First line
43. Nichlas Hardt
81. Ilari Filppula
42. Ben Eaves
21. Teemu Eronen
40. Markus Nordlund

Second line
47. Janne Lahti
44. Antti Kerälä
6. Teemu Pulkkinen
10. John Klingberg
4. Ossi Väänänen

Third line
86. Teuvo Teräväinen
32. Riku Hahl
28. Jani Rita
2. Jeremy Dehner
7. Antti-Jussi Niemi

Fourth line
22. Juhani Tyrväinen
55. Henri Heino
14. Tomi Mäki
50. Tommi Kivistö
58. Nico Manelius

37. Eero Kilpeläinen
(29. Zoltán Hetényi)

Jokerit - Djurgårdens IF
1 - 4

Period 3
20:00 Three stars tonight: Wesslau. Two stars: Eaves. One star: Nilson.

20:00 Three stars tonight: Wesslau. Two stars: Eaves. One star: Nilson.

20:00 Game over. DIF wins 4-1 and continues their winning streak.

19:48 Wesslau stops the play. A few good chances for the Hahl line but they can't solve the goalie.

18:30 DIF at full strength. Nordlund shoots wide on a an open net.

18:00 Two minutes left in the game and Jokerit PP still hasn't scored.

16:41 Nordlund shoots hard but Wesslau saves.

16:29 Brodin hooks Filppula in the neutral zone and goes to the box. Jokerit has a 5 on 3 PP.

15:16 Printz makes a nasty hit on Hardt and goes to the box, 2 minutes for interference.

13:09 DIF full strength. A shot from Klingberg went just wide.

12:13 Good chances for the Filppula line but Wesslau is playing very well.

11:07 Penalty for Ölvestad, 2 minutes for holding. Jokerit PP.

10:40 Rita storms to the DIF zone but a shot from Niemi is deflected outside the rink.

10:26 Kilpeläinen covers the puck. Bad passing from Jokerit in the neutral zone.

08:57 Jokerit full strength.

07:55 Nilson shoots from the blue line and Ottosson gets to the rebound but Kilpeläinen saves.

06:57 Penalty for Mäki, 2 minutes for holding. Good pressure from DIF and Kilpeläinen makes a few good saves.

06:02 Good counter attack from DIF. Nilson shoots but Kilpeläinen saves and holds on to the puck.

05:13 Kerälä almost score but can't get the puck over the line. He's been really unlucky in this period.

04:58 Klingberg shoots from the blue line but there's no traffic in front of goal. Wesslau makes an easy save.

04:55 Faceoff in DIF defensive zone.

04:35 Kilpeläinen saves a shot from Carlsson.

03:21 Tyrväinen falls in offensive blue line and Nilson is almost through again. Manelius just catches him in time.

01:15 Kerälä misses a certain goal chance. Unbelievable save by Wesslau!

01:10 Lahti shoots from a pass by Pukkinen. Wesslau makes a blocker save that goes outside the rink.

00:01 The third starts, Jokerit win the first faceoff.

00:00 Saves in the second period: Kilpeläinen 5, Wesslau 9.

00:00 Four minutes and we start the third period.
Period 2
20:00 Correction: second DIF goal was scored by Kempe. Assists added to Filppula and Nordlund in Jokerit's goal.

20:00 Period is over. Jokerit controlled the play in the first minutes but couldn't create many dangerous chances. Mistakes lead to 2-0 and 3-1 goals.

19:05 Filppula's line desperately trying to score but can't get the puck past Wesslau.

18:00 Ottosson scores. Everything going in for DIF at the moment. Assisted by Nilson and Klubertanz. A shot from Nilson hit a Jokerit stick and fell for Ottosson right in front of Kilpeläinen.

17:40 Klingberg heads to the box, 2 minutes for holding.

17:12 Nilson scores on a break away after DIF clear a shot to the neutral zone from their own end. Assisted by Wesslau.

16:26 Kilpeläinen stops a shot by D. Tjärnqvist from the blue line. Fast pace right now in the game.

14:24 Jokerit reply immediately. Scored by Eaves. The shot hits a DIF defender's stick and goes over Wesslau and into the net. Assisted by Filppula and Nordlund.

13:41 Djurgården score again after Klingberg loses the puck in the neutral zone. Goal scored by Kempe, assisted by Nilson and Åberg.

13:12 Attendance tonight: 1524

12:31 Icing Djurgården. Ölvestad would have been alone with Kilpeläinen if he had caught the puck.

12:11 Teräväinen tries to direct the puck to the net with his skate after a strong surge from Rita.

11:28 DIF full strength. Wesslau didn't have to make a save.

10:56 Jokerit can't get to the offensive zone. A lot of confusion in the neutral zone.

09:58 Icing Jokerit. A bad pass from Väänänen.

09:28 Penalty for Printz, 2 minutes for slashing.

08:53 DIF has gotten better as the period has moved along. Now the play is more end-to-end.

07:16 Offside Jokerit. Kilpeläinen's save on Kempe was a pad save. The forward just shot the puck, didn't try to deke.

06:07 Hardt hits the post. And after that Kilpeläinen stops a break away on Kempe.

05:04 Wesslau stops a shot from Kivistö. Djurgården can't get past the neutral zone at the moment.

04:17 Wesslau stops the play. It has been all Jokerit in the first five minutes.

03:32 Wesslau makes a fantastic pad save on Hardt who is played one on one with the goalie by Filppula.

02:48 Mäki hits D. Tjärnqvist hard but can't control the puck afterwards.

01:12 Lahti tries to make something happen on his own but can't get to the net.

00:30 Icing Djurgården, faceoff to the right of Wesslau

00:01 Here we go again, DIF win first faceoff.

00:00 Saves in the first period: Kilpeläinen 6, Wesslau 13.

00:00 Four minutes and we start the second period.
Period 1
20:00 Period has ended. DIF lead 1-0. So far a pretty close game. First half of the period was pretty good from Djurgården, Jokerit took a few stupid penalties in the neutral and offensive zone. The latter part was better from the home team but powerplay hasn't worked yet.

19:23 Good pressure from the Hahl line but Rita just misses.

18:40 DIF full strength.

18:31 Eaves shoots just wide. And after that a close range shot from Hardt is stopped by Wesslau.

17:43 Klubertanz almost scores in his own net but Wesslau is alert.

16:40 Ölvestad takes a 2 minute penalty for cross checking.

16:40 Rita drives the net with force but is unable to score. Penalties coming up.

15:00 Dehner loses his stick in his own zone but Jokerit are able to clear DIF pressure.

13:32 Teams at full strength.

13:32 Filppula's line has chances but nothing too serious.

12:34 Klingberg shoots twice and Pulkkinen once but Wesslau makes good saves.

11:58 Hardt and Eronen both shoot but Wesslau hangs on.

11:24 Penalty for D. Tjärnqvist for cross checking. Jokerit 5 on 3 powerplay.

10:54 Offside Jokerit. No shots yet on the PP.

10:19 Penalty for Holmqvist after good pressure from Jokerit first line. 2 minutes for interference.

09:31 Djurgården score, a wrist shot from Klubertanz goes into the top corner. Assisted by Ottosson and D. Tjärnqvist.

09:25 Penalty for Hahl in the offensive zone, 2 minutes for hooking. Djurgården powerplay.

08:59 Kilpeläinen saves a shot from Åberg. Good start for the Jokerit goalie although the shots haven't been difficult.

08:42 Icing Djurgården. Pretty even period so far.

07:45 Carlsson shoots but Kilpeläinen saves from close range.

07:34 Jokerit full strength.

06:40 Holmqvist and Boumedienne both shoot from the blue line but Kilpeläinen saves.

06:16 Hahl clears the first attack.

05:34 Penalty for Eaves, 2 minutes for hooking. DIF powerplay.

05:32 Filppula finds Eronen with a nice pass but Wesslau saves.

04:25 Wesslau stops the play and faceoff in DIF zone.

03:41 Väänänen makes a bad pass in his own zone but Kilpeläinen makes an easy save.

03:20 Another offside for DIF. No goal chances in the game yet.

02:47 Offside Djurgården.

02:18 Dehner intercepts a pass in Jokerit zone and skates all the way to the other end but shoots wide.

01:24 Wesslau makes his first stop of the game. Faceoff in DIF zone.

01:01 Good defensive play from DIF in the neurtral zone. Jokerit having trouble getting to the other end.

00:14 Kilpeläinen makes the first save on a shot from M. Tjärnqvist.

00:01 Here we go. Jokerit win the first faceoff.

00:00 We are just about ready to go. Opening lines being announced and then the puck will drop.

00:00 Djurgården fans also in the house tonight. Promises to be a good game in the stands as well as on the ice.

00:00 Nice to see former Jokerit player Daniel Tjärnqvist back in Finland. He won the Finnish league championship back in 1997 with Jokerit.

00:00 Djurgården has won all three games so far in European Trophy. Jokerit has won and lost once.

00:00 Two very interesting young guys for both teams in the lineup: 16 year-old Teuvo Teräväinen making his debut for Jokerit's mens team and for DIF 17 year-old Pontus Åberg playing his third European Trophy game in the fourth line.

00:00 One hour and Jokerit and Djurgårdens IF will start to battle for important points. Lineups are in for both teams.

First line
4. Marcus Nilson
9. Kristofer Ottosson
17. Mathias Tjärnqvist
34. Daniel Tjärnqvist
49. Kyle Klubertanz

Second line
29. Patrick Cehlin
37. John Norman
15. Mattias Carlsson
78. Josef Boumedienne
7. Andreas Holmqvist

Third line
19. Jimmie Ölvestad
20. Christian Eklund
64. Daniel Brodin
55. David Printz
14. Fredrik Claesson

Fourth line
46. Pontus Åberg
26. Tim Eriksson
70. Mario Kempe
44. Stefan Söder
36. Philip Holm

41. Gustaf Wesslau
(1. Tim Sandberg)
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