First line
22. Jiri Simanek
29. Pavel Kasparik
10. Rostislav Martynek
2. Frantisek Ptacek
38. Ales Kranjc

Second line
88. Milan Gulas
84. Jakub Langhammer
55. Lukas Kveton
17. Jan Novak
81. René Vydareny

Third line
24. David Kuchejda
86. Tomas Mertl
19. Roman Psurny
85. Peter Mikus
3. Michael Kolarz

Fourth line
8. Vaclav Pletka
11. Michal Mikeska
18. Petr Sailer
65. Roman Vrablik
47. Martin Podlesak

21. Jakub Kovar
(30. Pavel Kantor)

HC Mountfield - HC Plzen 1929
2 - 3

Period 4
02:54 And the game is over. Tomas Vlasak shot the game-winner! Assit: Frantisek Kaberle.

01:30 Kovar stopped Hlinka´s backhand shot.

00:01 4 guys on each side...the overtime has just started.
Period 3
20:00 The period is over. This game is going to overtime.

19:00 Only one minute to go.

13:45 Excellent job by Geoff Kinrade! He avoided two opponents and shot the puck under the bar. Kovar had no chance! Assist: Martin Straka.

11:58 Jiri Simanek fired alone from the right, he missed the target wide!

09:05 Milan Gulas fires on Svoboda´s net. Goalie stopes the puck with his shoulder!

08:48 1550 spectators came to watch today´s game.

07:29 The home team is taking the lead. Slovakian defender Rene Vydareny rebounds his own shot a scored second goal! Assist: Jakub Langhammer.

06:16 Patrik Petruska (PLZ) - 2 mins for holding.

05:43 Tomas Mertl made a shot from the left side, but Svoboda stopped him!

04:27 Jakub Kovar made an excellent save against his brother Jan. He stopped the pucked just centimetres from the goal line!

02:04 Michal Dvorak 5 minutes major + game misconduct or fighting, Nicholas Johnson (both PLZ) 2 mins for roughing / Michael Kolarz 5 minutes major + game misconduct or fighting, Tomas Mertl (both MOU) 2 mins for roughing.

02:04 Michael Kolarz is fighting Michal Dvorak infront of the Svoboda´s net....we´re expecting the penalties...

00:01 The third period started...
Period 2
20:00 The second period is over...we´ve finnally seen some goals. Plzen took the lead, but Pavel Kasparik tied the game up in only 100 seconds.

18:15 Jakub Langhammer (MOU) - 2 mins for holding.

17:59 The game is tied very quickly! Pavel Kasparik is the equalizer in the power-play, assists: Ales Kranjc, Frantisek Ptacek.

17:13 Michael Kolarz (MOU) - 2 mins for roughing / Nicolas Johnson (PLZ) - 2 mins for roughing + 2 mins for slashing.

16:19 It´s finnally in! Geoff Kinrade made a snapshot from the blue line and Jakub Kovar didn´t see anything through perfect job of Radek Duda, standing infront of him - 0:1! Assist: Jan Kovar.

15:30 Three icings in a row of the home team. Plzen is hunting the lead!

12:17 Martin Straka passed the puck through the offensive zone to Jan Kovar, he missed the net! His brother Jakub, goalie of HC MOUNTFIELD, would be probably without chance in this situation.

10:30 Tomas Mertl (MOU) - 2 mins for hooking.

09:11 Big scoring chance for Plzen after perfect combination for Radek Duda. Jakub Kovar was a real lucky man just now!

07:08 Here comes the next penalty - Rostislav Martynek (MOU) - 2 mins for interference.

04:11 Jiri Simanek missed the empty net after Martynek´s excellent pass from the right side!! This was a real chance to score!

02:06 Tomas Frolo (PLZ) - 2 mins for hooking.

00:01 The second period has just started...

00:00 No goals in the Budvar Arena after 1st period. Radek Duda had the best scoring chance, but he missed the net in the penalty shot. Next period will start at 6:17 pm.
Period 1
20:00 The first period is over...shots on goal - 9:10.

19:12 Both teams are going to play in four after collision in the neutral zone - Lukas Kveton (MOU) - 2 mins for hooking, Ondrej Kratena (PLZ) - 2 mins for diving.

19:00 One minute left to play in the 1st period...

18:15 Team Plzen is again in a full strenght. Adam Svoboda din´t have to made a single save.

16:13 Dan Ruzicka (PLZ) loosed his stick and holded the puck with his glove - 2 mins for delaying the game.

14:32 Kovar made a perfect save against the Johnson´s slaphot from the left wing!

13:09 Team Plzen is playing in a full strenght.

12:08 Third penalty for the home team - Milan Gulas (MOU) - 2 mins for high sticking.

11:42 Duda tried a backhand shot, but he missed the net...still 0-0.

11:42 It´s going to be a penalty shot. Ales Kranjc hooked Radek Duda in a breakaway chance!!

11:09 Frantisek Kaberle (PLZ) tried to shoot the puck from the defensive zone, but hits the jumotrone - 2 mins for delaying the game.

09:11 Both teams are playing in a full scoring chance for team Plzen during this power-play.

07:11 We have 7 minutes left and 4th penalty - Jan Novak (MOU) - 2 mins for slashing

04:38 Nicholas Johnson (PLZ) - 2 mins for slashing

04:21 2 on 1 situation for Plzen. Kovar made perfect save against Kratena.

00:59 Jiri Simanek (MOU) - 2 mins for holding

00:13 First penalty of the game - Jan Kovar (PLZ) - 2 mins for holding.

00:01 The game has just started...

00:00 Both teams entered the rink...the game will start in a few moments...

00:00 Referees of today´s game: Martin Frano, Pavel Hodek - Jaromir Blaha, Evzen Kostka.

00:00 Both teams have finished the warm up. The game will start in 17 minutes...

00:00 Budvar Arena is expecting 1st game of home team HC MOUNTFIELD in the European Trophy Tournament. Outside is tremendous weather, sunny day with the temperature of 25 degrees. Let´s see, what´re going to show us guys on the rink.

First line
69. Radek Duda
43. Jan Kovar
28. Martin Straka
8. Jirí Hanzlik
11. Geoff Kinrade

Second line
22. Ondrej Kratena
71. Jaroslav Hlinka
26. Tomas Vlasak
12. Frantisek Kaberle
7. Nicolas St.Pierre

Third line
52. Michal Dvorak
96. Martin Herman
80. Nicholas Johnson
14. Tomas Frolo
5. Jakub Jerabek

Fourth line
48. Tomas Pitule
78. Patrik Petruska
10. Pavel Mrna
55. Dan Ruzicka
91. Jan Stransky

31. Adam Svoboda
(2. Marek Mazanec)
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