 Overtime is on!
Period 3
20:00 End of third period

19:45 KalPa had 2 against 1 attack, but Kärpät made good back check.

19:20 Penalty for Kärpät

18:49 Goal for Kärpät

18:18 Kärpät is playing without the goalie.

18:01 Dramatic end for this game

18:01 Time out for Kärpät

18:01 Goal for Kärpät.

17:42 Kärpät is keeping their goalie on the net.

17:42 KalPa is playing rest of the game short handed

17:42 Laurila is getting 5 minutes penalty.

17:42 Saarenheimo had hit to his head from Laurila and he is leaving the ice

17:42 Penalty for KalPa # 48 Laurila.

17:18 Good scoring chance for Kärpät

16:49 KalPa is little bit more active at the moment.

16:49 KalPa had two good scoring chances.

15:00 KalPa had good scoring chance. Puck went over the net.

13:15 KalPa had good offensive play, but Laurila lost the puck and puck went to KalPa's end.

12:13 Kärpät full strenght

11:28 KalPa on power play

11:11 Goal for KalPa #23 Sakari Salminen. Nice backhand fake.

11:02 Icing for KalPa

10:13 Penalty for Kärpät. Too many players on ice

09:35 Kärpät on power play

09:28 Penalty for KalPa # 46 Timonen

08:09 Goal for Kärpät after rebound in front of the net. Scored by #30 Komulainen assisted by # 23 Kemppainen

07:40 KalPa is controlling the puck

06:02 KalPa had 4 against 1 offence but players went offside

05:43 Good chance for Kärpät after won face off

05:10 Good offence for Kärpät

04:40 Kärpät had scoring chance

03:20 Goal for KalPa on power play! Scored by # 23 Sakari Salminen assisted by # 15 Riekkinen and # 18 Pakarinen

02:47 Power play is little bit better than before

01:50 Power play for KalPa

01:41 Penalty for Kärpät # 20 Snopek

01:10 Masuhr had slap shot over the net

00:02 First face off won to Kärpät

00:00 Third period is about to start
Period 2
20:00 End of second period. KalPa leading 1-0. Bad power play for both teams.

19:28 Kärpät full strenght

19:10 KalPa had good rebounds but Karhunen made saves

18:58 Great one timer for Masuhr!

18:05 KalPa had some shots but they went off target

18:05 Offside for KalPa

17:27 Penalty for Kärpät # 3 Mäntymaa

17:15 KalPa is palying well in offensive end and made couple of good scroring chances.

16:40 Kärpät at full strenght

15:50 Today box play is better than power play!

15:25 Nothing for KalPa

14:40 Now it's time for KalPa to show how they play power play

14:40 Penalty for Kärpät # 19 Keränen.

13:13 Kärpät had two scoring chances, but Toivonen made good saves.

11:51 KalPa at full strenght

11:17 Nothing new for power play. KalPa is playing well on box play.

09:51 Let's see if Kärpät has made better plans for power play

09:51 Penalty for KalPa # 24 Kapanen

09:40 2 against 1 attack for KalPa. No goal after rebound.

08:19 Both teams at full strenght

07:33 Both teams has problems on passing the puck

06:40 KalPa had scoring chance on 4 on 4 play

06:19 Penalty for KalPa # 40 Kukkonen and Kärpät # 27 Haataja after small battle infront of KalPas net

05:13 Goal for KalPa. Scored by # 18 Pakarinen assisted by # 28 Rissanen

04:30 Couple of shots for both teams but not any good chances

02:53 Kärpät made good shot and Toivonen almost lost the puck.

02:35 Good defensive play for both teams

00:18 Slap shot to the head of Tomi Karhunen. Shot made by # 24 Kapanen

00:01 Face off won to KalPa

00:00 Teams are coming on ice and getting ready for second period!
Period 1
20:00 No goals on first period. There was couple of good chances for both teams.

20:00 End of first period

19:33 KalPa # 28 Rissanen had scoring chance after good offensive end play

18:23 KalPa at full strenght

18:05 KalPa is playing solid box play

17:02 Kärpät had chance to score. Toivonen was reading the game well and made a save.

16:23 New opportunity for Kärpät to play power play

16:23 Penalty for KalPa # 22 Matti Kuparinen after small wrestling

15:45 Kärpät could not create good scoring chances on power play.

15:45 KalPa at full strenght

15:03 KalPa #24 Sami Kapanen had good scoring chance on box play

13:47 KalPa is giving advantage for Kärpät

13:45 Penalty for KalPa # 48 Henri Laurila

13:37 KalPa full strenght

12:31 Both teams has showed pretty poor power play so far today.

12:31 Kärpät still on power play

12:05 Second penalty for KalPa #6 Marko Kauppinen and at the same time for Kärpät #11 Kimmo Koskenkorva

11:37 Penalty for KalPa #84 Jyri Junnila

10:52 Kärpät at full strength

10:22 Scoring chance for Kärpät on box play

09:15 KalPas first power play formation on ice

08:52 Riekkineen, Pakarinen, Salminen, Masuhr and Kiiiskinen

08:52 KalPa is setting up their second power play formation

08:52 Penalty for Kärpät #22 Miikka Salomäki

08:16 Kärpät had a good scoring chance!

07:40 Kärpät has made two bad line up changes and KalPa has got good scoring chances

05:52 It was great pass from Masuhr

05:52 Kapanen and Hentunen on 2 against 1 offence. Bad pass from Hentunen and no goal!

05:05 Good hits for both teams!

03:43 After offensive end face off two good scoring chances for KalPa

03:33 Keränen had a big hit against Laurila

02:44 Kärpät 4th line was active on offensive end

02:31 Scoring chance for Kärpät. Toivonen in KalPas net made good save.

01:34 KalPa is more active in the beginnig of the game

00:34 Good forechecking and shot for KalPa

00:02 First face off won for Kärpät

00:00 Game is starting

00:00 Starting lineups are on ice

00:00 KalPa is coming on ice

00:00 Kärpät are entering the ice

00:00 Teams are leaving the ice.

00:00 Goalie for Kärpät is Tomi Karhunen who used to play in Kuopio as a junior.

00:00 Juha Toivonen is playing his first game in Kuopio.

00:00 KalPa has to win to fight for the place in Red Bulls Salute final tournament.

00:00 This is the last game for Kärpät in this year European Trophy.

00:00 Teams are entering the ice to warm up!

00:00 Welcome to follow European Trophy game KalPa - Kärpät

First line
11. Kimmo Koskenkorva
71. Ivan Huml
22. Miikka Salomäki
7. Nico Lehto
3. Ville Mäntymaa

Second line
19. Juho Keränen
12. Pekka Saarenheimo
27. Juha-Pekka Haataja
6. Ilkka Mikkola
15. Oscar Eklund

Third line
29. Joonas Donskoi
24. Jari Viuhkola
13. Julius Junttila
5. Atte Ohtamaa
20. Jan Snopek

Fourth line
30. Joonas Komulainen
23. Joonas Kemppainen
21. Tomi Körkkö

49. Ville-Matti Koponen

33. Tomi Karhunen
(35. Ville Hostikka)
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