First line
24. Sami Kapanen
28. Jaakko Rissanen
25. Jukka Hentunen
46. Jussi Timonen
38. Adam Masuhr

Second line
23. Sakari Salminen
22. Matti Kuparinen
19. Tuomas Kiiskinen
57. Ryan Lannon
6. Marko Kauppinen

Third line
9. Toni Kallela
15. Joonas Riekkinen
42. Tommi Jokinen
3. Simo-Pekka Riikola
48. Henri Laurila

Fourth line
11. Ossi Saarinen
13. Jasse Ikonen
84. Jyri Junnila
2. Matti Koistinen
18. Iiro Pakarinen

31. Ari Ahonen
(4. Juha Toivonen)

KalPa - HC Plzen 1929
0 - 4

Period 3
20:00 Thank you very much for watching this game. We would like to see you next time too.Have a great night!!

20:00 The three stars of the game #26 Tomas Vlasak.
Two stars of the game #28 Martin Straka.
And one star of the game #31 Adam Svoboda.

20:00 Summa summarum!
Overall HC Plzen was a little hint better team today.
They handeled and moved the puck very well.
KalPa played great hockey, but could't put thhe puck in the net.

20:00 No more goals during this game.
Game is over. HC Plzen wins the game.
Final scores are KalPa 0 - HC Plzen 4.

19:12 Mrna #10 earns the penalty for HC Plzen.
Referee calls him to the penaltybox, because of interference.
Last minute of the game KalPa gets to play powerplay.

18:06 Nick Johnson #80 (HC Plzen) tries to change the scores one more time.....but Ahonen makes the save.

17:06 Kiiskinen #19 (KalPa) and Frolo #14 (HC Plzen) are turning this game for the boxing match.
It's penalty time....roughing (read hugging) for the both players.

13:49 HATRICK !!! IT IS #26 AGAIN!!

Martin Straka is the 'playmaker' for that goal.

12:28 It is getting hotter in here ....
KalPa is feeling the frustaration even more.
KalPa's #22 Kuparinen and HC Plzen's #11 Kinrade were rubbing each others faces.....
two minute for the both players.....roughing, you know.

09:40 Tomas Vlasak #26 was soooo close to do HATRICK!
He misses the net by the inch.

09:29 Now it is KalPa's turn to play shorthanded. Player #2 Matti Koistinen is gets a penalty for slashing.

09:27 BREAKAWAY for Pavel Mrna #10 .....but no goal.
Ahonen is standing tall , like a wall...and people are clapping their hands.

05:25 Now its time for KalPa to move the puck.
Kiiskinenn, Pakarinen and Rissanen are playing moving the puck.
Shot, shot shot.......but no score.

05:16 Penalty for HC Plzen. #522 Michal Dvorak is going for the box for two minutes. Hooking is the reason for that penalty.

03:09 HC Plzen's top players are on the ice ....Kaberlee, Vlasak.
They are controlling the puck during the powerplay.
They get couple shots towards the goalie, but Ahonen makes some nice saves.

02:09 KalPa's #48 Henri Laurila gets a 2 minute penalty , roughing.

01:22 KalPa's Iiro Pakarinen #18 shot close the topcorner, but Svoboda makes an awesome glovesave.

00:00 3 rd period takes a place right now.
Period 2
20:00 Second period was totally controlled by HC Plzen.
KalPa was skating one step behind HC for the whole period.
We will see how much more physical this game gets during the third period.
Attendance seem to enjoy the game. There is almost fullhouse here in Kuopio.

20:00 2.nd period is over.

19:50 Kapanen and Kinrade did some 'ballroom dancing' harm, no penalties.

18:30 One minute left on the second period.
Icing for KalPa.

17:30 Riekkinen is down on the ice,.,.,.but it was no penalty.

12:20 It is a goal for HC Plzen. Jiri Hanzlik #8 makes it 3-0 .

10:15 KalPa is keeping the puck. KalPa plays the puck for Laurila, but he misses the shot.

09:11 Another penalty for HC Plzen. Radek Duda #69 ges two minutes for roughing.

07:40 HC Plzen is keeping the puck in their offensive zone.

05:40 Adam Masuhr #38 makes a perfect bodycheck in the middle of the ice.
Kalpa is trying to get back in the game.

03:12 Thomas Frolo gets 2 minutes penalty for hooking.

03:10 Jukka Hentunen #25 had a exellent scoring chance for KalPa, but Svoboda was awake!!

02:57 Tomas Vlasak #26 scores for HC Plzen. #7 St.Pierre makes a perfect pass for that goal. 2-0 for HC Plzen!

02:28 Defenceman #11 Geoff Kinrade had a open net and great chance to score, but no goal. Kinrade is in a top 10 scoring leaders in European Trophy stats.

02:05 Both teams have their second lines on the ice.
Some frustration in the air especially for KalPa.

00:00 Referee drops the puck. Second period begins.
Period 1
20:00 Players nare coming back on the ice. The second period is about to start.

20:00 People are enjoying all the goodies (snacks and live music) their offer for audience here in Kuopio, during the intermission.

20:00 Both teams had a great scoring chances, but only HC Plzen succeeded to score one goal.
2nd period will start in 8 minutes.

20:00 End of first period.
Shots on goal KalPa 3 HC Plzen 7

18:00 KalPa's fanclub, Musta Verkosta is trying to keep some noice.
Two minutes left on the first period.

16:06 HC Plzen players are keeping the puck and playing very calm.
Kinrade gets the puck, shoots on goal annd Ahonen barely makes a save.
It was close to be 4-0 for HC Plzen!

15:30 Tomas Vlasak #26 scores for HC Plzen.

15:20 Kapanen almost gets the breakaway, but Svoboda #31 is awake.

14:18 Long commercial break gives some time for both teams to breath.

13:40 No goal during the powerplay. HC Plzen fullstrengh.

12:40 KalPa is keeping the puck and running the powerplay.

11:40 There is penalty coming up for HC Plzen. Nick Johnson #80 is sitting two minutes for roughing. KalPa gets powerplay.

11:30 KalPa wins the face-off. Kalpa had three great scoring chances....Kallela #9 and Laurila #48 are makeing some great moves, but Svoboda #31 makes three exellent saves.

09:35 KalPa is full strengh.

08:40 Kalpa clears the defensive zone.

07:26 KalPa number 22 Kuparinen gets the penalty for slashing. HC Plzen gets powerplay.

07:26 KalPa is controlling the puck on their offensive zone.

06:17 KalPa gets a shot on goal.
Svoboda makes another great save.

00:00 Kapanen makes a great pass to Rissanen but Svoboda makes the save!

00:00 KalPa gets a nice 3 on 1 situation, but HC Plzens defence blocked the shot.

00:00 Both teams are taking turns to control the puck.

00:00 The Referee drops the puck and game begins.

00:00 Both teams are back on the ice and game is about to begin! We hope to have a great Hockey Night here in Kuopio!!

00:00 The game will start in about 5 minutes.

00:00 Referees are on the ice.

00:00 Referees in todays game are Tuomo Sorakangas, Vesa Keränen.

00:00 Both teams have done their warmups and left the ice to get ready for the game.
KalPa has played already 3 games in European Trophy Tournament and HC Plzen 1929 two.
This is the second home game for KalPa. Hockey fans in Kuopio are very exited to see
big names from both teams (Vlasak, Straka , Kaberlee, Kapanen , Hentunen..etc ) to play great hockey.

00:00 Welcome to The European Trophy game between KalPa and HC Plzen 1929.
The game takes place in Kuopio, Finland.

First line
28. Martin Straka
43. Jan Kovar
69. Radek Duda
8. Jirí Hanzlik
11. Geoff Kinrade

Second line
26. Tomas Vlasak
71. Jaroslav Hlinka
22. Ondrej Kratena
12. Frantisek Kaberle
7. Nicolas St.Pierre

Third line
80. Nicholas Johnson
48. Tomas Pitule
52. Michal Dvorak
14. Tomas Frolo
5. Jakub Jerabek

Fourth line
30. Jakub Lev
78. Patrik Petruska
10. Pavel Mrna
55. Dan Ruzicka
96. Martin Herman

31. Adam Svoboda
(2. Marek Mazanec)
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