First line
22. Jiri Simanek
29. Pavel Kasparik
10. Rostislav Martynek
2. Frantisek Ptacek
38. Ales Kranjc

Second line
88. Milan Gulas
84. Jakub Langhammer
47. Martin Podlesak
17. Jan Novak
81. René Vydareny

Third line
18. Petr Sailer
11. Michal Mikeska
65. Rudolf Cerveny
55. Roman Vrablik
85. Peter Mikus

Fourth line
24. David Kuchejda
86. Tomas Mertl
19. Roman Psurny
8. Lukas Kriz
3. Jakub Marek

21. Jakub Kovar
(30. Pavel Kantor)

HC Mountfield - Vienna Capitals
4 - 0

Period 3
20:00 Shoots in the third period - 14:5.

20:00 The game is over!

18:27 Rene Vydareny shoots the puck from defensive zone. Divis saved the puck, but it looked, he had problems with it.

18:00 Only two minutes to go.

16:42 David Kuchejda´s stick was in Taylor Holst´s face. David Kuchejda (MOU) - 2 mins for highsticking.

15:23 Good shot from the blue line by Lupaschuk. But nobody deflected, so Kovar made a safe save.

14:30 Jiri Simanek (MOU) - 2 mins for interference.

14:00 This game is slowly approaching to its end. Jakub Kovar is looking for his first shutout in the tournament.

12:24 But Gulas missed the net...

12:24 Filip Gunnarsson falled down in a neutral zone and Milan Gulas went on breakaway. Gunnarsson throws his stick against him and it´s going to be a penalty shot!

12:08 Mario Fischer missed the net with centimetres wide!

11:35 Capitals, playing now in a full strenght, released a first shot on Kovar in this period.

09:27 Really strong power-play from home team. Frantisek Ptacek released a one-timer from a blue line and it´s 4:0. Assists: Michal Mikeska, Martin Podlesak.

08:45 Novak hits the post!

08:15 Time-out Vienna Capitals. Time to calm the nerves.

08:15 Pat Kavanagh (CAP) - 2 mins for cross-checking.

07:42 Kevin McLoid (CAP) attacks Martynek - 2 mins for roughing. But I think, this wasn´t right decision of the ref.

07:05 John Insana (CAP) - 2 mins for hooking. 42 seconds for HC Mountfield in two man advantage.

07:05 And here´s it. Roman Psurny is fighting Jon Insana behind Divis´s net. Both guys are called for 5 mins major for fighting + game misconduct.

06:39 Divi needs a blocker save to stop Roman Psurny´s shot.

05:48 Benoit Gratton totally loosed his temper, he attacked Peter Mikus, than Michal Mikeska and finally Martin Podlesak. 2 mins for hooking + 2 mins for roughing + 10 mins major + game misconduct. Michal Mikeska (MOU) is called for his provoke also for 2 mins. Unbelievable situation...

05:13 Team Vienna Capitals is playing in a full strenght.

04:31 Capitals players looks very frustrated now. Langhammer is under attack, but no penalty called by ref.

04:13 Divis stops Ptacek´s shot from blue line.

04:01 Jiri Simanek passed the puck on Martynek and he hits the post!

03:13 And it´s going to be another penalty after another fight. Dan Bjornlie (CAP) - 4 mins for roughing, Tomas Mertl (MOU) - 2 mins for roughing. Home team will play 73 seconds with 5 on 3!

02:27 Capitals are loosing their temper. Taylor Holst (CAP) attacks Roman Vrablik - 2 mins for roughing.

01:50 Jonathan Ferland looks shaken after excellent bodycheck, made by Peter Mikus. After that, he throws the stick to the HC Mountfield´s bench and the referee calles him for 10 minutes.

00:59 Divis makes a glove save against Gulas.

00:01 Third period has just stared.

00:00 Shoots in the second period - 13:11. Team Vienna Capitals looked much more dangerous this period, but the score is now 3:0 after David Kuchejda´s lucky backhand shot from a few steps.

00:00 Shoots in the second period - 13:11. Team Vienna Capitals looked much more dangerous this period, but the score is now 3:0 after David Kuchejda´s lucky backhand shot from a few steps.
Period 2
20:00 The second period is over.

19:21 We´re watching a short fight infront of Divis´s net. Austrian goalie was very upset, when Martin Podlesak stops centimetres infront of him and gives him a freezy watterfall. But the referees didn´t call the penalty.

19:00 One minute to go.

17:38 Another excellent save by Kovar. Rotter passed the puck from behind the net, but Lupaschuk´s one-timer was saved by Kovar!

16:40 Kovar made a brilliant save against Martin Oraze, who has been staying just a meter infront of the net!

16:14 Mario Fischer (CAP) - mins for cross-checking, Peter Mikus (MOU) - 2 mins for roughing.

15:16 Quick action by home team. Gulas passed the puck to Langhammer between Oraze´s legs, but Langhammer´s shot was too high. Divis didn´t have to block the shot.

14:22 It´s a 3:0 goal! The puck goes to David Kuchejda, who beats Divis with a lucky backhand shot. Assists: Roman Psurny, Tomas Mertl.

12:50 Team Vienna Capitals is hunting the equalizer. But Kovar stops all the chances.

12:06 Home team is playing in a full strenght.

10:33 Jonathan Ferland could equalize, but he missed the net wide, staying alone between circles!

10:06 Team Vienna Capitals will play 51 seconds with two man advantage. Tomas Mertl (MOU) - 2 mins for tripping.

09:21 Good shoot made by Lupaschuk. Kovar made a slide save.

08:47 Rudolf Cerveny (MOU) - 2 mins for slashing.

07:28 Kasparik shoots from the right side after Novak´s quick pass across three lines.

06:35 Team Vienna Capitals is complete.

06:01 Offside stopped Capitals shorthanded breakaway.

05:35 We´re watching really poor power-play from home team.

04:35 Team Vienna Capitals hasn´t been in a full strenght for a long time. Dan Bjornlie (CAP) - 2 mins for kneeing.

02:25 Marcel Rodman (CAP) - 2 mins for delaying the game.

01:15 Divis has made two saves in a row to stop home players.

00:01 Second period has just started.

00:00 Both teams are ready for second period action.

00:00 Shoots in the first period - 11:2. HC Mountfield made a perfect job in the first period, so the home is leading 2:0 after first twenty minutes. Capitals had the only chance, but Pat Kavanagh hit the post in the clear position.
Period 1
20:00 The first period is over.

19:00 Only one minute to go in the first period.

18:32 Simanek shoots the puck from the left side, Divis makes a safe save.

17:11 Frantisek Ptacek missed the net centimetres wide with his shot from the blue line.

17:02 Home team, leading 2:0, is trying to avoid any risky situations. We´re not watching any exciting scenes in these minutes.

15:01 It could be 2 on 1 situation, but Marcel Rodman made a brilliant job in the defence, so Martin Podlesak´s pass has been blocked.

13:09 Team HC Mountfield is playing in a full strenght.

12:45 Team Vienna Capitals is playing in a full strenght.

11:09 And we have another penalty here. Rene Vydareny (MOU) - 2 mins for holding.

10:45 Oh my god. It will be 5 on 3 penalty. Philippe Lakos (CAP) - 2 mins for delaying the game.

10:41 Rodman stopped Roman Psurny in a clear scoring chance. Another penalty for Vienna. Marcel Rodman (CAP) - 2 mis for hooking.

09:45 It could be 2:1. Pat Kavanagh has been alone infront of Kovar for a moment and he hits the post!

06:33 Really well played power-play from Ceske Budejovice. Jan Novak shoots the puck from the blue line and he scores a second goal in the tournament. Assists: Roman Psurny, Tomas Mertl.

05:24 Home team will have the advantage of the power play. Martin Oraze (CAP) - 2 mins for hooking.

04:14 And another scoring chance. Jakub Langhammer hits the post from the left side!

03:55 Jan Novak shoots the puck from neutral zone, Divis makes a blocker save, but he was no chance againts Pavel Kasparik´s rebound. Assist: Jan Novak.

02:36 Tough moments for Vienna are away. Face-off infront of Kovar.

01:46 Divis saved Sailer´s shot. Tem Vienna Capitals in deep defence in these moments,

01:12 Jakub Langhammer in the first scoring position. He misses the target from very good position between the circles.

00:01 The game has just started.

00:00 We´re awaiting the third home match of HC Mountfield in the regular part of European Trophy. Frantisek Vyborny, coach HC Mountfield, didn´t make any change in the lineups after the Thursday win against Slovan Bratislava. Team Vienna Capitals is still waiting for the first real win in the tournament, coach Tommy Samuelsson has a new guy in his team for tonight´s match. 31-years old canadian defender Ross Lupaschuk will play in first pair with Dan Bjornlie.

First line
58. Filip Gunnarsson
25. Benoit Gratton
6. Rafael Rotter
28. Dan Bjornlie
26. Ross Lupaschuk

Second line
47. Harald Ofner
17. Pat Kavanagh
24. Jonathan Ferland
18. Martin Oraze
4. Philippe Lakos

Third line
21. Kevin McLeod
22. Marcel Rodman
16. Daniel Nageler
57. Wilhelm Lanz
7. Jon Insana

Fourth line
50. Mario Fischer
20. Peter Casparsson
94. Taylor Holst
19. Youssef Riener
82. Mario Seidl

38. Reinhard Divis
(27. Sebastian Stefaniszin)
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