First line
61. Christoph Harand
22. Marcel Rodman
50. Mario Fischer
4. Philippe Lakos
18. Martin Oraze

Second line
15. François Fortier
25. Benoit Gratton
6. Rafael Rotter
7. Jon Insana
28. Dan Bjornlie

Third line
17. Pat Kavanagh
24. Jonathan Ferland
58. Filip Gunnarsson
21. Kevin McLeod
20. Peter Casparsson

Fourth line
47. Harald Ofner
94. Taylor Holst
16. Daniel Nageler
2. Peter Schweda
57. Wilhelm Lanz

38. Reinhard Divis
(27. Sebastian Stefaniszin)

Vienna Capitals - KalPa
2 - 4

Period 3
20:00 Thank you for following this game on the internet. Have a nice evening, good bye from Vienna.

20:00 End of the game. In the last period the home team had not the power to set KalPa under pressure. The finnish side won this game thanks to a perfect start into the game.
One Star player: Kiiskinen Tuomas
Two Star player: Fortier François
Three Star player: Pakarinen Iiro

19:14 Ahonen with a glovesave

18:40 KalPa: Lannon Ryan 2 minutes for tripping, Capitals are now 6 on 4 players

18:01 Salminen missed the empty net, the puck returns from the post.

18:00 2 minutes left in this period

16:41 Divis is replaced by a sixth player.

16:17 Time is running out for the Capitals. At the moment it is not looking like they will come back into the game. But they try, timeout for Vienna Capitals.

11:38 Saarinen on the break with a good pass to Hentunen, but Divis made another big save

10:50 Kiiskinen alone in front of Divis, but his try was just wide on the left side of the goal

08:30 KalPa is controlling the game, the players of the home team are lokking a little bit tired now. But the fans know, they will keep on till to the last second.

04:29 KalPa had the better start into this period

01:42 Kiiskinen with a powerfull shot, but Divis saved well and nobody was there for the rebound

00:39 KalPa at full strength

00:00 The third period starts, Capitals have 39 seconds powerplay left. And they win the face off

00:00 The fans are in a good mood, in three minutes the third period will start.
Period 2
20:00 End of second period. Vienna Capitals played powerfull hockey and had their chances, nevertheless Divis were also forced to make some big saves. It is not over yet, we are waiting for an exciting third period.
Shots on goal: 13-9

18:39 KalPa: Lannon Ryan, 2 minutes for high sticking

16:50 Tonights attenance: 3100

15:59 Gratton with the shot and Ferland with the rebound, but Ahonen saved well.

13:59 Rotter back to the game after his misconduct penalty

12:46 Salminen on the break, but this time Divis made the save

11:59 McLeod with a shoot from the blue line, but Ahonen saved

11:28 KalPa at full strength

10:13 KalPa now with 4 players, Björnlie missed a chance

09:28 Capitals playing 5 on 3 for 45 seconds

09:28 KalPa: Timonen Jussi 2 minutes for slashing

08:13 KalPa: Lannon Ryan 2 minutes for roughing

07:19 KalPa at full strength

07:16 2 minutes for roughing against Jokinen Tommi and Kavanagh Pat. This are coincident penalties.

06:45 Jokinen Tommi had the chance for a shorthander, but Divis made a big save

06:25 Good Play by Fortier and Gratton, but Rodman failed to score.

05:19 KalPa: Pakarinen Iiro, 2 minutes for hooking

04:30 Good play by Capitals, they set KalPa under pressure.

03:20 Capitals at full strenght, but Rotter will miss the next 10 minutes due to his misconduct penalty

01:20 First Penalty in the second period. Raffael Rotter gets 2 minutes for ellbowing plus 10 minutes misconduct.

00:00 The scorer of KalPa's second goal is corrected: It was Riekkinen Joonas.

00:00 Face off to the second period.
Period 1
20:00 End of this period, an entertainig game, in which the guests are the better side, but Capitals try everything to keep their chances alive. Shots on goal 9-10

19:55 Goal for KalPa, in the moment they were at full strength Kiiskinen Tuomas scored, assisted by Kauppinen Marko and Salminen Sakari. It is officialy a powerplay goal.

19:29 Capitals with 4 players again.

19:28 Capitals: Casparsson Peter, 2 minutes for high sticking

19:04 Second goal for Capitals: Scored by Fortier, assisted by McLeod.

17:54 KalPa: Riekkinen Joonas 2 minutes for slashing

17:29 Another penalty against the Capitals: Kavanagh Pat 2 minutes for holding

16:59 First goal for Capitals. Scored by Fortier François, assisted by Insana Jon.

16:27 KalPa: 2 minutes penalty for interference against Timonen Jussi

15:30 Another good scoring opportunity for the Capitals, but Ahonen saved well.

14:29 Powerplay goal for KalPa: Scored by Masuhr Adam, assisted by Kuparinen Matti

13:25 First fight in this game after a kneeing offence of Ferland. He gets 2 minutes for this offence, Kavanagh Pat and Jokinen Tommi each gets 2 minutes for roughing. So its 4 on 5 players

13:10 The scorer of KalPa's second goal was Pakarinen Iiro, assisted by Kauppinen Marko and Salminen Sakari. It is not officialy confirmed yet.

12:46 Good chance by Salminen, but his shot was just wide. Capitals are now at full strength

10:46 Vienna Capitals: McLeod Kevin 2 minutes for tripping

09:45 The Capitals are cheered on by the crowd, but KalPa defends well.
KalPa at full strength

07:45 KalPa: 2 minutes penalty for slashing against Timonen Jussi

07:27 First chances for the Capitals. But Kalpa can clear the situation.

06:12 Capitals at full strength

04:30 Good defending by the Capitals, KalPa had no scoring chance in this powerplay so far.

04:12 Another penalty against the Capitals: Kavanagh Pat 2 minutes for high sticking

03:11 Powerplay goal for KalPa. Scorer and assistants will follow, as the referee told a number not playing.

02:25 Vienna Capitals
Nageler, 2 min for holding

02:00 Good atmosphere during the first minutes, the fans are happy that the season started.

01:42 First good attack of KalPa, the first shoot and the first goal. Scored by Pakarinen Iiro, assisted by Rissanen Jaakko

00:00 The referee drops the puck, Capitals win the face off

00:00 Presentation of the starting six: both teams starting with the first line

00:00 And here they are. One by one called to the ice by the speaker and the fans....

00:00 We are now waiting for the presentation of the home team

00:00 The referees and teh team of KalPa are entering the ice. Tonights referees are Thomas Berneker and Christian Potocan.

00:00 We are about 6 minutes before face-off, the crowd is entertained by some video-clips about the players on the new videowall.

00:00 KalPa players allready left the ice, now warm up time is officially over, and the home tema leaves the ice as well. We have now only 20 minutes to wait for the start of this game

00:00 Now the Capital Players coming in, welcomed with a big cheer of the fans...

00:00 Some seconds more then 40 minutes before face-off the players of KalPa enter the ice for warm up.

00:00 It is a sunny sommer evening in Vienna, so we will see, how many fans will turn up to tonights game. The doors to the arena are now open, the first fans coming in. 55 minutes to face off.

00:00 Welcome from Vienna. We are looking forward to Capitals second game in this tournament. Vienna Capitals welcomes KalPa Kuopio from Finnland. Face Off will take place in a little bit more than one hour.

First line
23. Sakari Salminen
15. Joonas Riekkinen
19. Tuomas Kiiskinen
57. Ryan Lannon
6. Marko Kauppinen

Second line
11. Ossi Saarinen
22. Matti Kuparinen
25. Jukka Hentunen
46. Jussi Timonen
38. Adam Masuhr

Third line
18. Iiro Pakarinen
28. Jaakko Rissanen
84. Jyri Junnila
40. Mikko Kukkonen
2. Matti Koistinen

Fourth line
9. Toni Kallela
13. Jasse Ikonen
42. Tommi Jokinen

31. Ari Ahonen
(30. Juuso Oinonen)
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