First line
84. Michal Vondrka
71. Ivan Huml
22. Miikka Salomäki
26. Mikko Lehtonen
3. Ville Mäntymaa

Second line
29. Joonas Donskoi
12. Pekka Saarenheimo
27. Juha-Pekka Haataja
6. Ilkka Mikkola
15. Oscar Eklund

Third line
30. Joonas Komulainen
23. Markus Korkiakoski
13. Julius Junttila
5. Atte Ohtamaa
28. Mikko Niemelä

Fourth line
18. Mikko Alikoski
49. Ville-Matti Koponen
21. Tomi Körkkö
7. Nico Lehto
4. Ville Pokka

33. Tomi Karhunen
(35. Ville Hostikka)

Oulun Kärpät - HC Mountfield
1 - 2

Period 3
20:00 Nivala areena is quiet .. Thank's for all of you!

20:00 The thriller is over. The teams started equally, but after Mountfield's first goal they got some extra power and were lightly controlling the game more often. The players of both teams had good individual performances and had a lot of skill ... but most important thing for both was playing as a team.

20:00 The game is over. The final result of the game is 1-2 for Mountfield.

19:58 Just 2 second before the end of the game Kärpät 28 Mikko Niemelä shoot sharp, but Kovar saves.

19:21 Time-out Kärpät.

19:21 Mountfield 86 Tomas Mertl 2 minutes for hooking.

19:10 Kärpät goalie 33 Tomi Karhunen leaves his place.

18:13 Kärpät 12 Pekka Saarenheimo and 27 Ville-Matti Haataja try to equalize the game really strongly.

18:00 Two minutes left of the third period.

16:45 Kärpät Michal Vondrka had now his change, but ...

16:24 The puck goes out of the rink from Kärpät Junttila at the offensive area.

16:00 Mountfield 17 Jan Novak slashes hard close from the border.

14:27 Kärpät is going on again. Tomi Körkkö (21) had his change, but not.

14:27 Kärpät, icing. The face off was taken by Kärpät 12 Pekka Saarenheimo.

12:13 Mountfield 29 Pavel Kasparik and 10 Rostislav Martinek had a splendid attack, but Tomi Karhunen is there like a wall.

12:11 Young Kärppä, Julius Junttila (13), skates like a drea: fools the opponents and passed them with taking the puck with him.

11:49 Mountfield at full strength.

10:30 Kärpät 6 Ilkka Mikkola shot with power blue line. Kovar had to do his best to prevent it.

10:20 The attendance is asking Kärpät for a goal .. or maybe two?

09:49 Mountfield 3 Michael Kolarz 2 minutes for holding Kärpät 27 Juha-Pekka Haataja too long and too tight.

08:49 Mountfield took again the puck to their offensive zone. 24 David Kucheida, 19 Roman Psurny and 86 Tomas Mertl just did what they wanted.

06:40 Kärpät 13 Julius Junttila countered the game again and 30 Joonas Komulainen and 23 Joonas Kemppainen joined him right away. There was a physical and sharp fight in front of the Kovac's net.

06:22 After winning a face off Mountfield started the longest attack of the whole game. But as the Mountfield attackted strongly, Kärpät defenced as strongly.

04:52 But then Mountfield made a sharp counter. After that 86 Tomas Mertl shot from the blue line, but Karhunen just took it.

04:52 Active offensive for Kärpät was opened by 15 Oscar Eklund. 71 Ivan Huml and 84 Michal Vondrka and 22 Miikka Salomäki accused problems to Kovac.

03:36 Young Kärppä players want toshow their tallent to everybody.

02:49 Now it was Atte Ohtamaa to slash from the blue line. He hits hard and sharply, but Kovak is calm and cool.

02:40 Kärpät is eager to get the game tied.

00:10 The areena in Nivala is full of people. There is seats for 1300 persons and today's attendance is 1300!

00:02 First face off in the third period went to Kärpät. Who else than 23 Joonas Kemppainen?
Period 2
20:00 Mountfield was lightly stronger and was controlling the puck more during the second period. There were more penalty minutes for Kärpät, so that is one reason why they needed to work more. Anyhow the shots on goal went to Kärpät 9-5... but still, Mountfield was good.

19:03 Kärpät at full strength.

19:00 One minute left of the second period.

17:03 Kärpät 2 minutes for delaying the the - the puck outside the rink. The penalty is served by 7 Nico Lehto.

17:03 Kärpät at full strength.

16:45 Mountfield 2 Frantisek Ptecek and 38 Ales Kranjc constructed good scoring possibilities to 22 Jiri Simanek. But this time he did not succeed.

15:03 Kärpät 22 Miikka Salomäki got 2 minutes penalty for slashing in front of the Mountfield goal. Salomäki tryed to prevent Mountfield 19 Roman Psurny after his excellent shot.

14:36 The most experinced defencemen of Kärpät, 3 Ville Mäntymaa and 26 Mikko Lehtonen opened the game for forwards of Kärpät. Kärpät seems to be to come again on the same level than in the beginning of the game.

13:34 Kärpät 5 Atte Ohtamaa from the city of Nivala and 7 Nico Lehto are there .. they took took the puck to their offensive area without asking any permission.

12:08 The face-off was again taken by Kärpät 23 Joonas Kemppainen.

12:06 Mountfield at full strength. This was the best power play for Kärpät so far.

10:06 Mountfield 17 Jan Novak 2 minutes for interference.

09:23 Kärpät 22 Miikka Salomäki passed nicely to 71 Ivan Huml, who hits hard from p-point, but Kovac did not surrender.

08:44 Icing, Kärpät.

08:12 The game keeps on going faster and faster. The both teams attack and defence with full of their hearts. The people are enjoying looking this good hockey.

06:09 Kärpät at full strength.

05:12 Mountfield at full strenght.

04:47 Mountfield scores. The goal was made after nice figures by 2The opening puck was taken to the ice by Frantisek Pteccek and assisted by 10 Rostislav Martynek and 86 Tomas Mertl.

04:09 Kärpät 71 Ivan Huml got 2 minutes penalty for hooking. The teams are playing at equal strength.

03:12 Mountfield 19 Roman Psurny 2 minutes penalty for cross-checking.

03:05 Off side, Kärpät. The next face off was taken by Kärpät 71 Ivan Huml.

02:22 Fast counter from Kärpät, it was Mister Komulainen who took the puck and pass right to 49 Ville-Matti Koponen'n stick.

02:22 Kärpät 33 Tomi Karhunen made again a brilliant save.

00:44 Kärpät full strength

00:39 Wonderful attack done by Mountfiel 22 Jiri Simanek and 29 Pavel Kasparik

00:07 First face-off was taken by Kärpät 30 Joonas Komulainen, but he lost it soon for Mountfiels 29 Pavel Kasparik.

00:00 The starting lines and referees are on the ice. We go on after less than a minute.
Period 1
20:00 The ice is full of power ... Two nice shiny cars are following the champion - maybe you could get one of those in your own garage?

20:00 The goalies needed to work hard, they both had 7 saves. Shots on goal were also equally 8-8.

20:00 The game is tied, 1-1. In the beginning the playd flowed from one end to the other and the teams were quite equal. But after their first goal Mountfield found an extra gear.

19:56 Icing, Kärpät.

19:00 One minute left of the first period.

18:44 Kärpät 30 Joonas Komulainen 2 minutes for boarding.

17:49 Tomi Karhunen is busy at his goal. Mountfield is pressing hard.

17:44 Off-side, Mountfield.

16:01 Mountfield equalized the goal to 1-1. Numer 19 Roman Psurny scored and 24 David Kucheida and 84 Tomas Mertl assisted.

15:40 Kärpät 23 Joonas Komulainen ja 30 Joonas Kemppainen took the puck fast to their offensive zone, but Mountfiel made suddenly a nice counter.

15:02 Mountfield 47 Martin Podlesak hits from the p-point, but Tomi Karhunen took it.

14:08 Fourth line of Kärpät brought the play close the Kovar's goal for short while.

13:02 The play is there at the Kärpät defence zone. Mountfield is maybe a bit more active.

12:28 Kärpät, icing.

12:01 Kärpät 49 Ville-Matti Koponen slashed between the p-points and created dangerous situations at the goal of Kovar.

11:17 27 Juha-Pekka Haataja took the puck to the offensive zone and passed it to 29 Joonas Donskoi, but not goal this time.

10:35 There are two really fast teams on the ice. There are counters after counters. But they can also defence so good.

10:02 Mountfield 8 Vaclav Pletka left the ice. What has happened? Hope he did not hurt him bad.

10:02 Kovar made a huge save.

09:25 Face-off 23 Joonas Kemppainen and 29 Pavel Kasparik. It was Kemppainen who took it!

09:25 Technical time-out.

09:11 Mountfield at full strength.

07:39 Kärpät 15 Oscar Eklund had two nice chances for scoring.

07:39 Mounfield is defencing with attitude.

07:11 Mountfiel 29 Pavel Kasparik got 2 minutes for tripping.

06:14 The opening goal of the night! Number 30 Joonas Komulainen forced the puck into the net with good assistance from 21 Tomi Körkkö.

05:55 Kärpät is increasing the speed in to the game.

05:27 Nice attack from Kärpät 27 Haataja, 12 Saarenheimo and 29 Donskoi. Right from the face-off.

05:21 Off-side, Kärpät 15 Eklund.

05:06 Kärpät, icing. Face-off was taken by Mountfield.

04:05 Mountifield 88 Gulas shoots hard. This was the best slash so far.

03:56 There is dangerous situation at the goal of Kärpät. Mountfield 38 Kranjc tryed to fool Karhunen from the left corner of the goal.

02:20 Kärpät, icing done by 29 Jonas Donskoi who debytates in European Trophy.

01:37 The play goes from one end to the other, the both breaks have been there at Kärpät defensive area.

01:09 Kärpät 71 Ivan Huml is on fire, he hits hard twice.

00:02 First face-off was taken by Kärpät. And now Nivala's own boy, Atte Ohtamaa has it. He takes it right away to the offensive zone.

00:00 The champion leaves the rink, but we still have to waite for 5 minutes before the second period starts.

00:00 The opening puck was taken to the ice by mayor Kari Valtanen. And now we go!

00:00 The starting lines are there, at the goals there are 21 Kovar and 33 Karhunen.

00:00 The captains changed standards with each others.

00:00 The teams are there on the blue lines.
The mayor of the city Nivala welcomes the teams, referees, audience and all the fans all over the world to follow and enjoy the game.

00:00 The referees just entered the rink. The referees of the game are Antti Hämäläinen and Jyri Rönn. Linesmen are Tuukka Lohi and Hannu Sormunen

00:00 The areena is so crowded! There are 1300 people waiting the game to begin. The champion just left the ice.

00:00 Welcome to Nivala! It is only 15 minutes to go! European Trophy game Oulun Kärpät - HC Mountfield is going to be the most exciting event here today.

First line
10. Rostislav Martynek
29. Pavel Kasparik
22. Jiri Simanek
38. Ales Kranjc
2. Frantisek Ptacek

Second line
8. Vaclav Pletka
84. Jakub Langhammer
88. Milan Gulas
81. René Vydareny
17. Jan Novak

Third line
47. Martin Podlesak
65. Rudolf Cerveny
18. Petr Sailer
55. Roman Vrablik
85. Peter Mikus

Fourth line
19. Roman Psurny
86. Tomas Mertl
24. David Kuchejda
3. Michael Kolarz
11. Michal Mikeska

21. Jakub Kovar
(30. Simon Hrubec)
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