First line
10. Ivan Rachunek
6. Michal Bros
86. Peter Jansky
73. Angel Krstev
8. Michal Sersen

Second line
62. Petr Tenkrat
55. Mario Bliznak
87. Petr Ton
33. Troy Milam
38. Jan Hanzlik

Third line
77. Sacha Treille
23. Alex Foster
7. Yorick Treille
52. Radek Philipp
93. Jan Vesely

Fourth line
81. Adam Lapsansky
12. Lukas Lunak
30. Tomas Rachunek
26. Jiri Kucny
16. Jaroslav Kasik

1. Martin Falter
(42. Tomas Pöpperle)

HC Sparta Praha - Jokerit
2 - 4

Period 3
20:00 Three stars:

1, Ben Eaves
2, Janne Lahti
3, Michal Bros

20:00 End of the game. Jokerit was a dominating team, scoring for goals in the second period.

19:27 Timeout Sparta. They are pulling their goalkeeper for a sixth attacker.

19:27 Yorrick Treille was given a beautiful pass from his brother Sascha and beats Tuohimaa with a one-timer to the stick side.

18:57 Michal Bros takes a nice pass from Peter Jansky and, on a partial breakaway, beats Tuohimaa with a high wrist shot to the glove side. Ivan Rachunek gets the second assist.

18:46 Falter covers the puck at the side of the goal.

18:14 Angel Krstev closed his hand on the puck in the Sparta zone.

18:00 Last 2 minutes of the third period.

16:15 Janne Lahti steps out of the penalty box and barely misses a breakaway pass.

15:55 Michal Bros's shot from the top of the slot hits the top of Tuohimaa's pad.

14:59 Lukas Linak had a scoring chance for Sparta, then Jokerit came back the other way and went offside.

14:10 Another point shot from Angel Krstev couldn't beat Tuohimaa.

13:01 Two golden chances for Troy Milam on the power play. First he hits the goalpost, and then his next shot is deflected out of play.

12:22 Back at full strength, Jokerit is now short-handed again, as Janne Lahti is sent to the penalty box for slashing.

11:18 Petr Ton led a rush into the Jokerit zone on the power play, and Angel Krstev had a good chance with a shot from the point.

09:47 Tommi Kivisto high sticks Lukas Lunak behind the Jokerit goal and is penalised 2 minutes.

09:10 Offside against Sparta.

08:34 Jan Hanzik's shot from the point is stopped by Tuohimaa's left pad.

07:40 Michal Sorsen blasts a shot wide from the point.

07:00 Antti Kerala gets 2 minutes for tripping Alex Foster.

06:51 Icing against Sparta.

06:24 Icing against Jokerit. Sparta continues to apply pressure.

05:50 Mario Bliznak's quick wrist shot is stopped and held. Sparta is putting on its best pressure of the game.

05:37 Offside against Sparta.

04:55 Yorrick Treille gets a great chance for Sparta with a quick shot that Tuohimaa stopped with the glove. Sascha Treille was waiting for the rebound, but nothing was given.

04:22 Long shot along the ice by Teemu Pulkkinen is easily stopped by Falter.

03:30 Jeremy Dehner's shot hits the glass and bounces in front of the goal, where Falter covers it.

02:36 Adam Lapsansky's long wristshot is stopped and held by Tuohimaa.

01:59 Petr Kalus attepted a weak shot that was easily gloved by Falter.

01:42 Falter covers a loose puck in front of the Sparta net.

01:20 Mario Bliznak tried to pass to Petr Tenkrat, but he was unable to get a shot away.

00:01 Start of the third period.
Period 2
20:00 End of the second period. Jokerit dominated the period, especially in the second half. We saw a lot of odd-man rushes, as Sparta took some gambles to try to get back into the game.

19:20 Martin Falter loses his stick, but Jaroslav Kasik retrieves it for him before he has to face a shot.

19:07 Icing against Sparta.

17:35 Ilari Filppula takes a wristshot from the blue line that hits Falter in the belly.

17:00 Lukas Lunak takes a shot from the edge of the crease and hits Tuohimaa in the right pad.

16:27 Sparta ices the puck. Jokerit is continuing the offensive pressure.

15:39 Another Jokerit goal, Petr Kalus beats Falter to the five-hole.

15:07 Nicolas Hardt's passed to Ben Eaves, who tipped it in to give Jokerit a 3-0 lead.

14:30 On another Jokerit, 2-on-1, a passing play is finished with a shot from Hardt that hits Falter in the chest.

14:10 On a 2-on-1 break, Markus Nordlund's high shot goes wide.

12:50 A couple of good chances for Sparta. First, a backhand from Tomas Rachunek, then a snapshot from Adam Lapsansky.

12:02 Tomas Rachunek takes a one-time slapshot that is stopped and held for a faceoff.

11:39 The puck lands on top of the Sparta goal, causing play to be stopped.

10:48 Teemu Pulkkinen takes a pass from Janne Lahti and his backhand along the ice makes it 2-0 for Jokerit.

10:35 Jeremy Dehner sneaks in from the point, takes a pass from behind the net and fires a shot that Falter stops.

10:24 Sparta's Petr Tenkrat gets 2 minutes for roughing.

09:14 A scramble in front of the Sparta goal, Riku Hahl takes a shot in close that is stopped.

09:06 Falter covers a loose puck at the side of the goal.

08:12 Ossi Vaananen takes a wristshot from the blueline, and Falter makes a glove save.

07:47 Sascha Treille took a shot from the right wing and Tuohimaa made a nice pad save.

07:39 Now back at full strength, Jokerit goes offside.

07:29 Sparta goes offside on the power play.

06:20 Sersen's shot from the point on the power play is blocked by a sliding Riku Hahl.

05:30 Jeremy Dehner is sent off for holding; Sparta back to the power play.

05:20 Markus Nordlund tried a forehand deke, but Falter made a blocker save.

04:47 Hardt passed to Lahti, who tried to score on a backhand, but was stopped by Falter.

03:38 Icing against Jokerit. Lots of play in the neutral zone without any good scoring chances.

02:19 Icing against Sparta.

01:36 Janne Lahti goes upstairs on Falter on a short-handed breakaway to score the game's first goal.

00:17 Play is stopped because a Sparta player closed his hand on the puck in the Jokerit zone.

00:01 The second period starts.
Period 1
20:00 Game over.

20:00 Game over. Sparta played a strong third period and scored 2 late goals, but they couldn't overcome a dominant second period from Jokerit.

20:00 Three Stars: 3. Michal Gros. 2. Janne Lahti. 1. Ben Eaves.

20:00 Game over. Sparta played a strong third period and scored 2 late goals, but they couldn't overcome a dominant second period by Jokerit.

20:00 End of the first period. Play was quite even in the period, with good tempo and some good chances and hits for each team.

19:51 The puck goes out of play, off the stick of Sparta's Peter Jansky.

19:45 Kasik takes a slapshot from the point that's turned away by Tuohimaa.

19:38 Jokerit's Kivisto is called for tripping. Sparta gets a power play late in the period.

19:20 Angel Krstev takes a slapshot from the blueline that's stopped and held for a faceoff.

18:20 Good sustained possession of the puck by Jokerit, but not getting any shots on goal.

16:30 Shot from the point from Kivisto is tipped in front by Koski, but stopped by Falter.

16:18 Icing against Sparta.

15:32 Pulkkinen makes a nice individual effort in the Sparta zone, coming from behind the net but barely missed the post.

14:23 Jokerit is now at full strength, they have a power play for the next :54.

14:00 John Klingberg gets a chance off a turnover, but his shot is blocked.

13:17 Sascha Treille gets called for interference when he slashes the stick out of the hands of an opponent. 4-on-4 action for 1:06.

12:23 Jokerit's Janne Lahti gets 2 minutes for tripping; Sparta gets the game's first penalty.

11:11 Yorrick Treille takes a shot from the right wing, but Tuohimaa makes another save.

10:02 First penalty of the game. Peter Jansky gets a 10-minute misconduct. Teams remain 5-on-5.

09:03 The puck is deflected out of play after Adam Lapsansky's shot is blocked.

08:30 Alex Foster steals the puck in the neutral zone and feeds Sascha Treille with a good chance, but he couldn't get a shot away.

08:18 Offside against Sparta.

07:10 Jani Rita tried to beat Falter five-hole, but couldn't score.

06:25 Antti Kerala had a chance from the slot, but Halter made a left pad save.

05:55 Icing called against Sparta.

05:10 Sascha Treille with a big hit along the boards in the neutral zone on Tomi Maki.

04:26 Sasha Treille tries to dump the puck into the Jokerit end, but flips it into their bench.

04:00 Mario Bliznak with a great chance in close for Sparta, but Tuohimaa stops him.

03:30 Ivan Rachunek gets a breakaway for Sparta, but he's stopped and crashes into the goalkeeper, causing a stoppage in play.

02:51 Jeremy Dehrner with Jokerit's first good shot, but Falter stops it and holds it for a faceoff.

01:50 Big hit by Klingerberg on Kasik along the boards.

00:46 The puck goes out of play at the Sparta bench. Faceoff at the blueline.

00:00 Petr Ton gets a breakaway and tries to go backhand, but is stopped by Tuohimaa.

00:00 The first period starts.

First line
43. Nichlas Hardt
81. Ilari Filppula
42. Ben Eaves
2. Jeremy Dehner
40. Markus Nordlund

Second line
47. Janne Lahti
44. Antti Kerälä
6. Teemu Pulkkinen
4. Ossi Väänänen
21. Teemu Eronen

Third line
12. Petr Kalus
32. Riku Hahl
28. Jani Rita
7. Antti-Jussi Niemi
10. John Klingberg

Fourth line
14. Tomi Mäki
63. Eetu Koski
22. Juhani Tyrväinen
50. Tommi Kivistö
58. Nico Manelius

33. Frans Tuohimaa
(29. Zoltán Hetényi)
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