First line
10. Ivan Rachunek
6. Michal Bros
86. Peter Jansky
73. Angel Krstev
8. Michal Sersen

Second line
62. Petr Tenkrat
23. Alex Foster
87. Petr Ton
33. Troy Milam
38. Jan Hanzlik

Third line
77. Sacha Treille
55. Mario Bliznak
7. Yorick Treille
52. Radek Philipp
93. Jan Vesely

Fourth line
81. Adam Lapsansky
12. Lukas Lunak
30. Tomas Rachunek
16. Jaroslav Kasik
27. Morten Ask

42. Tomas Pöpperle
(1. Martin Falter)

HC Sparta Praha - Eisbären Berlin
2 - 1

Period 3
20:00 Three Stars: 3. Tomas Popperle, 2. Michal Sersen, 1. Robert Zepp.

20:00 The game is over, and we have some angry players due to a collision at the end of the game.

19:30 Eisbaren gets the puck into the Sparta zone and again pulls the goalie.

19:17 Icing against Eisbaren.

19:00 Eisbaren finally scores. Jullian Talbot beats Popperle to the glove side. Assist to Sven Felski.

18:40 Berlin has pulled the goaltender on the fly for a 6th attacker.

18:31 The puck deflects out of play, and the faceoff will be in the same spot outside the line.

18:27 Eisbaren puts the puck into the net, but the play is called because a player closed his hand on the puck. Not much of an argument. The faceoff will come outside.

17:00 Tyson Mulock took a high shot that glanced off Popperle's mask and went behind the goal. Play continues . . .

15:15 Andre Rankel fed Darin Oliver for a good chance, but Popperle made another fine save. This has been Eisbaren's most dangerous pair the whole game.

14:28 Morten Ask had an opportunity to increase Sparta's lead, but couldn't beat Zepp between the legs.

14:12 Icing against Eisbaren.

13:39 Michal Sersen took a one-timer from the slot that went off the post an in. Tomas Rachunek fed him the pass from behind the goal line.

13:20 Nicholas Angell took a big slapshot from the top of the circle that Popperle caught and held.

12:25 Dominik Bielke was set up nicely and took a shot from the left wing that Popperle turned away.

11:56 James Sharrow takes a long shot from the point, but it's an easy save for Popperle.

11:35 Offside Sparta.

11:11 Eisbaren now putting on pressure, the best chance from Stefan Ustorf in front. Finally the play is called for a hand pass and the faceoff will go outside.

10:30 Sparta came close a few times, but Eisbaren managed to kill off the penalty.

09:00 Angel Krstev's shot rebounded to Petr Tenkrat, who barely missed the post.

08:42 Peter Jansky takes a shot on the power-play that hits the skate of Nicholas Angell, who was hurt but skated off on his own.

08:13 Eisbaren's Dominik Bielke delivers a punishing crosscheck on Mario Bliznak in front of the goal and is sent off. Power play for Sparta.

07:27 Jaroslav Kasik blasted a shot through traffic that deflected off the pad of Zepp, who was in butterfly formation.

07:15 Sparta's Morten Ask went to the front of the net and deflected a shot on goal, where Zepp stopped and froze it.

06:25 Peter Jansky came down the left wing and took a hard wristshot that was turned away by Zepp.

06:08 Offside against Eisbaren.

05:53 Another icing call against Sparta

05:45 Icing against Sparta.

04:40 Eisbaren's Nicholas Angell steals the puck at the Sparta blueline and takes a low shot that is turned away by Popperle.

04:16 Troy Milam tried to score but Robert Zepp held the puck against his body and stopped play.

03:45 Petr Ton took a shot that was deflected and hit the goaltender in the right pad.

03:10 The puck is worked to Ivan Rachunek on the power-play, but he breaks his stick trying to take a slapshot from the point.

02:17 Eisbaren's Sven Felski gets into an altercation with Sacha Treille and gets 2 minutes for hooking.

02:05 Jaroslav Kasik took a shot from the point that went over the net.

01:40 A shot by Mario Bliznak was deflected out of play by Jens Baxmann

01:24 Icing against Sparta.

00:45 Michal Gros skated down the left wing and took a backhander that hit the side of the net.

00:00 The third period has started.
Period 2
20:00 End of the second period. Most of the period was fast-paced, and toward the end there was some good end-to-end action, but no goals.

19:30 A long pass attempt fails, and Sparta is called for icing.

19:06 Sparta's Troy Milam takes a couple of long shots on goal, the second is held by Zepp for a faceoff.

17:20 Another chance for Sparta, this time Petr Tenkrat, but he missed the left post.

16:45 The other way, Ivan Rachunek gets a breakaway, but missed the net.

16:30 Forian Busch sets up Darin Oliver perfectly in front, but Popperle makes a great save.

15:48 The puck is deflected off Tomas Rachunek and into the Eisbaren bench. Faceoff stays in the Sparta zone.

15:01 Sacha Treille is given a minor penalty for high-sticking behind the Eisbaren goal.

14:25 Offside Sparta.

13:18 The puck is worked to Michal Sersen, who takes a high slapshot that is caught and held by Zepp.

12:20 Tomas Rachunek took a pass from Adam Lapsansky and tried a weak-angle shot, but couldn't find room.

11:38 Eisbaren tries to dump the puck into the Sparta zone but it goes out of play. Faceoff at centre ice.

11:20 Sparta's Radek Filip takes a slaphot from the point just after the penalty ends, but it goes high and wide.

10:51 Eisbaren goes offside while killing the penalty.

10:06 The puck slides to Robert Zepp, who covers it for a faceoff.

09:12 Eisbaren's Julian Talbot shoots the puck over the glass and gets 2 minutes for delay-of-game.

08:45 Sacha Treille works out from the corner and into a good shooting position, but can't get the puck by Zepp.

07:24 The puck is deflected out of play by an Eisbaren player. Teams are now 5-on-5.

06:50 Sparta is now on the power play, but can't generate any offence. Eisbaren has done a good job of icing the puck.

05:24 Eisbaren's Darin Oliver gets a penalty for hooking in the attacking zone. Teams are now 4-on-4.

05:20 Andre Rankel was set up perfectly in front, but shot wide.

04:14 Troy Milam gets a penalty for interference, and Eisbaren goes right back to the power-play.

03:58 Peter Jansky's shot is deflected out of play. The faceoff comes outside the Eisbaren zone. Teams are back to full strength.

02:50 A shot from the point by James Farrow is blocked by Yorick Treille.

02:00 Jullian Talbot comes out of the corner and gets into position, but shoots the puck wide.

01:45 Sparta's Petr Ton is called for roughing. Eisbaren has a chance on the power play to tie the game.

01:30 Popperle covers the puck and forces a faceoff.

01:10 Darin Oliver took a pass from Tyson Mulock and fired a high shot at Tomas Popperle, but it was turned away . . .

00:13 Icing against Sparta.

00:00 The second period has started.
Period 1
20:00 End of the first period. The first 20 minutes of this game had lots of emotion and penalties.

19:09 TJ Mulock tried to put a rebound into the net after a shot from Stefan Ustorf, but Popperle kept the puck out.

18:03 Intentional offside against Eisbaren on the power-play. Faceoff goes deep in their end.

17:54 Sparta's Petr Ton gets 2 minutes for high-sticking.

17:30 Petr Tenkrat bodychecks Sven Felski into the boards. No penalty.

17:08 Sparta's Michal Bros takes a shot, and Zepp makes a blocker save.

16:31 Eisbaren's Barry Talackson is out of the game. He gets a 10 minute misconduct plus a game misconduct for arguing with the referee.

15:20 Eisbaren now playiing at full strength--they ice the puck to kill the final seconds of the penalty.

13:39 Sparta getting many chances on the PP, the latest by Michal Sersen with a slapshot, but a save by Zepp and a whistle. Now 5-on-4.

13:18 Constantin Braun is called for high-sticking Ivan Rachunek. Sparta has a 5-on-3 advantage for :24.

12:56 On the power-play, Troy Milam takes a hard slapshot from the point, but right at the goalkeeper. No rebound.

12:43 Icing against Eisbaren. Sparta has a 5-on-4 advantage for another :59.

12:35 Petr Ton steals the puck at the blueline and takes a high shot to the shoulder of Zepp.

12:19 Offside Sparta. Their power-play lasts another 6 seconds, then 4-on-4.

11:42 Eisbaren's TJ Mulock is penalized for slashing the stick from a Sparta defender's hands in front of the goal. We have 3-on-3 for :03, then a brief Sparta power play.

10:43 Now Sparta's Troy Milam is called for hooking. Eisbaren has a 4-on-3 advantage for 1:02.

10:25 Eisbaren's Nicholas Angell gets called for holding while trying to beat a Sparta defender to the outside. We now have 4-on-4.

09:45 Now Jaroslav Kasik has been called for holding, and Eisbaren will go to the power play.

09:20 Jaroslav Kasik took a shot from the blueline and hit the right post.

08:53 Petr Ton scores on a wrist shot from the right wing, after receiving a pass from Petr Tenkrat.

08:43 Stefan Usdorf shoots from just inside the blueline, right pad save by Popperle.

08:25 Troy Millam tried to beat Zepp 5-hole but there was no room.

07:50 Darin Oliver gets an opportunity to shoot bun fans on the shot.

07:25 Sparta is called for a hand pass from their own zone to the neutral zone.

07:00 Tomas Popperle covers the puck in front of the Sparta goal.

06:50 A high slapshot from Petr Ton is stopped by Zepp's shoulder.

06:30 A shot by Jan Hanzlik from the point is stopped.

06:00 A lot of play in the neutral zone.

04:51 Icing against Eisbaren.

04:10 Mario Bliznak gets a couple of chances in front for Sparta after a shot from Petr Tenkrat, but can't beat Robert Zepp.

03:34 A shot attempt from Ivan Rachunek was deflected out of play.

03:00 Sparta is now at full strength and are on the power-play.

01:50 Eisbaren's Andre Rankel gets a minor penalty for tripping. We have 4-on-4 for :54.

01:30 Sparta doing a good job of icing the puck on the penalty kill.

00:44 Sparta's Peter Jansky gets the game's first penalty for boarding.

00:00 The game has started.

00:00 Welcome to the European Trophy match between Sparta Prague and Eisbaren Berlin. The opening faceoff is at 17:00.

First line
26. Florian Busch
14. Stefan Ustorf
15. T.J. Mulock
7. Frank Hördler
8. Nick Angell

Second line
24. André Rankel
40. Darin Olver
22. Barry Tallackson
29. Jens Baxmann
3. Jimmy Sharrow

Third line
62. Tyson Mulock
48. Julian Talbot
60. Mads Christensen
21. Dominik Bielke
90. Constantin Braun

Fourth line
12. Laurin Braun
57. Daniel Weiß
28. Patrick Pohl
34. Toni Ritter
11. Sven Felski

72. Rob Zepp
(31. Kevin Nastiuk)
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