First line
4. Marcus Nilson
9. Kristofer Ottosson
17. Mathias Tjärnqvist
49. Kyle Klubertanz
34. Daniel Tjärnqvist

Second line
29. Patrick Cehlin
37. John Norman
15. Mattias Carlsson
7. Andreas Holmqvist
78. Josef Boumedienne

Third line
64. Daniel Brodin
18. Jonas Almtorp
19. Jimmie Ölvestad
21. Stefan Lassen
55. David Printz

Fourth line
70. Mario Kempe
20. Christian Eklund
26. Tim Eriksson
46. Pontus Åberg
36. Philip Holm

41. Gustaf Wesslau
(1. Tim Sandberg)

Djurgårdens IF - HC Sparta Praha
4 - 2

Period 3
20:00 Djurgården was better this game and wins fair with 4-2

19:42 Sparta got a minor for to many players on the ice, 7. And the keeper returns to the goal.

19:08 Sparta pulls the Keeper.

18:50 Time out Sparta.

18:50 In 5 on 4 Sparta scores on a rebound by #23 Foster and assisted by #7 Treille and #16 Kasik

18:00 Two minutes left of the third period.

17:01 Stefan Lassen gets two minutes, slashing.

12:04 Sparta establish an attack with good pressure and Djurgården is unable to clear the zone.

09:16 Foster gets a close opportunity but wesslau saves with the glove.

06:48 #17 Tjärnqvist gets the hattrick, he deflects a shot from Kyle Klubertanz also an assist to Ottosson, in power play.

05:23 Milam gets a minor for roughing.

05:15 Falter lost his club.

03:18 Kempe got a descent first shot in the period. But saved by Falter.

03:15 No chances so far in the period.

00:56 Djurgården clears the puck to icing.

00:00 Third period is on the way.
Period 2
20:00 Djurgården wins the second period, 2-1.

17:20 Foster gets two minutes for slashing.

16:53 Intense pressure in 1:40 by Djurgården. Falter makes two important saves on Ottosson and Tjärnqvist.

15:07 Minor penalty goes to #8 Sersen, interference.

14:05 Sparta clears the puck to icing.

11:22 Assist goes to #10 Rachunek and #8 Sersen.

11:22 Nice goal by Bros with a determined backhand shot.

09:14 Beautiful solo goal by Mathias Tjärnqvist.

08:48 One dangerous shot by Bros otherwise a good box play by Djurgården.

06:48 Almtorp got two minutes for tripping.

05:54 Sparta is full strength with a nice counter attack.

05:53 A nice power play by Djurgården, where Nilson got a nice shot in the post.

03:53 Third penalty of the games goes to Spartas player #87 Petr Ton.

03:33 Sparta clears the puck to icing.

00:52 Carlsson tips in a shot by Boumedienne. Also assist to Holmqvist.

00:34 Second penalty goes to Spartas player Peter Jansky, two minutes interference.

00:34 Second penalty goes to Spartas player Peter Jansky, two minutes interference.

00:17 Djurgården wins the puck and tries to establish an attack.

00:00 Second period started

00:00 About a minute left to second period and the players are returning to the ice.
Period 1
20:00 Djurgården wins the second period, 2-1.

20:00 Periods end with only one goal by Djurgården and Mathias Tjärnqvist. Shots on goal 6-8, few chances and low tempo.

19:00 One minute left and Djurgården establish an attack.

18:47 Spartas with best chance in the box play. By Vesely and shot saved by Wesslau.

17:39 Lassen gives away the puck to Bros who got breakaway but his shot was saved.

15:27 Another good chance by Sparta but Wesslau saves.

14:40 Spartas #81 Lapsansky got a good chance.

14:25 Good boxplay by Sparta.

14:17 Djurgården is unable to establish an attack and Sparta clears the zone.

12:25 First penalty of the game goes to Spartas player #93 Jan Vesely for slashing.

12:25 Sparta establishe an attack in the zone after the face off.

12:12 Icing and face off in Djurgårdens zone.

10:08 Sparta have difficulties getting out of their own zone.

07:58 Djurgården dominates after a slow start.

06:13 Long pass from Holmqvvist to Nilson with a quick pass to the far post to Tjärnqvist who scored.

06:13 Mathias Tjärnqvist scores games first goal. Assisted by number 4 Nilson and #7 Holmqvist.

05:09 Djurgården had a good pressure on fore five attacks.

03:31 Mathias tjärvqsit got a nice breakaway, but did not score.

02:49 First shot on goal by Sparta player Kucny, saved by Wesslau

00:01 The faceof is won by ottosson

00:00 First face off between Djurgårdens number 9 Kristofer Ottosson and Spartas number 6 Michael Bros.

00:00 Djurgårdens line up is presented.

00:00 The Swedish natinoal anthem is now playing.

00:00 Czech Republics national Anthems is playing while some late Sparta players entering the ice.

00:00 Players are coming on to the ice. Attendance is about the same as against Slavia here on Hovet.

00:00 Welcome to the game Djurgården - Sparta. It starts in 20 minutes.

First line
86. Peter Jansky
6. Michal Bros
10. Ivan Rachunek
8. Michal Sersen
73. Angel Krstev

Second line
87. Petr Ton
55. Mario Bliznak
62. Petr Tenkrat
38. Jan Hanzlik
33. Troy Milam

Third line
7. Yorick Treille
23. Alex Foster
77. Sacha Treille
93. Jan Vesely
52. Radek Philipp

Fourth line
21. Daniel Pribyl
12. Lukas Lunak
81. Adam Lapsansky
16. Jaroslav Kasik
26. Jiri Kucny

1. Martin Falter
(42. Tomas Pöpperle)
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