First line
11. Simon Hjalmarsson
29. Chris Abbott
14. Damien Fleury
5. Lukas Kilström
10. Johan Fransson

Second line
90. Johan Harju
16. Niklas Olausson
15. Mattias Persson
23. Jonas Berglund
33. Elias Fälth

Third line
40. Sami Sandell
38. Ville Viitaluoma
20. Joonas Vihko
26. Niclas Wallin
6. Daniel Gunnarsson

Fourth line
19. Kim Karlsson
9. Sebastian Enterfeldt
17. Konstantin Komarek
25. Daniel Mannberg
27. Kim Sunna

1. David Rautio
(37. Johan Gustafsson)

Luleå HF - Färjestads BK
5 - 2

Period 3
20:00 Starsof the game

3 stars: David Rautio - Luleå Hockey
2 stars: Johan Fransson - Luleå Hockey
1 star: Fredrik Pettersson-Wenzel - Färjestads BK

20:00 Game over, Luleå wins the game pretty fair and square. The play was even in the first period but a really good 2nd period esnured the victory.

18:45 Goal Luleå
Damien Fleury (Sebastian Enterfeldt, Kim Karlsson)

Counter attack from Luleå and Fleury finishes in the empty net.

18:35 Färjestad pulls the goalkeeper

18:00 Two minutes left of the 3rd period

17:03 Tonights attendance - 2026

16:00 Färjestad got some momentum from the goal and are going all out attack

14:33 Goal Färjestad
Patrik Lundh

Lundh picks up a missplaced pass on the blue line and finishes with a placed wrist shot.

14:00 Good battle from Färjestad in Luleås zone

12:21 Icing Färjestad

10:45 Lukas Kilström with a crushing hit on Fredrik Sjöström

10:00 Ten minutes left of the 3rd period and Luleå is ahead 4-1. Färjestad are looking for som options on the offence.

09:29 Damien Fleury slips through the defence and tries a tricky move, a toe drag, but Pettersson-Wenzel saves.

06:23 Luleå full strength

04:23 Penalty Luleå
Damien Fleury 2 min holding the stick

04:00 Delayed penalty Luleå

01:36 Goal Luleå
Johan Harju

Harju strikes on the rebound on the shot form Elias Fälth

00:53 Penalty Färjestad
Johan Larsson 2 min puck-out

00:01 3rd period is away
Period 2
20:00 We are back when the 3rd period begins in 13 minutes

20:00 Second period ended and Luleå are ahead 3-1

Luleå took control of the game in the second period and also has the upper hand with a lead 3-1.
Shots 13-10

19:11 Fredrik Sjöström with a good low one-timer which Rautio saves with the pad

19:00 Goal Luleå
Johan Harju
Great goal from Johan Harju who first tries the wrap around but is denied. He then tries the other side and forces the puck in.

17:02 Maruis Holtet deflects a shot in the post for Färjestad

16:40 Dangerous deflection from Viitaluoma on the shot from Gunnarsson

14:35 Ville Viitaluoma breaks in on goal with one hand on the backhand creating a good chance

12:50 Olausson with a really god chance given the shot all alione with Pettersson-Wenzel

12:40 Niklas Olausson almost finds Harju on the far post

12:02 Icing Luleå

11:49 Timeout Luleå

11:49 Icing Luleå

11:00 Simon Hjalmarsson with a big hit on Joakim Hilding

10:50 Peter Wennerström hits the post for Färjestad

10:40 Goal Luleå
Jonas Berglund

Berglund, playing on the defence today with a good slap shot

09:13 Goal Luleå
Joonas Vihko (Ville Viitaluoma)
Great tic tac toe play there by Luleå in the powerplay. Good pass from Viitaluoma to Vihko who gets the open net.

07:32 Really good chance as Vihko and Sami played a give and go close at the net but Vihko didn't get the shot up.

07:16 Penalty Färjestad
Fredrik Sjöström 2 min roughing

06:16 Timeout Färjestad

06:00 Luleå has taken the game to Färjestad now

03:25 Joonas Vihko hits the post

01:19 Penalty Färjestad
Per Åslund 2 min High sticking

01:12 Penalty Luleå
Joonas Vihko 2 min slashing

00:00 The second period has started.

00:00 There is a problem with the Internet connection in Kiruna. If it isn't fixed, we will continue only reporting the goals from the game.
Period 1
20:00 We'll be back for the second period in aprox 16 minutes

20:00 1st period ended and the score is 0-1 to Färjestad.
As said, a tight contest so far where Luleå perhaps has had the better speed and with that three opportunitys in powerplay. Färjestad has played excellent in the boxplay though.
Shots 13-8

19:10 Dangerous shot from Färjetsads Marcus Paulsson but Rautio deflects away the puck with the glove

17:34 Färjestad full strength

17:00 Luleå takes the game to Färjestads zone but the away team are keeping Luleå on the outside.

15:34 Penalty Färjestad
Magnus Nygren 2 min elbowing

15:17 Luleå tries Pettersson-Wentzel with several good shots which are followed by good saves.

13:53 Konstantin Komarek really close scoring after receiving a good pass from Kim Karlsson. Wentzel scrambled though and saved the shot.

13:27 Luleå full strength

13:00 Färjestad hasn't really much going in this powerplay

11:27 Penalty Luleå
Sami Sandell 2 min holding

10:32 Färjestad full strength

09:45 Enterfeldt with a dangerous shot from the slot but the puck hits the defending opponent.

08:40 Tricky shot from Harju which Pettersson-Wentzel had som trouble with

08:32 Penalty Färjestad
Johan Larsson 2 min slashing

08:20 Delayed penalty Färjestad

08:04 Färjestad full strength

06:40 Goal Färjestad
Anders Bastiansen
Bastiansen with a good take away at the blue line gave him a break away. Wrist shot in the top corner on Rautio.

06:04 Penalty Färjestad
Sanny Lindström 2 min hookinh

05:40 Luleås Johan Harju with a great spot to shoot but teammate Mattias Persson deflected the shot

05:29 A pretty tight game so far with both teams trying to minimize the mistakes

03:30 Färjestad with a low shot that went just outside the far post

03:10 Shot from the blue line from Luleås Gunnarsspm but Pettersson-Wentzel with clear sight

03:03 Icing Färjestad

02:54 Icing Färjestad

02:33 Luleå with the first shot on goal for the game - Sebastian Enterfeldt

01:47 Icing Luleå

00:01 Luleå wins the first faceoff

00:01 The game is away

00:00 Both teams are on the ice now

00:00 Färjestad enters the ice

00:00 The teams are currently on the ice warming up for the game

00:00 The game is played at Lombia in Kiruna and we are expecting somewhat a capacity crowd this afternoon.

00:00 Welcome to the live reporting in the game between Luleå Hockey and Färjestads BK. The game starts 17:00 CET. That's in 45 minutes.

First line
11. Fedrik Sjöström
85. Mikael Johansson
79. Patrik Lundh
16. Christoffer Bengtsson
32. Magnus Nygren

Second line
71. Christian Berglund
18. Robin Sterner
22. Per Åslund
6. Johan Larsson
25. Jonas Brodin

Third line
30. Marcus Paulsson
20. Anders Bastiansen
12. Marius Holtet
8. Sanny Lindström
73. Anton Grundel

Fourth line
28. Erik Thorell
42. Joakim Hillding
13. Peter Wennerström
7. Oscar Klefbom

35. Fredrik Pettersson-Wentzel
(41. Cristopher Nihlstorp)
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