First line
14. Marek Tomica
89. Vladimir Ruzicka
91. Tomas Kurka
33. Jakub Krejcik
7. Petr Kadlec

Second line
29. Lukas Krenzelok
88. Jakub Sklenar
61. Tomas Micka
20. Lukas Spelda
15. Vladimir Roth

Third line
22. Miloslav Cermak
93. Tomas Hertl
25. Petr Jelinek
16. Jiri Vasicek
72. Pavel Kolarik

Fourth line
71. Jiri Dolezal
23. Tomas Svoboda
26. Dmitrij Jaskin
18. Jakub Sulc
24. Lukas Endal

38. Dominik Furch
(1. Miroslav Kopriva)

HC Slavia Praha - HIFK
2 - 3

Period 5
00:00 It's all over! HIFK win 3-2 after shootouts!

00:00 Vladimir Ruzicka hits Lundell into his clutch.

00:00 Markus Granlund was denied by Furch.

00:00 Tomas Hertl made a Forsberk deke too, but was unsuccesful.

00:00 Kim Hirschovits's goal is disallowed as he moves backwards in his turnaround.

00:00 Tomas Svoboda misses.

00:00 Mikael Granlund tried a succesful Forsberg deke!
Period 4
05:00 Overtime is over. Shootouts will decide the winner here.

04:00 Last minute in overtime period.

03:14 Slavia are on high, but Lundell is perfect.

01:45 Dolezal hits Lundell in the chest.

00:00 So a five-minute sudden-death overtime. Here we go!
Period 3
20:00 Third period is over. We're waiting for overtime to start.

19:56 Wirtanen's slapshot was denied by a blocker save by Furch.

19:25 HIFK play in the full strength.

19:00 Micka takes a shot which was easily stopped by Lundell.

18:08 655 spectators are in the stands today.

17:25 Silfver dumps the puck over the glass and is called for delaying the game.

15:01 Timeout helps HIFK, they manage to survive the pressure and are looking for a goal now.

13:12 Head coach of HIFK, Petri Matikainen, takes a timeout too.

13:12 Puck is lost, face-off will be made in the neutral zone.

12:20 Krejcik's shot was blocked.

11:13 Massive pressure by Slavia! Lundell looks unbeatable though.

10:04 Svoboda again! But his shot was inaccurate yet again.

09:51 HIFK are in full strength.

09:33 This time Svoboda misses the puck completely.

08:50 Slavia are passing the puck wickedly, Svoboda has missed an open net in the process.

07:51 So a two-minute 5-on-3 poweplay for Slavia. Head coach Vladimir Ruzicka sr. takes a timeout.

07:51 Christian Sifver and Markus Granlund are going to serve two-minute penalty.

07:08 The visitors dump the puck for icing.

06:45 Dolezal's narrow shot hits Lundell in the mask.

05:34 Petteri Wirtanen makes a hash in front of Furch. Then a small fight occurs between Juuso Salmi and Jiri Vasicek, it was canceled by the referees immediately though.

03:55 Instant reply by Slavia as Tomas Svoboda surpises Lundell with a weak blue-line shot! Assisted by Tomas Kurka.

02:36 Quick move for HIFK, Micke-Max Asten finds the puck in front of Furch and tips it in the net! Assisted by Turo Järvinen.

02:02 Both teams are playing defensively well.

00:00 Third period has started.
Period 2
20:00 The second period is over. Altought no goals in this part of play, we have seen a good aggresive hockey which is appreciated by fans.

18:58 Slavia Prague are in full strength.

17:56 Krejcik is able to get the puck out of defensive zone.

16:58 Lukas Krenzelok of Slavie gets a minor penalty for hooking.

16:26 Big mess in front of Lundell, but Slavia players couldn't capitalise on it.

15:37 Kim Hirschovits went offside.

14:04 First face-off for a long time as Slavia play the puck for icing.

12:58 Asten went break-away, but Krejcik made a wonderful interception and got the puck out of Asten' reach.

11:15 Finally, Furch stops the play.

10:24 Big pressure by HIFK, but Furch has shut the door.

08:25 We are watching very aggresive style of hockey, no penalties as of now though.

06:55 Melart went two-on-one with Liivik. But Mellart missed the net.

05:45 Vasicek took another wide shot.

03:09 Dominik Furch has lost his stick, so Vasicek dumped the puck out for icing.

02:45 Micka's shot was comfortably saved by Lundell.

01:48 HIFK are in full strength.

00:44 Kousa dumps the puck out.

00:00 Second period has just started!
Period 1
20:00 First period is over. HIFK were a better team, but they were punished by a late powerplay goal by Slavia captain Petr Kadlec. So 1-1 it's the score after twenty minutes.

19:55 Powerplay goal for Slavia Prague this time! Kadlec whistles a blue-line shot in! Assisted by Vladimir Roth and Vladimir Ruzicka.

19:48 Another penalty for HIFK. Ilari Melart is sent off for roughing.

19:00 Last minute of the first period.

18:52 Another attempt for a fight. But Kadlec wasn't interested as much as Liivik, who gets a roughing penalty.

18:19 Kurvinen went offside.

17:57 Ruzicka takes a wide shot.

16:00 Both teams are working hard to get the puck, no shots on goal though.

14:00 Svoboda finds Kurka, whi was denied by another great save by Lundell.

13:51 HIFK are playing in full strength.

11:51 But another penalty as Juso Salmi of HIFK holds Tomica illegaly.

11:51 Krejcik tried to take a shot, it was well saved by Lundell.

09:58 Teemu Tallberg gets a cross-checking penalty and Tomas Hertl gets a charging penalty.

09:58 Jiri Dolezal's shot was stopped by Lundell.

08:19 Lukas Krenzelok was completely alone in front of Lundell, but he couldn't beat the visiting goalie.

07:09 Micka gets 2+2 minute-penalty ofr roughing, Petr Jelinek gets two-minute penalty for elbowing. And Melart suffers 2+2+2 penalty for roughing.

07:09 Major fight between Tomas Micka and Ilari Melart! Melart has won it!

06:25 Ruzicka whistles a shot, it was deflected wide though.

04:48 Asten's shot was blocked-off.

04:20 Powerplay goal for HIFK! Eero Somervuori finds the net with a simple shot! Assisted by Teemu Tallberg.

02:55 Penalty for Slavia as Lukas Spelda hooked.

02:55 Silfer take a shot which went just wide.

01:56 And offside on the other side of the pitch as well as Tomica was too quick.

00:55 Teemu Tallberg went offside.

00:00 We're underway!

00:00 Dominik Furch starts for Slavia Prague.

00:00 Welcome to our live reporting from Eden, Prague!

First line
18. Robert Nyholm
13. Petteri Wirtanen
11. Markus Granlund
8. Mikko Kousa
15. Mikko Kurvinen

Second line
21. Jerry Ahtola
44. Kim Hirschovits
19. Turo Järvinen
41. Ilari Melart
45. Christian Silfver

Third line
38. Teemu Tallberg
64. Mikael Granlund
33. Eero Somervuori
47. Juuso Salmi
67. Kristian Tuohilampi

Fourth line
42. Micke Åsten
72. Siim Liivik
71. Eetu Pöysti

60. Jan Lundell
(34. Juuso Riksman)
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