First line
69. Radek Duda
28. Martin Straka
34. Petr Sykora
8. Jirí Hanzlik
5. Jakub Jerabek

Second line
26. Tomas Vlasak
71. Jaroslav Hlinka
22. Ondrej Kratena
12. Frantisek Kaberle
7. Nicolas St.Pierre

Third line
80. Nicholas Johnson
92. Jan Herman
52. Michal Dvorak
14. Tomas Frolo
4. Jan Dresler

Fourth line
48. Tomas Pitule
43. Jan Kovar
10. Pavel Mrna
55. Dan Ruzicka
91. Jan Stransky

31. Adam Svoboda
(2. Marek Mazanec)

HC Plzen 1929 - HC Slovan Bratislava
4 - 5

Period 5
00:00 This match is over, but we continue tomorow with match between Pilsen and Tappara Tampere. Thank you for following this live coverage.

00:00 Miroslav Presinger scores! Slovan wins this match thank to Miroslav Presinger who bamboozled Svoboda and scored the winner!

00:00 Tomas Vlasak unsuccesful with forehand.

00:00 Lipiansky sent the puck well wide...

00:00 Hlinka was so close but his shot hit the left post of Konrad´s net!

00:00 Sykora with a wristshot but Konrad made glove save.

00:00 Macho did the very same thing on the other side! 2:2!

00:00 Kraten put the puck between Konrad´s legs! 2:1!

00:00 Svoboda interepted Hudec´s try with a stick.

00:00 Duda almost lost the puck but this surprised Konrad and Duda scores!

00:00 Stajnoch with a fine move and scores with forehand shot!
Period 4
05:00 End of the overtime.

04:31 Frolo got pass from Sykora who just came back from the penalty box but hist slapshot went wide!

03:59 Ivan Svarny hit the post! And only seconds later Kukumberg´s shot goes wide off the crossbar! Lucky Svoboda...

03:34 Adam Svoboda helped his teammates and played the puck behind the blue line.

03:10 Time-out for Slovan.

02:50 Puck behind Konrad, Pilsener players are saving the time. Hanzlik moved the puck out of the defensive zone again.

02:19 Sykora is furious with referee who sent him off. Minor penalty for tripping,

01:42 Kukumberg on the other side with a backhand shot but Svoboda made a good save and moved his net afterwards. Face off.

01:19 Hanzlik was alone in between the circles and collected the puck but his shot lacked power.

00:31 Home players are more active than visitors but it is not enough.

00:12 Both teams are playing in four players on the ice.

00:01 Overtime just begun.
Period 3
20:00 End of the regular playing game. There will be five minutes long overtime.

19:51 Konrad made another save, but it was not hard job this time.

19:20 Time-out for Pilsen.

18:43 Vlasak could have decided this match but did not have any other option than to shoot from short distance and Konrad made a save.

17:59 Last two minutes of the regular playing time in this match and it looks like both teams are satisfied with going into overtime.

16:27 Nobody want to make mistake as the final whistle approaches. Nothing interesting to see on the ice right now...

15:19 Dvorak lost his helmet behind Konrad´s net and had to go back on the bench.

14:46 Sykora in front of the empty net but could not find the puck under the legs of other players.

13:54 And Konrad saves again. First time against slapshot and second time against rebound.

13:15 Vlasak in a good chance but Konrad was there.

12:37 Pilsen have chance to take the lead in power-play, Tomas Bulik gets minor penalty for high-sticking.

12:03 Pilsen scores! Radek Duda got crucial passby Kovar from behind the net and gave Konrad no chance!

11:11 Sykora blasted two shots but found only Konrad.

11:04 Home players are playing well but they just can not get the last pass right.

09:54 Ondrej Janik (SLO) gets minor penalty.

09:54 Tomas Pitule tried a backhand deke but Konrad was there.

09:03 Martin Straka found Kovar in good position but he losed the puck.

07:37 Slovan scores! Pilsen conceded so easily! Milan Macho went through the defense as easy as if there was nobody and gave Slovan back the lead!

06:08 St.Pierre indicated shot but released surprising pass instead but no one was near enough to reach it.

05:18 Puck ended on the bench, face-off in the centre circle.

04:55 Jan Herman tried his luck again but this time was Konrad better prepared.

03:52 Vlasak stole the puck and gave his teammates time to rotate.

02:59 Slovan play power-play against four Pilsener defensemen but it does seem like 5 against 5.

02:29 2+2 minutes for Tomas Frolo (PIL) and 2 minutes for Bohunicky on the other side.

01:26 Duda should have scored but Konrad made a huge pad-save against his backhand deke!

00:36 Dvorak scared Konrad but his shot went well wide.

00:01 The third period just started.
Period 2
20:00 Second period is over.

19:34 Pilsen scores! It took only 24 second for Frantisek Kaberle who hammered the puck with a slapshot into Konrad´s net!

19:10 Datelinka with a minor penalty. Power-play for Pilsen.

18:44 Bakos intecepted risky pass but Svoboda was prepared. Puck ends in the corner.

17:46 Pilsen scored an goal but it was disallowed! Konrad stopped playing because his net was not in its right position and conceded but referee says "No goal"!

16:57 Svoboda did not see anything either bud managed to block the puck on its way to the net.

16:00 Pilsen scores goal! Jan Herman released a shot from behind the blue line and Konrad could not see the puck which went in off the post!

15:32 Face-off won by Hudec but no profit for Slovan.

15:02 Jan Dresler had good opportunity but did not manage to put the puck behind Konrad from short distance.

14:18 There is not much happening on the ice at the moment. Slovan trying to go to the offense but did not succeed.

12:59 Sykora played the puck forward but nobody could reach it.

12:24 Three on one defensman but Johnson could not find his teammate and ended in the net himself.

11:24 Slovan scores! Pilsen again two goals behind as Hudec scores with a precise shot and gives no chance to Svoboda!

10:33 Slovan without the puck, Indians saving time very well.

09:52 Pilsen will have to resist another Slovan´s power-play.

08:49 Pilsen allready in four players on the ice and Frolo had a great shance but missed the puck.

08:29 Another save and the puck ends on the net from behind. Face-off.

07:29 Good pad-save by Svoboda against shot from long distance. Slovan have to begin in their own defensive zone.

07:20 What a mistake by Pilsen! Another penalty for too many players on the ice. 3 against 5.

06:48 Frolo played the puck away and it ended behind Konrads net.

06:18 Fans are booing now because referee blowed the whistle and Kaberle gets two minutes penalty.

05:27 Fans are roaring because Michal Dvorak could have equalised, but Konrad made fine glove save.

04:17 Radek Duda scores! Pilsen is now only one goal behind as Duda scored on rebound!

03:13 Pilsener players do not play clever enough to unlock Slovak defense. Offside.

02:06 Power-play for Pilsen, Datelinka gets minor penalty for high sticking.

01:00 Hudacek acould be the first scorer in this period but Straka intercepted the pass.

00:01 Second period just started.
Period 1
20:00 The first period is over.

19:44 Goal for Bratislava by Hudacek! Assisted by Lipiansky.

15:31 Plzen at full strength.

13:31 Duda (PLZ) gets two minutes for high sticking.

10:59 Both teams at full strength.

08:59 Dobron gets two minutes penalty for delaying.

05:54 Slovan just scored a goal! Hudec passes to Preisinger and he scores! Assisted by Hudec, Jass.

03:20 Pilsen players are more active.

00:59 Hlinka misses!

00:59 Hlinka skated to breakaway and he was fouled. We will see a penalty shot!

00:01 The game has just started.

00:00 Pilsen had first chance in the second period but Konrad made fine save with his helmet.

First line
86. David Skokan
19. Michal Dobron
23. Ivan Svarny
76. Jozef Balej
93. Jan Lipiansky

Second line
68. Libor Hudacek
77. Peter Frühauf
6. Ivan Datelinka
12. Michal Hudec
16. Roman Kukumberg

Third line
39. Martin Bakos
10. Martin Stajnoch
55. Maris Jass
9. Tomas Bulik
27. Michal Macho

Fourth line
37. Andrej Kudrna
71. Jakub Ciger
59. Ondrej Janik
81. David Buc
79. Miroslav Preisinger

2. Branislav Konrad
(1. Tomas Pek)
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