First line
14. Marek Tomica
25. Petr Jelinek
91. Tomas Kurka
33. Jakub Krejcik
7. Petr Kadlec

Second line
44. Michal Poletin
89. Vladimir Ruzicka
29. Lukas Krenzelok
9. Petr Kubos
15. Vladimir Roth

Third line
23. Tomas Svoboda
88. Jakub Sklenar
61. Tomas Micka
16. Jiri Vasicek
72. Pavel Kolarik

Fourth line
71. Jiri Dolezal
93. Jaroslav Hertl
26. Dmitrij Jaskin
18. Jakub Sulc
24. Lukas Endal

1. Miroslav Kopriva
(38. Dominik Furch)

HC Slavia Praha - Jokerit
2 - 4

Period 3
20:00 Three stars of the game:

*** Ossi Väänänen (JOK)
** Eero Kilpeläinen (JOK)
* Vladiir Ruzicka (SLA)

20:00 The match is over. Jokerit Helsinki win deservedly 4-2.

19:16 Both teams are in full strength.

18:14 Kadlec tried to deflect a blue-line shot in, Kilpeläinen made a crucial stop though.

17:16 Kalus and Vasicek are both sent off for highsticking.

16:35 Lahti made his way from behind of the net, Kopriva was forced to make a good leg save.

16:08 Another icing for Jokerit.

15:12 The visitors get the puck behind Kopriva. However, it was called of as Hännikäinen literally thorws the puck in.

13:20 Sklenar whistles the puck decimeters wide.

12:37 An icing call against Jokerit Helsinki.

10:46 920 spectators are in the stands today.

09:29 Tomas Hertl went round the net, but Kilpeläinen was ready.

08:30 And Dolezal is back as well.

07:44 Jakub Sulc is back on the ice.

06:57 Norlund took a blue-line slapshot which went just wide.

06:30 5-on-3 powerplay for the visitors as Jiri Dolezal hooks.

05:44 Jakub Sulc gets an interference penalty.

04:18 But Vladimir Ruzicka took the puck and fired it in low!

04:01 Ruzicka's shot wasn't going in.

02:52 Penalty for Jokerit as Alexander Ruuttu gets two-minute for high-sticking.

02:28 Manelius shot went just over.

02:03 Jelinek's slapshot is denied by a leg save by Kilpeläinen.

00:00 Third period has started!
Period 2
20:00 Second period is over.

18:32 An icing call against Slavia.

17:55 Poletin's shot went just high.

17:41 The game is full of unforced errors right now.

15:42 And Slavia Prague are in full strength too.

14:13 Jokerit are in full strength.

13:42 Petr Kadlec makes a hooking foul.

12:13 Petteri Lindbohm tried to start a fight with Kadlec, who had no interest. So just a penalty for Lindbohm.

10:42 The visitors tried to move the puck very quickly, but the made a foul pass in the process.

09:58 Michal Poletin fouls Hahl in front of Kopriva and gets a two-minute penalty.

09:00 Hardt's shot was well blocked by Kopriva.

08:15 Kilpeläinen makes two fantastic saves to deny Kurka and Kolarik!

07:49 Jokerit are in full strength.

07:03 Big pressure from Slavia went begging because the home side was unable to take a shot on goal.

05:49 Penalty for Jokerit as Lindbohm hooks Svoboda.

04:28 Kopriva wasn't confident with a blue-line shot, but he denied a rebound in the process.

03:32 Jiri Vasicek is in trouble with Petr Kalus, referees stop the row though.

03:04 Vladimir Ruzicka sends a one-timer, Kilpeläinen was ready again.

02:40 Kurka tooks a shot, but Kilpeläinen makes a good save.

01:46 The visitors are in full strength.

00:56 But an instant reply from Ben Eaves, who scored shorthanded! Assisted by Ilari Filppula.

00:42 Power-play goal from Vladimir Roth, who whistled a shot in! Assisted by Petr Kadlec.

00:00 Second period has started!
Period 1
20:00 First period is over. A fairly even contest till the first goal as Jokerit looked very confident after that. Can Slavia turn a three-goal deficit?

19:46 And another penalty for Jokerit as Henri Heino fouls Sklenar. Two-minute penalty for kneeing.

18:53 Jani Rita gets a tripping penalty.

18:18 Tomica's shot went too high.

17:20 Jelinek takes a shot which is saved by Kilpeläinen.

15:36 And another goal for Jokerit as Janne Lahti went break-away and comfortably scored! Assisted by Teemu Pulkkinen and Teemu Eronen.

15:15 Jeremy Dehner scores just from a face-off!

15:07 Filppula shot was saved by Kopriva.

13:34 Teemu Pulkkinen finds the net from a rebound! Assisted by Antti Kerälä and Janne Lahti.

13:09 Dmitrij Jaskin gets a penalty for tripping.

12:43 Poletin went alone, but he couldn't beat Kilpeläinen.

12:10 Big chance for Jokerit, but Hardt and Filppula both hit the post!

11:43 No chances at this stage of game. An offside call stops Slavia move.

09:52 Kopriva stops the play as the visitors looked hungry for rebound.

08:56 Jokerit are in full strength.

07:50 Svoboda was on the end of nice power-play combination, but he missed completely open goal.

06:56 Ossi Väänänen gets an interference penalty.

05:45 Big pressure from Slavia Prague, but they couldn't take a proper shot in.

04:56 Jelinek makes a great pass for Micka, who can't beat Kilpeläinen.

03:06 Hardt tried a rebound after Norlund's shot, but Kopriva was ready.

01:54 Kadlec shoots from a blue-line, but it was blocked-off.

00:28 An early chance for Slavia! Tomas Kurka was completele free in front of the net, but he was denied by a leg save.

00:00 We're underway!

00:00 Hello, welcome to our liive reporting from Eden, Prague. Both teams are currently warming-up.

First line
9. Alexander Ruuttu
32. Riku Hahl
6. Teemu Pulkkinen
2. Jeremy Dehner
3. Petteri Lindbohm

Second line
12. Petr Kalus
44. Antti Kerälä
15. Markus Hännikäinen
4. Ossi Väänänen
7. Antti-Jussi Niemi

Third line
43. Nichlas Hardt
55. Henri Heino
28. Jani Rita
21. Teemu Eronen
40. Markus Nordlund

Fourth line
47. Janne Lahti
81. Ilari Filppula
42. Ben Eaves
50. Tommi Kivistö
58. Nico Manelius

37. Eero Kilpeläinen
(33. Frans Tuohimaa)
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