First line
11. Simon Hjalmarsson
29. Chris Abbott
15. Mattias Persson
10. Johan Fransson
39. Robin Jonsson

Second line
90. Johan Harju
16. Niklas Olausson
14. Damien Fleury
26. Niclas Wallin
33. Elias Fälth

Third line
40. Sami Sandell
38. Ville Viitaluoma
20. Joonas Vihko
3. Topi Jaakola
36. Marcus Fagerudd

Fourth line
19. Kim Karlsson
9. Sebastian Enterfeldt
17. Konstantin Komarek
23. Jonas Berglund
13. Sebastian Meijer

34. Joel Lassinantti
(1. David Rautio)

Luleå HF - HC Sparta Praha
2 - 1

Period 3
20:00 The game has ended, Luleå wins 2-1.

Shots on goal in the third period: Luleå 5, Sparta 8.

European Stars Awards:
3 stars: Luleå, Konstantin Komarek
2 stars: Luleå, Topi Jaakola
1 star: Sparta, Petr Tenkrat.

06:50 The third period has started.
Period 2
20:00 End of second period.

Shots on goal Luleå 16, Sparta 6.

Luleå has dominated the second period. Sparta scored a late goal on a counter attack.

19:30 Goal, Sparta. 2-1 scored by Petr Tenkrat, assisted by Michal Bros.

10:31 Goal, Luleå. 2-0 scored by Konstantin Komarek, assisted by Elias Fälth och Kim Karlsson.

09:00 Problems with the internet connection in Luleå, we will continue to report goals.

08:49 Fransson passes sideways to Fälth who gets away a one timer but no problems för Pöpperle in net.

08:01 Luleå at the drivers seat at the moment. Sparta Prague needs to turn thing around.

07:58 Penalty Sparta Prague
#62 Petr Tenkrat 2 min slashing

06:51 Harju pounces on a rebound and is close increasing Luleås lead.

05:36 Niklas Olausson get a shot att point blank range. Luleå has momentum after the goal.

04:29 Goal Luleå Hockey, 1-0 PP1
#40 Sami Sandell (#3 Topi Jaakola, #20 Joonas Vihko)

Topi Jaakola gets a shot at goal and Sami Sandell strikes on the rebound.

03:35 Penalty Sparta PRague
#10 Ivan Rachunek 2 min interference

Harju and Olausson played a one-two close to the net and forced Rachunek to take the penalty.

03:10 Icing Sparta Prague
The game hasn´t really settled in the beginning of the 2nd period

00:29 Sparta Prague full strength and at the same time Johan Fransson hits the post

00:00 The 2nd period is away - Luleå will play 5 on 4 for another 31 seconds.

00:00 The teams enter the ice and the second period is about to begin
Period 1
20:00 1st period ended
Luleå Hockey - Sparta Prague 0-0
Shots 15-11

A really good period with open, offensive minded entertaining hockey. Both teams are going for the win tonight. Luleå has perhaps the upper hand thanks to two powerplays.

18:29 Penalty Sparta Prague
#7 Yorick Treille 2 min hooking

16:35 Sparta Prague full strength

15:50 Luleå gets several chances in a good sequence but Pöpperle finally blocks the puck

15:38 One minute gone in the powerplay and Luleå hasn´t much going

14:35 Penalty Sparta Prague
#16 Jaroslav Kasik 2 min interference

14:17 Sneaky shot from a tight angle by Damine Fleury but no problem for Pöpperle.

13:32 Good entertaining hockey as said here in the 1st period. Now we are just waiting for the first goal.

13:32 Icing Luleå

11:02 Chris Abbott breaks in on the net which gives Simon Hjalmarsson a good shot opportunity.

09:36 A highlight reel save from Lassinantti there.

09:36 Great save by Lassinantti as Sparta Prague came two on one. Brothers Treille in a good cooperation where Yorick got away the shot.

09:10 Joonas Vihko receives the puck in the slot and fires away a one timer but goalie Tomas Pöpperle saves with the blocker

07:01 Seven minutes played of the 1st period and both teams are showing entertaining hockey.

06:14 Jonas Berglund with a hot chance as he gets a shot close to Pöpperles left post.

05:01 Sneaky shot by Petr Ton

04:09 Good scoring chance as Johan Fransson feeds Damien Fleury for a great chance.

03:07 Nice move by Pribyl on the blue line results in a shot for Lunak

02:01 Luleås adding pressure in Sparta Pragues zone.

01:51 Great chance for Sebastian Enterfeldt who delfected a shot from Robin Jonsson

01:48 Icing Sparta Prague

00:40 Elias Fälth with the first shot on goal for Luleå Hockey.

00:23 Sparta Prague and Petr Tenkrat gets the first shot on goal.

00:00 We´ll be back when the 2nd period begins in about 15 minutes

00:00 Sparta Prague wins the 1st faceoff

00:00 The 1st period and with that the game is away.

00:00 And here comes the away team

00:00 The home team enters the ice

00:00 Tonights captains are:

Luleå Hockey
Niclas Wallin - C
Chris Abbott - A
Topi Jaakola - A

Sparta Prag
Michael Bros - C
Petr Tenkrat - A
Petr Ton - A

00:00 Tonigths referees are Marcus Vinnerborg and Linus Öhlund assisted by linesmen Jan Sandström and Emil Yletyinen.

00:00 Hi and welcome to the live report in the European Trophy round robin game between Luleå Hockey and Sparta Prag.

The venue is Coop Arena Luleå and the teams are on the ice warming up for the game.

The game is about to start 17:00 CET.

First line
10. Ivan Rachunek
6. Michal Bros
62. Petr Tenkrat
38. Jan Hanzlik
16. Jaroslav Kasik

Second line
81. Adam Lapsansky
55. Mario Bliznak
87. Petr Ton
33. Troy Milam
8. Michal Sersen

Third line
77. Sacha Treille
23. Alex Foster
7. Yorick Treille
73. Angel Krstev
52. Radek Philipp

Fourth line
30. Tomas Rachunek
12. Lukas Lunak
21. Daniel Pribyl
93. Jan Vesely
26. Jiri Kucny

42. Tomas Pöpperle
(1. Martin Falter)
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