First line
84. Michal Vondrka
71. Ivan Huml
13. Julius Junttila
26. Mikko Lehtonen
3. Ville Mäntymaa

Second line
22. Miikka Salomäki
12. Pekka Saarenheimo
27. Juha-Pekka Haataja
6. Ilkka Mikkola
15. Oscar Eklund

Third line
11. Kimmo Koskenkorva
23. Joonas Kemppainen
18. Mikko Alikoski
5. Atte Ohtamaa
28. Mikko Niemelä

Fourth line
16. Markus Korkiakoski
30. Joonas Komulainen
21. Tomi Körkkö
7. Nico Lehto
4. Ville Pokka

35. Ville Hostikka
(33. Tomi Karhunen)

Oulun Kärpät - HC Plzen 1929
2 - 3

Period 5
00:00 So, the game is over! And all the people got what they were looking for. The teams were quite equal, like the saves of the goalies show. There were no solution found during the overtime, either. But in the penalty shootouts Plzen was lightly better, they scored one, but Kärpät "nada".

00:00 Plzen 43 Jan Kovak, 10 minutes for misconduct.

00:00 Third pair: Plzen Jaroslac Hlinka, SCORE!; Kärpät 71 Ivan Huml, no score

00:00 Second pair:
Plzen 26 Tomas Vlasak, no score; Kärpät 84 Michal Vondrka, no score.

00:00 Plzen start penalty shootouts.
First pair: Plzen 43 Jan Kovak, no score, Hostikka saves; Kärpät 27 Juha-Pekka Haataja, no score, Svoboda saves.
Period 4
05:00 The overtime is over. And the game is still tie. So it will be game winning competition.

04:58 Plzen 71 Jaroslav Hlinka tryes to slide the puck under Hostikka's clove. But couldn't fool him.

03:30 The attendance is wild!

02:37 Plzen 26 Tomas Vlasak is teasing Kärpät again. But Kärpät 13 Julius Junttila stole the puck and took it alone all the way close to Plzen goal.

02:37 Now it was Kärpät taking the puck almost into the Svobodas goal. But not.

00:58 Kärpät at full strength.

00:41 First shot of the overtime by 26 Tomas Vlasak, Plzen,

00:00 And now we start the over time. Face of was taken by Plzen.
Period 3
20:00 So exciting .. and so equal. All the goals in the game were done during this third period.

18:58 Plzen, Time-out

18:58 Kärpät was pursuing the winning goal too hard. 2 minutes penalty for too many players on ice. In the box is 18 Mikko Alikoski.

18:00 Two minutes left of first period.

17:32 And Plzen did it. The game is tie. Plzen 69 Radek Duda scored and 8 Jiri Hanzlik and 28 Martin Straka assisted.

17:00 And again a face of close to Kärpät goal.

15:45 Plzen makes its best for reduction. The face off is again on Kärpät defence zone .. it was taken by 23 Joonas Kemppainen.

14:06 Kärpät scores on power play to 2-1. The goal was made by 23 Joonas Kemppainen and assisted by 11 Kimmo Koskenkorva and 5 Atte Ohtamaa.

12:08 Kärpät 14 Oscar Eklund got 2 minutes penalty for holding the opponent's stick.

11:39 Kärpät at full strength.

10:26 There are a lot of people in the nice and pretty new ice hall of Haapajärvi. The teams are active, playing good hockey. And the attendance is enjoying and cheering for both teams.

09:39 Kärpät 23 Joonas Kemppainen, 2 minutes for high sticking.

09:36 Hostikka is quite lonely at his goal.

07:11 Face off on the Kärpät defence zone was taken by 71 Jaroslav Hlinka, Plzen.

07:11 Plzen does not give power to Kärpät. They steel arrogantly the puck from Kärpät and take it close to Kärpät goal.

06:28 Kärpät keeps the puck on Plzen defence zone, but there are not any remarkable attacks.

06:07 Plzen at full strength.

06:05 Off-side, Kärpät.

04:07 Plzen 7 Nicholas St. Pierre 2 minutes for hooking.

02:40 Plzen 48 Tomas Pitule scores by himself just after a fast counter. Kärpät defencemen were a bit late.

02:22 Kärpät keeps on playing with good humor.

01:08 The opening goal, that we have been waiting for long time. Nice goal for Kärpät. It was 84 Michal Vondrka who did it. The goal was assisted by 13 Julius Junttila and 71 Ivan Huml.

00:29 Again, icing for Kärpät.

00:29 Icing, Kärpät

00:00 Face-off was taken by Kärpät, 23 Joonas Kemppainen
Period 2
20:00 The goalkeeper stats keep on staying equal. Hostikka saved 10 times and Svoboda 9 times.

20:00 Both teams were attacting actively. Maybe Plzen had more possibilities for scoring, but Kärpät did defence with full heart. That can be seen also from overall shots, which went to Plzen 14-24!

19:00 One minute left of the second period.

18:05 Wau, what an attack. Plzen turned the direction and 22 Ondrej Kratena and 28 Martin Straka almost succeeded in making the opening goal. But there was a man again in front of the Kärpät goal ... Ville Hostikka.

15:56 Plzen at full strength.

15:28 And now it was Mikko Lehtonen who shot from the blue line.

15:24 But now Plzen tryes to take the game, but Kärpät do not agree. Julius Junttila and Michal Vondrka are fast and activive close to goal.

13:59 Kärpät start their power play with good attitude. Number 27 Juha-Pekka Haataja shoots dangerously.

13:56 Plzen 14 Tomas Frolo 2 minutes for hooking.

12:15 Plzen goes on with strength. Now it was 26 Tomas Vlasak who slashed from the left side of the Kärpät goal. But Hostikka is there.

12:01 Kärpät at full strength.

10:20 Good power play .. so exciting

10:01 Kärpät 5 Atte Ohtamaa 2 minutes for hooking.

09:14 Plzen 8 Jiri Hanzlik is there, shooting from the corner of the goal, but not a goal.

08:55 Plzen, icing.

07:53 Kärpät at full strength.

07:31 Another dangerous shot from Plzen. Now is was Nicholas St. Pierre from the blue line.

06:50 Martin Straka shoots from close range, but Hostikka saves it.

05:53 Kärpät 28 Mikko Niemelä, 2 minutes for holding.

05:50 What a shot from Plzen 71 Jaroslav Hlinka. It went a bit wide.

02:38 Kärpät at full strength.

00:56 The Tiivi-areena in Haapajärvi is crowded. The numerous attendance is waiting for first goal.

00:38 Kärpät 71 Ivan Huml 2 minutes for holding.

00:00 And we go on again. The first face-off of the second period goes for Plzen.
Period 1
20:00 The first period is over. There were no goals, but any how some nice attacks. The teams seem to be quite equal. The overall shots went to Kärpät 14-11. Hostikka saved 5 times and Svoboda 7 times.

19:00 One minute left of the first period.

18:03 Kärpät at full strength.

17:10 Kärpät 27 Jukka-Pekka Haataja is dangerous. He fooled the defensers and shoots fast.

16:15 Plzen at full strength.

16:03 But now he got a penalty. 2 minutes for Kärpät 3 Ville Mäntymaa for hooking.

15:35 Kärpät 3 Ville Mäntymaa shoots hard from the blue line.

14:15 Plzen 96 Martin Herman got 2 min penalty for holding the opponent's stick

13:39 Kärpät at full stregth

12:51 Plzen is attacking hard. Kärpät succeeded on cleaning the area only twice.

11:39 Kärpät 4 Ville Pokka, 2 minutes for tripping

10:45 Plzen at full strength.

09:27 Plzen is fighting actively.

08:45 Plzen 78 Patrik Petruska got 2 minutes for hooking. So it is powerplay for Kärpät.

08:09 Kärpät desided to keep on activity, they kept the puck for long.

07:01 An again a good shot from Kärpät. It was Mikkola close to goal.

05:57 Nice shot from Vondrka, but it went wild.

05:04 Plzen Kratena almost did it, but then the puck is back on their own defence area.

04:52 The game is going on mostly on the defencing area of Kärpät; but Ville Hostikka is cool.

04:02 Kärpät is attacking hard. Plzen cuts the attacks quite often, but does have change to bring the pucked to the other end with control.

02:10 The puck goes from one end to another. So far there has not been any very dangerous situations.

00:02 The first face-off was taken by Ivan Huml, Kärpät

00:00 The opening puck was brought by Jani-Matti Joensuu, an activice junior player.

00:00 It is here now. The beginning of the game. The starting line ups are there on the ice.

00:00 The national anthems are presented by Sari and Jenna Kaattari.

00:00 The ice is almost empty, only the lonely icecat going around the rink.

00:00 Warm up is almost over. The ice hall is already full. It's going to be a exciting night here.

00:00 Welcome to Haapajärvi! It is only three quarters to begin the first European Trophy game played ever in the city of Haapajärvi. The Kärpät team from Oulu is challenging the team of Plzen so soon. Enjoy your hockey evening!

First line
28. Martin Straka
43. Jan Kovar
69. Radek Duda
8. Jirí Hanzlik
11. Geoff Kinrade

Second line
26. Tomas Vlasak
71. Jaroslav Hlinka
22. Ondrej Kratena
12. Frantisek Kaberle
7. Nicolas St.Pierre

Third line
80. Nicholas Johnson
96. Martin Herman
52. Michal Dvorak
14. Tomas Frolo
5. Jakub Jerabek

Fourth line
48. Tomas Pitule
78. Patrik Petruska
10. Pavel Mrna
4. Jan Dresler

31. Adam Svoboda
(2. Marek Mazanec)
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