First line
10. Ivan Rachunek
6. Michal Bros
86. Peter Jansky
73. Angel Krstev
8. Michal Sersen

Second line
62. Petr Tenkrat
55. Mario Bliznak
67. Petr Ton
33. Troy Milam
38. Jan Hanzlik

Third line
7. Yorick Treille
23. Alex Foster
77. Sacha Treille
52. Radek Philipp
93. Jan Vesely

Fourth line
30. Tomas Rachunek
81. Adam Lapsansky
21. Daniel Pribyl
16. Jaroslav Kasik
27. Lukas Zalcik

42. Tomas Pöpperle
(1. Martin Falter)

HC Sparta Praha - HIFK
3 - 2

Period 3
20:00 The game has ended.

17:04 Petr Tenkrat adds another one. He shooted a puck to Riksman five hole.

14:10 Goal! Nice individual effort by Jerry Antola.

11:33 Great chance! Tenkrat went alone to Riksman, but wasn´t successful.

07:40 Petr Tenkrat scores by nice backhand. Asissted by Petr Ton.

05:47 Peter Jansky hits a flying puk and scores! Assisted by Michal Sersen.

04:26 Troy Millam tries to beat Riskman. A finnish goalie makes nice save by a blocker.

03:13 Jan Vesely was given two minutes for interference.

01:56 IFK plays at full strentgh.

01:04 Peter Jansky shoots, his backhand shoot has stopped by Riksman.

00:00 The third period starts.
Period 2
20:00 End of the second period. IFK played better hockey than home team.

19:51 Miikko Kousa serves two minutes for hooking.

19:00 Mario Bliznak shoots from the right circle. Jusso Riksman shows nice save by a cathing glove.

19:00 Last minute of the second period.

18:56 Popperle had to pass quickly, Mikael Granlund was behind the net by three steps.

16:37 Miikka Tuomainen tried to score by a quick deke, he was standing behind Sparta´s net and went in front with a nice move.

14:46 Sparta is under a finnish pressure.

12:40 Sparta plays at full strentgh.

10:57 Tomi Soderholm shoots, Popperle stops a puck by his blocker. It was a great slapshot.

09:47 Another penalty. Peter Jansky slashed a opponnent.

08:33 Eero Suomervuori was given two minutes for holding.

07:41 Sparta plays at full strentgh.

07:00 Mikael Granlund deked, but his effort was too weak to pass throught Sparta´s defense.

05:38 Alex Foster was given two minutes for slashing.

04:55 IFK plays at full strentgh.

02:59 Eetu Poysti goes to serve two minutes for holding.

01:55 Christian Silfver scores! Assisted by Kim Hirschovits and Eetu Poysti. Silfver shoots form blue line.

01:17 Miikko Kousa tries to score, but his shot has stopped by Popperle.

01:17 Petr Ton dekes and shoots from the right circle.

00:00 The second period began.
Period 1
20:00 End of the first period. We have seen a good hockey with a few chances.

19:00 Last minute of first period.

00:00 Welcome to a game between HC Sparta Prague and IFK Helsinki.

First line
64. Mikael Granlund
16. Ville Peltonen
33. Eero Somervuori
26. Toni Söderholm
3. Mikko Jokela

Second line
21. Jerry Ahtola
44. Kim Hirschovits
71. Eetu Pöysti
12. Markus Kankaanperä
8. Mikko Kousa

Third line
31. Miikka Tuomainen
13. Petteri Wirtanen
11. Markus Granlund
67. Kristian Tuohilampi
47. Juuso Salmi

Fourth line
38. Teemu Tallberg
19. Turo Järvinen
18. Robert Nyholm
45. Christian Silfver
72. Siim Liivik

34. Juuso Riksman
(60. Jan Lundell)
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