First line
16. Ville Peltonen
64. Mikael Granlund
33. Eero Somervuori
26. Toni Söderholm
3. Mikko Jokela

Second line
21. Jerry Ahtola
44. Kim Hirschovits
71. Eetu Pöysti
45. Christian Silfver
41. Ilari Melart

Third line
9. Kimmo Kuhta
13. Petteri Wirtanen
31. Miikka Tuomainen
67. Kristian Tuohilampi
47. Juuso Salmi

Fourth line
19. Turo Järvinen
29. Lauri Tuohimaa
42. Micke Åsten
2. Jori Pakkanen

60. Jan Lundell
(34. Juuso Riksman)

HIFK - Jokerit
4 - 1

Period 3
20:00 3 stars Petteri Wirtanen, IFK
2 stars Jan Lundell, IFK
1 star Mikko Jokela, IFK

20:00 Game over, IFK wins 4-1

18:47 Tuohilampi shoots from a tight angle, Kilpeläinen saves

18:00 2 min remaining

17:01 Teams playing at full strength

16:10 Jokela blasts from the blue, Kilpeläinen saves

15:01 Kerälä trips Granlund and heads to penalty box. IFK PP

14:50 Lundell stops the game.

12:41 Peltonen shoots, Kilpeläinen saves

11:42 Jokerit 1st goal. Scored by Eaves assisted by Filppula

09:28 Lundell is needed again

09:16 Teams playing at full strength

07:16 Jokela shows Kalus that who is the man around here.
Penalty_ holding

06:20 Lahti shoots from b-point, Lundell saves

04:48 Somervuori drives to the net, no goal

03:51 Peltonen shoots, Kilpeläinen makes a save with his stick

03:37 Nordlund shoots from the blue - Lundell makes a leg save

02:39 Väänänen loses his temper for young Åsten and hits him with a stick.

01:37 Kalus jump-checks Silvfer behind the goal and Melart has few words for him

00:00 Let´s play hockey!

00:00 Whatever you we go again
Period 2
20:00 Jokerit had good chances at the end of the 2nd period but the score remains 4-0 for IFK

19:50 IFK has 5 players

18:51 Magnificent glove save by Lundell

18:05 IFK has 4 players on the ice as Jokerit press the game

17:50 Söderholm 2 min for cross-checking.
Jokerit 5 on 3

16:05 Pöysti, 2 min for tripping

15:26 Jokela checks Hardt - even harder than Pöysti earlier on the Ist

14:05 Lundell is there again

13:58 What a shot!

13:58 Jokela 4-0, assisted by Granlund and Peltonen

13:11 Lundell and Melart keep the goal sheet clean

11:30 Young Jokerit supporters are shooting at their own leg with their songs...

11:06 Teams playing at full strength

09:06 Salmi is tripped behind Jokerit goal by Dehner, IFK PP

08:17 IFK cleared the Jokerit PP

08:05 Lundell saves again

06:18 Wirtanen wins the big face-off

06:17 Granlund is given 2 min for holding

04:32 3-0, Wirtanen, Tuomainen

04:17 Teams playing at full strength

03:21 Wirtanen blocks 3 shots, IFK has 4 players

02:40 Lundell makes a huge save

02:15 Jokerit 5 on 3

02:15 Peltonen, 2 min, delaying the game, the puck outside the rink

01:51 Eaves shoots, Lundell makes the save

01:06 Kimmo Kuhta 2min slashing

00:31 Somervuori shoots, Kilpeläinen makes a glove save

00:00 "Whaterver you want" is the song as the 2nd starts

00:00 Saves on the I st period: Jokerit Kilpeläinen 6, Lundell 5

00:00 2 more minutes and then we go again
Period 1
20:00 IFK made two goals on the first moment, but still the Christian Silfver´s moves we´re almost high-lights of the period. Talking about Rafalski-like moves...

20:00 18 minute intermission

18:02 Kimmo Kuhta assist Kim Hirschovits and Petteri Wirtanen, powerplay goal

16:23 Nichlas Hardt 2min tripping

16:23 Silfver does it again and is rewarded with penalty. IFK powerplay

13:53 Silfver makes a brilliant move on the Jokerit blue but shot is wide

13:04 Icing, IFK

11:55 Jokela shoots wide

11:09 Tuohimaa makes a powerful move with the puck to the Jokerit goal

10:55 Pöysti checks Hardt

08:46 Lahti and Salmi both #47

08:46 Lahti shoots and gets hit at same time as young Juuso Salmi is there. Lundell saves

07:46 Hirschovits makes a fool of a Jokerit forward at IFK blue line. The crowd loves the move

06:46 Kalus shoots, Lundell makes an easy save

05:56 "Tivoli" in front of the IFK goal

05:23 Filppula is wide open but Lundell makes a key save

04:54 The intensity of the game is almost touchable. It´s good that we have referees who understand physical game and who let the players play

04:28 Eetu Pöysti assist Mikko Jokela

03:36 Granlund finds Somervuori at Jokerit goal but Somervuori is pushed down and is unable to take the shot

00:00 Jokerit fans are pleased as Mikael Granlund is tackled.
Miikka Tuomainen answers on the next shift and IFK fans are loving it

00:00 First shot from Somervuori, Killpeläinen makes a leg save

00:00 Game on

00:00 Am I the onlly one getting goose bumbs?!

00:00 We´re ready to rumble

00:00 Ville Peltonen receives a huge applause but Mikael Granlund tops that.

00:00 People as giving standing ovation as the team enter the ice.

00:00 The wellcome is good but there´s no question about who is the home team today

00:00 Jokerit enter the ice

00:00 The arena is almost full as the zamboni takes its last turns on the milky white ice. 10 more minutes..

00:00 I promised to get back on the linesmen: Iikka Kiilunen and Joonas Saha

00:00 20 minutes for the face-off

00:00 Warm-ups are almost over as the players start heading towards the locker rooms

00:00 Starting goalies: IFK Jan Lundell, Jokerit Eero Kilpeläinen

00:00 IFK´s colours are red, white and blue. Jokerit are white, orange and red.

00:00 IFK take the ice and crowd gives a loud wellcoming applause for the team. The DJ is forced to raise the volume on the PA

00:00 Jokerit take the ice first

00:00 Referees leave the ice and the trainers are throwing pucks for those about to rock... I mean warm-up

00:00 We´re anticipating a game with good atmosphere, after all this game was sold out couple days ago. What a way to start pre-season...

00:00 The doors were opened and the crowd is starting to fill up the arena

00:00 The referees for todays game are Tom Laaksonen and Jukka Hakkarainen. I don´t recognise the linesmen from here so I´ll get back on that later

00:00 Weather here in the outskirts of Helsinki is perfect and I´m all excited about the upcoming game

00:00 Greetings from Tikkurila.
IFK - Jokerit starts at 5 p.m and we have one hour for the face-off.
The referees are now on the ice doing their warm-ups and DJ Micke is playing rock classics for the boys...

First line
43. Nichlas Hardt
81. Ilari Filppula
42. Ben Eaves
21. Teemu Eronen
40. Markus Nordlund

Second line
47. Janne Lahti
44. Antti Kerälä
71. William Wallén
51. Niko Tuhkanen
4. Ossi Väänänen

Third line
12. Petr Kalus
32. Riku Hahl
28. Jani Rita
2. Jeremy Dehner
50. Tommi Kivistö

Fourth line
22. Juhani Tyrväinen
55. Henri Heino
14. Tomi Mäki
58. Nico Manelius
15. Markus Hännikäinen

37. Eero Kilpeläinen
(33. Frans Tuohimaa)
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