First line
22. Jiri Simanek
29. Pavel Kasparik
10. Rostislav Martynek
2. Frantisek Ptacek
38. Ales Kranjc

Second line
88. Milan Gulas
84. Jakub Langhammer
47. Martin Podlesak
17. Jan Novak
81. René Vydareny

Third line
18. Petr Sailer
11. Michal Mikeska
65. Rudolf Cerveny
55. Roman Vrablik
85. Peter Mikus

Fourth line
24. David Kuchejda
86. Tomas Mertl
19. Roman Psurny
8. Lukas Kriz
3. Jakub Marek

21. Jakub Kovar
(30. Pavel Kantor)

HC Mountfield - HC Slovan Bratislava
2 - 1

Period 3
20:00 It´s the end of the game. HC Mountfield won the third game in the division.

19:54 Gulas shoots the puck to the empty net, Svarny blocked his shot!

19:34 Icing HC Mountfield.

19:30 Kukumberg has been staying in the goalie zone for longer time. It´s a face-off in neutral zone. Only 30 seconds to go.

19:18 Another face-off infront of Kovar...home teams changes the players, Slovan still with same six guys.

18:47 Big pressure from Slovan after Svarny´s shot. Kovar saved all scoring chances!

18:36 Konrad leaved the net. Slovan with six skaters on the rink.

18:36 Time-out Slovan Bratislava.

18:36 The third period is without many scoring chances.

18:00 Two minutes to go.

16:45 Still no hunting game-tier from Slovan...

14:14 Konrad made another great save against Langhammer!

12:44 Ptacek passed the puck to Cerveny, but he was under the Dobron´s pressure, and missed the net.

12:25 Not much time to go. We were expecting Slovan´s pressure, but nothing like this came.

10:34 Konrad makes a leg save against Vydareny´s shot from the left side.

09:39 Kovar made a safe save against Dobron´s shot.

08:02 Slovan is complete.

07:48 Only 13 seconds to go in this power-play.

06:31 Andrej Kundra excellently blocked a one-timer from Kranjc.

06:31 Konrad saved Kranjc´s shot from the blue line.

06:02 Peter Fruhauf (SLO) is called for roughing.

01:02 HC Mountfield in a full strenght.

00:01 The third period has just started...

00:00 Everything is still open before the third period starts. Shoots in the second period: 10 - 12
Period 2
20:00 The second period is over.

19:35 Slovan Bratislava has to start his offence from Konrad again.

19:02 And it´s going to be 5 on 3 penalty. Jan Novak (MOU) - 2 mins for delaying the game.

18:52 Chance for Slovan to tie this game in the upcoming power-play.

18:52 Michal Mikeska (MOU) - 2 mins for tripping.

17:59 Slovan is back in the game. Very surprising goal scored by Michal Hudec. Assist: Miroslav Preisinger.

17:32 Another quick goal in this power-play. Langhammer won the face-off to Novak, Konrad made a save against his shot, but had no chance against Langhammer´s rebound! Assists: Jan Novak, Martin Podlesak.

17:26 Maris Jass (SLO) - 2 mins cross-checking.

17:01 And Podlesak could score a second goal of tonights game. He made a quick turn around Konrad´s net, but he wasn´t able to put the puck in the empty net...

16:53 HC Mountfield is complete.

15:45 The puck is in the Slovan´s bench. Only one minute to go in this power-play.

15:27 First shot of the away team in this power play. Kovar saved Fruhauf´s shot.

14:53 First penalty in this period. Martin Podlesak (MOU) - 2 mins for slashing.

13:20 Kranjc shoots the puck from the blue line and Martynek deflects it a centimetres wide. Konrad was no chance! But the score is still 1 - 0.

12:39 2 on 1 for HC Mountfield again. Novak passed the puck to Sailer, but he shot Konrad to his shoulder.

11:44 Svarny is trying to frighten Kovar again. Home goalie safely neutralizes the puck.

09:14 This was a real chance to tie thins game up. Svarny hits the post with his shot from 3 on 2 situation!

08:22 Gulas shoots the puck from the right. Konrad without any problems.

07:35 This wasn´t the best part of the game. Both teams weren´t able to stay in the offensive zone for a longer time.

04:35 2 on 1 situation. Dobron blocked Podlesak´s pass on Gulas.

04:14 Perfect pass from Langahmmer to Gulas. He missed the target, Konrad didn´t have to save.

02:11 In first moments of this period, Slovan Bratislava looks much better than in the first period...

01:22 Datelinka shoots the puck from the blue line, Kovar has to make a blocker save.

00:01 Second period started with the face-off winner of Kukumberg.

00:00 Both teams are entering the rink for the second period. We´re expecting much more from the leader of the division in upcoming 20 minutes.
Period 1
20:00 HC Mountfield dominated in the first period, but Konrad looked to be unbeatable. The only goal of the first period scored Jan Novak with his shot from the blue line, which surprised Konrad a little, I think.

20:00 The first period is over. Both teams have 15 minutes break now. Shoots in the first period - 22 - 5!

19:00 Only one minute to go in the opening period.

18:48 But now, it´s in. Kasparik won the face-off to Jan Novak and his shot from the blue line surprised Konrad! Assist: Pavel Kasparik.

18:33 Vydareny shoots the puck from the blue line, Konrad makes another perfect save. Slovan´s goalie is a real hero of the first period.

16:01 Slovan is playing in a full strenght.

15:16 Slovan has 4 guys on the ice.

15:01 Another chance for home team. Konrad saved the puck with leg save against Kranjc´s one-timer.

14:29 Perfect combination of the home team. Simanek passed the puck to Martynek, but he missed the empty net!

14:16 Ptacek shoots the puck from the blue line. No problems for Konrad again.

14:01 HC Mountfield will play 74 seconds with 5 on 3. Michal Dobron (SLO) - 2 mins for roughing.

13:16 Another penalty for Slovan. Roman Kukumberg (SLO) - 2 mins for tripping.

12:14 Gulas nicely passed the puck to Podlesak. He´s been alone in front of Konrad, but couldn´t score. Konrad made another big save!

11:25 I think, it was a first Kovar´s save in the game. Macho shoots the puck from the right. No problems for home goalie.

09:30 Svarny tries to pass the puck to his teammate, but Mertl blocks his pass and Konrad has to make a quick save. HC Mountfield was pretty close to score the first goal of the game.

09:07 Konrad made another glove save against Sailer.

08:25 Jakub Langhammer (MOU) - 2 mins for hooking.

07:38 Maris Jass (SLO) - 2 mins. for interference

07:38 Jiri Simanek perfectly passed the puck to Kasparik, but Konrad saved! But it´s going to be a penalty.

06:23 The HC Mountfield´s fourth line puts Slovan under tough pressure, but Konrad has no problems with only shot from Kuchejda.

04:26 Slovan is playing in a full strenght.

03:37 Simanek shoots the puck from the left side, Konrad touches the puck with his glove and the puck goes centimetres wide!

02:26 First penalty of the game. Peter Sisovsky (SLO) - 2 mins for slashing.

01:04 We saw first shot of tonight´s game. Konrad saved Langhammer´s shot from left side.

00:01 The game has just started...

00:00 Both teams are on the ice right now. The game is going to start in a few seconds.

00:00 Slovan´s captain Michal Hudec, played five years for Ceske Budejovice, entered Slovan Bratislava to the rink...

00:00 Not many fans are in the arena. Outside temperature is about 34°, which makes tonight´s ice hockey match for many fans unatractive...we´re expecting max. 1500 spectators today.

00:00 Last players are leaving the rink...the game will start in about 15 minutes...

00:00 Both teams are warming up for this excellent game between HC MOUNTFIELD and Slovan Bratislava. The slovakian team is still leading the East division with 11 points, but loosing tonight´s game can put Slovan in real troubles. With only two games to go, it could be pretty tough work to finnish the eight-round group in first two places. We´ll see more in tonight´s game.

First line
12. Michal Hudec
16. Roman Kukumberg
79. Miroslav Preisinger
23. Ivan Svarny
19. Michal Dobron

Second line
39. Martin Bakos
27. Michal Macho
9. Tomas Bulik
6. Ivan Datelinka
77. Peter Frühauf

Third line
86. David Skokan
93. Jan Lipiansky
37. Andrej Kudrna
55. Maris Jass
10. Martin Stajnoch

Fourth line
71. Jakub Ciger
72. Lukas Kozak
25. Peter Sisovsky
59. Ondrej Janik
5. Lukas Bohunicky

2. Branislav Konrad
(1. Tomas Pek)
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