First line
43. Nichlas Hardt
81. Ilari Filppula
42. Ben Eaves
21. Teemu Eronen
40. Markus Nordlund

Second line
6. Teemu Pulkkinen
44. Antti Kerälä
28. Jani Rita
10. John Klingberg
4. Ossi Väänänen

Third line
15. Markus Hännikäinen
63. Eetu Koski
71. William Wallén
2. Jeremy Dehner
7. Antti-Jussi Niemi

Fourth line
22. Juhani Tyrväinen
55. Henri Heino
14. Tomi Mäki
50. Tommi Kivistö
51. Niko Tuhkanen

33. Frans Tuohimaa
(29. Zoltán Hetényi)

Jokerit - Luleå HF
2 - 1

Period 3
20:00 Jokerit wins.

19:45 Now they clear and Tuohimaa holds on to the puck. Gustafsson left the net so 6 on 5 for Luleå. Timeout Luleå.

19:37 Play in Luleå's end.

19:05 A minute left, this is going down to the wire.

18:05 Eaves creates a chance for Hardt but Gustafsson there again.

17:16 End-to-end hockey right now but no major chances.

16:07 Young Koski using his body and hitting every chance he gets.

15:09 Teams at full strength. Filppula created another chance for Hardt but Gustafsson saved again.

14:41 Nordlund shoots a one timer but Gustafsson makes a pad save.

13:25 First attack and the pass goes to the stands from a Luleå stick.

13:09 Penalty for Viitaluoma, 2 minutes for cross checking.

12:25 Rita's shot from close range is blocked by Jonsson.

11:41 Offside by Jokerit.

11:30 Tuohimaa makes a pad save on a shot by Karlsson.

10:30 Filppula's line almost scored again. Good chances for the line the whole game.

09:07 Luleå at full strength.

08:54 Pulkkinen almost score from the air but the shot just misses the net.

07:41 2 minute penalty for Gunnarsson for tripping.

07:28 Väänänen loses the puck behind his own goal but Berglund can't score. Tuohimaa makes a big save.

07:10 Tuhkanen creates a chance for Koski but Gustafsson makes a good save.

06:33 A shot from Koski which is saved easily by Gustafsson.

05:30 Heino hits Fälth against the boards. Best hit of the game so far.

05:04 Kerälä's line has a good shift but can't create a scoring chance.

03:48 Hännikäinen shoots from Gunnarsons legs and Gustafsson makes a difficult looking save.

03:24 Icing by Luleå. Right after Gustafsson made a pad save on a shot from Filppula.

02:41 Jokerit full strength.

00:52 Luleå score immediately on 5 on 3. Goal scored by Fälth, assisted by Fransson and Sandell. A hard shot from the point right in Tuohimaa's blocker hand top corner.

00:41 Jokerit get a second penalty. Heino high sticking. Luleå 5 on 3 PP.

00:00 Saves in the second period Tuohimaa 7, Gustafsson 10.

00:00 Third period ready to start. Teams are on the ice.

00:00 Some gameplay info for Jokerit fans out there: defenders are supporting the attacks really strongly this season. Especially Klingberg and Nordlund seem to be almost as fourth forwards out there sometimes. Tonight there has been good balance and Luleå has had close to none odd man rushes.
Period 2
20:00 Second period is over. Luleå had a strong start to the period but Jokerit hung on. Filppula's second goal gave the momentum back for Jokerit but these teams are really evenly matched. Filppula's line so far the difference maker.

19:47 Fälth has a great chance but Mäki lifts his stick at the last moment to save Jokerit.

19:20 Penalty for Jokerit forward Tyrväinen for boarding, 2 minutes.

19:00 Sandell and Vihko almost get a 2 on 0 attack but Sandell loses the puck which amuses the crowd.

18:08 Tuohimaa covers the puck for a faceoff in Jokerit D-zone.

18:00 Two minutes to go in the period. Bit of a quiet spell going on in the game.

16:08 Luleå at full strength. Not a good PP for the home team.

14:49 Pulkkinen almost finds Klingberg from the back post but the puck goes through his legs.

14:08 Luleå penalty for Fransson, 2 minutes for tripping.

14:03 The Filppula line creating a few chances again but they can't score.

12:47 Wallén and Hännikäinen drive the net but Gustafsson holds on to the puck.

11:00 Vihko has a good chance from a tight angle but shoots just wide.

11:00 Teams at full strength.

10:18 Luleå moves the puck well in Jokerit zone but they don't shoot the puck.

08:44 Heino blocks a shot with his hand but can continue.

08:39 Another team penalty for Jokerit for too many men on the ice. Served by Pulkkinen.

08:38 Luleå at full strength.

08:03 Jokerit don't handle the puck well and the play is mostly in their end.

07:11 Luleå clear the first attack.

06:38 Penalty for Viitaluoma, 2 minutes for interference. He obstructs young Koski who is making his debut in the first team.

05:59 Offside whistle saves Luleå, Rita would have been alone with the goalie.

05:05 Pulkkinen creates a chance for Kerälä but the angle is just too small.

04:07 Jokerit score again, 2-0 scored by Filppula, assisted by Eaves and Hardt. Gustafsson can't hold on to a shot from Eaves and Filppula tucks away the rebound.

02:31 Tuohimaa hangs on to a shot from Hjalmarsson. Luleå has started the period brightly.

02:00 Tuohimaa continues to play well. A great save on a shot from Vihko.

00:00 Here we go, period two!

00:00 Saves in the first period Tuohimaa 19-11 Gustafsson.

00:00 Tuohimaa really impressive in goal in the first period. Shuts the ice down low and makes himself look big. A few good saves. So far the young guy looking really calm, too. Nothing to complain about Gustafsson's play either.
Period 1
20:00 Time for a break. Luleå was a little bit better in the final two minutes but all in all the first period was pretty evenly matched. Not too many good scoring chances for either team except for the goal. Well okay, Viitaluoma's and Hjalmarsson's chances were from good spots.

19:27 Hjalmarsson misses a certain goal chance from close range. Shoots the puck just wide.

18:00 Tuohimaa makes a good save on a shot from Enterfeldt.

17:00 Jokerit has good momentum after the goal but Rita fails to convert.

15:36 1-0 Jokerit, Filppula scores! A great shot from the backhand. Assists from Hardt and Eronen. Truly a magnificent shot in the top corner.

14:11 Best shift for Jokerit in the game so far. Klingberg shoots just wide and Gustafsson makes a good save on Pulkkinen's shot.

13:30 Faceoff in the Luleå zone.

12:56 Tuohimaa had to make only one save on this PK. Wallén is back on the ice from the penalty box.

10:56 Jokerit team penalty for too many men on the ice

10:30 Luleå has a few strong shifts down low but can't get infront of the net.

08:31 Luleå at full strength. Nothing Jokerit could create on the PP.

07:55 Eronen shoots from the blueline but Gustafsson saves.

07:26 Jokerit full strength and on the PP.

06:31 Luleå penalty, Sandell 2 minutes for interference. Teams at even strenght.

06:21 Tuohimaa makes a great save on Viitaluoma who sneaks in alone with the goalie.

05:26 Penalty for Jokerit after a Luleå counter attack. Kivistö 2 minutes for tripping.

04:29 Good chance for Hardt but once again Gustafsson is there.

04:00 Rita gets a chance on the PK but Gustafsson saves. Jokerit full strength.

02:41 Tuohimaa makes the first saves on the PK.

02:11 Penalty for Niko Tuhkanen, holding. Luleå powerplay.

00:30 First attack from Jokerit, a shot from Eaves but an easy save from Gustafsson.

00:00 First penalty for Jokerit, holding for Niko Tuhkanen #51

00:00 Jokerit wins the first face off

00:00 Referee drops the puck! It is time for hockey

00:00 It is birthday for Jokerit´s captain Ossi Väänänen!

00:00 Players are back on ice.. game will start soon

00:00 Referees in todays game are: Tero Toivola, Jussi Leppänen, Joonas Saha and Iikka Kiilunen.

00:00 Game starts here in Tikkurila about in 10 minutes

00:00 Jokerit lost the first game against rivals HIFK on Saturday. Luleå has a win and a loss from first two games.

00:00 Both teams have rookie goalies in goal in tonight's game. For Jokerit starting goalie is Edmonton Oilers draft pick Frans Tuohimaa and for Luleå Minnesota Wild draft pick Johan Gustafsson.

00:00 Out for Luleå are Jan Sandström, Niklas Olausson and Cam Abbott.

00:00 A few changes for Jokerit in the lineup. Out sick are Petr Kalus, Riku Hahl and Alexander Ruuttu. Janne Lahti is resting and won't play until Saturday.

00:00 Hi guys, it's time for hockey! Jokerit hosting Luleå HF tonight in Vantaa, Finland.

First line
11. Simon Hjalmarsson
29. Chris Abbott
15. Mattias Persson
10. Johan Fransson
39. Robin Jonsson

Second line
23. Jonas Berglund
90. Johan Harju
14. Damien Fleury
26. Niclas Wallin
33. Elias Fälth

Third line
40. Sami Sandell
38. Ville Viitaluoma
20. Joonas Vihko
3. Topi Jaakola
6. Daniel Gunnarsson

Fourth line
17. Konstantin Komarek
9. Sebastian Enterfeldt
19. Kim Karlsson
25. Daniel Mannberg
13. Sebastian Meijer

37. Johan Gustafsson
(1. David Rautio)
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