First line
88. Jakub Sklenar
23. Tomas Svoboda
91. Tomas Kurka
18. Jakub Sulc
7. Petr Kadlec

Second line
44. Michal Poletin
26. Petr Jelinek
61. Tomas Micka
16. Jiri Vasicek
15. Vladimir Roth

Third line
22. Miloslav Cermak
93. Tomas Hertl
24. Lukas Endal
33. Jakub Krejcik
9. Petr Kubos

Fourth line
29. Pavel Klhufek
71. Jiri Dolezal
17. Lukas Zejdl
20. Lukas Spelda
21. Tomas Dolezal

1. Miroslav Kopriva
(41. Robert Slipcenko)

HC Slavia Praha - HC Sparta Praha
2 - 6

Period 3
20:00 It's all over! Sparta have won 6:2!

18:23 Michal Sersen is sent off for interference.

17:58 Jiri Dolezal tried to rebound a blue-line shot, but Falter is excellent today.

16:47 And penalties for each team as Angel Krstev and Michal Poletin both get two-minute for roughing.

16:47 Power-play goal for Sparta Prague as Mario Bliznak's shot whistles into the net! Assisted by Petr Ton and Petr Tenkrat.

15:34 Lapsansky rounds the net, but Slipcenko makes a good leg save.

13:59 Yet another penalty, this time it's Lukas Spelda for hooking.

13:21 An icing call against Sparta Prague.

11:57 2 280 spectators are in the stands today.

11:23 Slavia are in full strength as well.

09:43 Husak is back on the ise, a short power-play for Sparta.

09:23 This time it's a penalty for Slavia, Sulc tripped Jansky whos penalty expired just seconds earlier.

08:33 Hanzlik and Svoboda get each a two-minute penalty. Hanzlik fot roughing, Svoboda for interference.

07:43 Another penalty for Sparta as Patrik Husák tripped.

07:02 Nice one-timer by Kurka is denied by a leg save by Falter.

06:50 Jansky made an attacking foul and gets a tripping penalty.

05:35 Hertl tried to make a deke in fron of Falter, but he lost the puck in the process.

03:58 Slavia couldn't capitalise on their power-play, Treille is back on the ice.

01:58 At the same time, Yorick Treille gets another penalty.

01:58 Jakub Sulc hits the puck with real venom and it ends in the net! Assisted by Petr Kubos.

00:11 Peter Jansky of Sparta gets a two-minute penalty.

00:00 Third period has started.
Period 2
20:00 The second period is over.

19:21 Jaroslav Kasik of Sparta gets a tripping penalty as well as ten-minute misconduct for unsportsman conduct.

19:00 Last minute of the second period.

17:54 Jakub Krejcik is back on the ice.

17:37 This time it was Hanzlik who stayed down on the ice. And he is in need of doctors on the bench.

16:27 Adam Lapsansky was crushed near the boards and the game had to be stopped.

15:54 Jakub Krejcik gets a holding penalty.

15:19 Michal Poletin was alone in front of Falter, but his shot went into a pad.

14:40 An icing call against Slavia Prague.

13:32 Sparta are defending well. Their penalty-killing is almost over.

12:08 Jaroslav Kasik of Sparta gets a two-minute penalty.

10:46 Jakub Sklenar goes break-awaybut he completely misses the net.

10:10 Yorick Treille with a slapshot, but Slipcenko made a blocker save.

08:31 Dolezal's pass was blocked into the stands.

06:39 Slavia are in full strength.

05:48 Micka is back on the ice.

04:39 Vladimir Roth gets in the same time a tripping penalty. So Sparta's 5-on-3 continues.

04:39 Petr Tenkrat scores on double power-play! Asssisted by Michal Sersen and Troy Milam.

03:48 Micka gets a tripping penalty. 5-on-3 power-play for Sparta Prague.

03:42 Couple of penalties. Spelda of Slavia is out for holding, and Sparta's Yorick Treille for roughing.

03:27 Cermak gets a roughing penalty.

03:11 Tenkrat passed the puck to Petr Ton, his shot was blocked by Slipcenko though.

02:43 A minor fight behind Falter's goal, but it's very quickly resolved by the referees.

01:36 Petr Jelinek find Jiri Dolezal in front of Falter and Dolezal scores!

00:59 Penalty for Sparta as Radek Phillip is the man who fouls.

00:36 Miroslav Kopriva is pulled from the goal with Robert Slipcenko his replacement.

00:36 And Petr Ton adds fourth! Assisted by Petr Tenkrat.

00:20 Troy Milam scores after big mistake by Petr Kadlec!

00:00 We are underway!
Period 1
20:00 The first period is over.

18:38 Petr Ton and Petr Tenkrat went two-on-one. Ton made a great pass for Tenkrat, who scores!

17:14 Sparta are in full strength.

17:12 Svoboda made a complete hash in front of Falter, but he couldn't get the puck past tha Sparta goalie.

15:49 Nice fight by Jiri Vasicek and Sacha Treille. Treille eventually wins, but both players are sent off.

15:14 Alex Foster fouls Zejdl and gets a two-minute penalty.

14:27 Krejcik's shot was deflected just wide.

13:24 Lukas Endal goes break-away and does a nice deke, but Falter makes a great save.

12:48 Micka is back on the ice.

12:28 Big pressure by Sparta, but they can't take a shot on goal.

10:48 Tomas Micka boards Krstev and gets a two-minute penalty.

09:46 Sparta are in full strength.

08:58 Sparta Prague are killing the penalty with ease.

07:46 Jan Hanzlik gets a holding penalty.

07:25 Kurka is back on the ice.

06:48 Sacha Treille was completely free in front of Kopriva, but he couldn't beat the Slavia goalie.

05:25 Tomas Kurka gets a slashing penalty.

03:33 This time it was Jiri Dolezal, but he was denied by a leg save.

03:01 Lukas Zejdl's weak shot was deflected wide by Phillip.

01:47 The game is stopped, the glass needs to be replaced. All players are warming-up again...

01:47 Michal Poletin crushes Yorick Treille on the boards so hard that the glass has fallen out. Both players are getting a two-minute penalty though.

00:38 Early goal for the visitors as Peter Jansky found the net! Assisted by Ivan Rachunek and Adam Lapsansky.

00:00 The match has started.

First line
86. Peter Jansky
81. Adam Lapsansky
10. Ivan Rachunek
8. Michal Sersen
33. Troy Milam

Second line
87. Petr Ton
55. Mario Bliznak
62. Petr Tenkrat
38. Jan Hanzlik
73. Angel Krstev

Third line
7. Yorick Treille
23. Alex Foster
77. Sacha Treille
52. Radek Philipp
16. Jaroslav Kasik

Fourth line
27. Lukas Zalcik
12. Lukas Lunak
30. Tomas Rachunek
14. Patrik Husak
26. Dominik Pacovsky

1. Martin Falter
(42. Vojtech Sedlacek)
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