First line
69. Radek Duda
28. Martin Straka
17. Petr Sykora
8. Jirí Hanzlik
11. Geoff Kinrade

Second line
22. Ondrej Kratena
71. Jaroslav Hlinka
26. Tomas Vlasak
12. Frantisek Kaberle
7. Nicolas St.Pierre

Third line
80. Nicholas Johnson
43. Jan Kovar
91. Jan Stransky
14. Tomas Frolo
5. Jakub Jerabek

Fourth line
52. Michal Dvorak
96. Martin Herman
92. Jan Herman
4. Jan Dresler
30. Jakub Lev

31. Adam Svoboda
(2. Marek Mazanec)

HC Plzen 1929 - Vienna Capitals
3 - 1

Period 3
20:00 The very tough game is over. We can not say that we saw an exciting one but both teams show their best in this hot weather. Nice evening from Pilsen!

19:51 That´s it! TOMAS VLASAK (HC Plzen 1929) scores to the empty net and the game is decided.

18:45 Jaroslav Hlinka shoots from whole rink to the empty net, but Bjornlie reaches the puck at time.

18:28 Time out for Team Pilsen.

18:28 Jan Kovar (Pilsen) gets two minutes for cross-checking and Ferland another two minutes for roughing.

18:00 Two minutes left in the 3rd period.

17:39 Gunnarsson was for a while alone against only Svoboda, but he didn´t score.

15:53 Jan Stransky just has two great opportunities but Divis holds chances of his team.

13:55 JONATHAN FERLAND (Vienna) scores with a bit luck and now we may see a drama... Assisted by Dan Bjorlie, Rafael Rotter.

13:14 Radek Duda (HC Plzen 1929) gets a minor penalty for high sticking.

12:23 Svoboda makes a great safe like Spiderman after a huge opportunity by Rotter.

11:19 Attendance: 2177.

11:00 Team Vienna tries to score a contact goal but still without great chance...

09:45 Jakub Jerabek shoots from the blue line, Divis saves.

08:23 Nick Johnson shoots from left wing but Divis was sure with his safe.

07:30 Both teams at full strength.

06:01 Hanzlik tries to shoot but the another defenseman was against to.

05:30 Two minutes penalty for both players - Frolo and Holst - after a slight collision.

04:35 RADEK DUDA (PILSEN) scores after by a rebound after Sykora´s shot. Assisted by Petr Sykora, Jan Kovar.

04:05 Marcel Rodman (VIE) gets a minor penalty for tripping.

02:52 Jakub Lev failed in attacking.

01:03 Both teams at full strength.

00:00 The third period has just started.
Period 2
20:00 In the second period, HC Plzen 1929 was the better team and their players also scored the first and only goal. We are waiting for the third period.

20:00 The second period has just finished.

19:03 Duda was very active in front of net but he was hooked by Ferland.

18:14 Host team at full strength.

17:03 Marcel Rodman has a great opportunity alone in front of the net!

16:47 Another penalty; home Jakub Jerabek gets a minor penalty for hooking.

16:14 Filip Gunnarsson (Vienna) gets two minutes penalty for holding.

15:33 Team Vienna at full strength.

15:22 Frantisek Kaberle (HC Plzen 1929) gets two minutes penalty fro holding.

14:57 Team Pilsen is set into opponent´s zone but they don´t shoot any shot.

14:02 Martin Straka strikes the left post!

13:33 Captain of host team Gratton gets two minutes penalty for hooking.

13:07 HC Plzen 1929 at full strength.

12:59 Vienna is very passive, Svoboda has no work to do.

11:07 Martin Herman (HC Plzen 1929) gets a minor penalty for interference.

10:11 Duda passes to PETR SYKORA and he scores by great shot! As.: Radek Duda.

04:37 The second half of Vienna´s power play wasn´t very good and home team at full strength.

03:44 Host team steady in Pilsen part but without shot.

02:37 Team Vienna finally in pressure! Jan Dresler (HC Plzen 1929) gets two minutes penalty for tripping.

02:15 Martin Oraze comes through Pilsen defense absolutely without problems but he ends on Svoboda!

01:45 A face-off in front of Svoboda´s net.

01:15 Vienna´s icing.

00:32 Pilsen players is attacking, the power play continues.

00:00 The second period has just started.
Period 1
20:00 The audience in Pilsen Arena has to be a bit bored. Both teams don´t play any attractive game and goalies don´t have almost anything to do.

20:00 The end of the first period.

19:01 Gunnarsson gets two minutes for hooking. Another penalty for Vienna.

18:59 Hlinka passes to Sykora but he sends puck to Vlasak but Gunnarsson hooks him!

17:34 A small fight in front of Vienna´s net is managed by all four referees (Sindler, Svoboda - Jelinek, Pesek).

17:30 Jerabek passes to Duda and the puck continues to Straka but he is too close to the opponent´s net that he can not make up anything.

16:08 Plzen at full strength.

15:00 Really poor power play from host team...

14:08 Team Vienna tries to cross the blue line but with no success.

14:08 Two minutes penalty for home team. Jiri Hanzlik gets a minor penalty for tripping.

14:08 Three to only one Pilsen player! Kavanagh recieves great pass but he can not lift the puck.

13:15 Benoit Gratton is only one player from host team who attack. He strikes only Svoboda´s pad.

13:15 A face-off in front of Divis.

13:15 Another ice-cleaning break.

12:29 Host team is at full strength.

11:03 Petr Sykora tries his luck from the same place as Straka but also not successful.

10:50 Straka shoots from blue line but Divis is on his place and saves.

10:29 Fischer (VIE) gets two minutes penalty for boarding. Power play for home team.

10:23 Dvorak almost reached the puck but it needed about 2 steps to.

10:01 Ofner gets two minutes penalty for slashing.

10:00 The half of the proper time of this game is over. Both teams, looks like, take break.

09:21 Duda looses the offensive zone.

08:59 Host team is really passive, all effort comes from home team.

08:33 Pilsener icing.

08:12 Jaroslav Hlinka missed the pass from Vlasak.

07:44 The puck is out of game.

07:05 Finally an attractive part of today´s game! Pilsen team is on the opponent´s part and we are impatiently waiting for the first goal of this game!

06:52 A piece part of today´s game, nobody is hurrying to attacking.

05:59 Vlasak was for a moment alone beat right post of Divis´s net but he misses the puck!

05:36 Nice combination from home team, Sykora finds Straka but his shot was not dangerous for Divis.

05:21 Benoit Gratton scares Pilsen fans, he shoots to the empty net but Svoboda makes a fantastic safe.

05:10 Vienna is for the first time in attack.

04:56 Jaroslav Hlinka shoots but Divis saves.

04:13 The face-off in front of Svoboda´s net.

02:53 Straka in action again, but again pass hasn´t find any teammate.

02:29 Plzen is on the opponent´s blue line but Straka passes not precisely.

01:29 Divis just made his first save today.

01:11 Home team is attacking, but players are trying to find themselves...

00:00 The game has just started.

00:00 Welcome! Both teams are on their blue lines and we stand up for national anthems.

First line
6. Rafael Rotter
25. Benoit Gratton
58. Filip Gunnarsson
57. Wilhelm Lanz
28. Dan Bjornlie

Second line
17. Pat Kavanagh
24. Jonathan Ferland
47. Harald Ofner
7. Jon Insana
20. Peter Casparsson

Third line
21. Kevin McLeod
16. Daniel Nageler
22. Marcel Rodman
4. Philippe Lakos
18. Martin Oraze

Fourth line
50. Mario Fischer
94. Taylor Holst
82. Mario Seidl
19. Youssef Riener
71. Patrick Fichtner

38. Reinhard Divis
(27. Sebastian Stefaniszin)
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