First line
28. Ville Vahalahti
39. Tomas Plihal
34. Tuomas Suominen
4. Tomas Mojzis
22. Timo Seppänen

Second line
16. Michal Birner
71. Tapio Laakso
18. Jakub Cerny
5. Mikko Viitanen
2. Garrett Raboin

Third line
10. Santtu Huhtala
27. Marko Virtala
87. Jarkko Hattunen
25. Veli-Matti Vittasmäki
20. Matti-Pekka Pelkonen

Fourth line
12. Marko Anttila
15. Janne Hauhtonen
17. Mikko Laine
26. Markus Palmroth
74. Joni Seinelä

33. Marek Schwarz
(31. Aleksis Ahlqvist)

TPS - HC Slavia Praha
2 - 0

Period 3
20:00 TPS won 2-0. TPS was stronger in the first and third period, but TPS goalie Marek Schwarz shut out Slavia Praha with a huge game.

19:58 Goooal!!! TPS scores in the empty net.

19:11 Penalty for Slavia Praha. Only 49 seconds to go.

17:15 Suominen with a shot, but straight to the chest of Kopriva.

16:06 No goals on previous power plays, but TPS has a new try. Slavia #61 Tomas Micka to the box.

15:00 Spectators tonight: 2673.

13:40 Kind of a intreresting call, but 2 min penalty for TPS.

11:45 Goalie hooked Plihal down, and got a penalty for that trick. 22 secs 5 vs 3 PP for TPS, and a TPS timeout.

11:45 Almost a goal, still only a penalty for Slavia.

11:15 Couple of good and hard tackles by both teams!

08:23 4vs4, good attack by Slavia, but better save by Schwarz!

07:00 And another penalty. Slavia Praha, 29 Lukas Krenzelok, Interference

06:51 TPS, Timo Seppänen, Holding

02:51 Slavia Praha, 26, Dmitrij Jaskin, Hooking

01:13 Good start for Slavia Praha.

00:00 Shots on second period: 4-16.
Period 2
20:00 Slavia Praha was a lot better in this perioid than in the first one. Surprisingly good game so far considering this as the first match of the season.

17:25 TPS powerplay, Petr Kubos Holding

15:34 TPS's goalie Marek Schwarts took couple of good saves.

13:10 Slavia has the upper hand. TPS having difficulties leaving the defensive zone.

12:30 TPS survived the penalty.

10:29 Power play Slavia.

09:20 TPS survived the penalty killing. This period has been definitely Slavia's, only Marek Schwarz's saves have kept TPS in the lead.

08:16 Schwarz with save again. Nice powerplay for Slavia.

07:00 Slavia has a chance to score, but eventually Schwarz saves. Penalty for TPS Tapio Laakso interference.

04:53 Slavia is playing a bit more aggressively.

04:06 Again TPS in the offensive zone. Slavia's goal is pushed out of its place. Waiting for a faceoff.

03:15 TPS had a chance for a second goal, but Suominen's shot went pass the Slavia's goal.

02:17 TPS Gooooaaal! Marko Anttila with a slapshot that surprised Kopriva.

01:34 Petr Jelinek avoided TPS defenders and shot towards TPS goal, but Schwarz made a huge save.

00:41 Mojzis made the first shot to Kopriva from the blue line, save.

00:01 And the puck has dropped. Welcome to the second period!

00:00 Four minutes until the start of second period. TPS was more active in the first period, but Slavia had a chances especially on powerplay.
Period 1
20:00 First period 0-0. Shots on goal: 6-11.

19:55 Few seconds left. TPS has still one chance.

19:00 TPS players are moving the puck well and Slavia is few steps behind.

16:40 Slavia with a few shots behind the players, but TPS survived the penalty.

15:00 Good penalty killing for TPS.

14:14 Maybe now it's Slavia's turn. Penalty for Jakub Cerny, slashing.

11:55 TPS is more aggressive, Slavia Praha mainly defending.

10:05 Again Seppänen with a nice shot, but Kopriva saves.

08:00 TPS has had few shots, but Slavia Praha's penalty killing is working.

06:36 Again powerplay for TPS. Tomas Kurka for slashing.

04:47 After the powerplay Slavia Praha's #61 made a nice shot, but Marek Schwarz saved. First save for Marek.

02:36 TPS has powerplay. HC Slavia Praha Miroslav Cermak to the bench for crosschecking.

01:55 TPS has a good start, Kopriva made a terrific save from the goal line.

00:27 Timo Seppänen with a huge shot, but Miroslav Kopriva made a nice save.

00:01 And the game begins!

00:00 Welcome to the live report from the game between TPS and HC Slavia Praha! First game for TPS in European Trophy this season. HC Slavia Praha has already played two games with one win (Luleå HF) and one loss (Djurgårdens IF).

First line
14. Marek Tomica
23. Tomas Svoboda
91. Tomas Kurka
18. Jakub Sulc
7. Petr Kadlec

Second line
88. Jakub Sklenar
89. Vladimir Ruzicka
29. Lukas Krenzelok
16. Jiri Vasicek
15. Vladimir Roth

Third line
44. Michal Poletin
25. Petr Jelinek
61. Tomas Micka
33. Jakub Krejcik
9. Petr Kubos

Fourth line
22. Miloslav Cermak
93. Tomas Hertl
24. Lukas Endal
20. Lukas Spelda
26. Dmitrij Jaskin

1. Miroslav Kopriva
(41. Robert Slipcenko)
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