First line
71. Christian Berglund
51. Rickard Wallin
22. Per Åslund
25. Jonas Brodin
6. Johan Larsson

Second line
11. Fredrik Sjöström
85. Mikael Johansson
79. Patrik Lundh
16. Kristofer Berglund
32. Magnus Nygren

Third line
13. Peter Wennerström
20. Anders Bastiansen
12. Marius Holtet
8. Sanny Lindström
73. Anton Grundel

Fourth line
18. Robin Sterner
42. Joakim Hillding
28. Erik Thorell

41. Cristopher Nihlstorp
(35. Fredrik Pettersson-Wentzel)

Färjestads BK - HV71
2 - 0

Period 3
20:00 Shots on goal in the third period. Färjestad 7, HV71 8

1 star Daniel Larsson, Hv71
2 stars Marius Holtet, Färjestad
3 stars Christoffer Nihlstorp, Färjestad

20:00 Third Period ended. Färjestad gets the win.

19:43 Face off in HV71 defensive zone after an icing call.

19:18 Face of in HV71 defensive zone

19:04 Daniel Larsson back in HV71 goal.

18:52 Wallin steels the puck and hits the goalpost

18:32 Färjestad tries for the goal but gets an icing call.

18:00 2 minutes left

17:32 Great chance for HV71 but Jason Krog misses the puck.

16:52 HV71 playes with 6 skaters

15:57 HV71 takes time-out

13:51 Färejstads Marius Holtet gets the puck from Peter Wennerström in defensive zone and skates with the puck. Clean shot in the net.

11:10 Hv71 Jesse Joensu takes shot but it goes wide.

10:56 HV71 plays with full strength

10:27 Färjestads first shot in this powerplay

09:42 Icing call from Färjestad sho struggels with their powerplay.

08:56 HV71 s Jesper Fasth gets 2 minutes penalty for tripping.

07:37 In the last minutes HV71 has been the better team and they made several attemts on goal.

06:21 Kamel Piros in HV71 steels the puck on the offensive blueline and breakes free. Nilhstorp makes the save

05:43 Färjestads Sanny Lindström shoots. Daniel Larsson has no trouble holding on to the puck

05:20 Good save by Nihlstorp on a good shot from HV71

04:40 In the last minute HV71 gets tre good chanses

03:05 Färejstad playes with full strength.

02:17 HV71 have trouble creating chances in powerplay.

01:05 Färjestads Patrik Lundh gets 2 minutes penalty for tripping.

00:00 HV71 wins the first face-off in the third period.

00:00 The teams enters the rink for the third period.
Period 2
20:00 Second periods even but Färjestad gets the better chanses.

20:00 Shots on goal in the second period Färjestad 13, HV71 5.

20:00 Second period ends

19:26 Färjestads Johan Larsson with a shot from the blue line

19:00 One minute left of the second period

17:39 HV71 Kamil Piros breakes through an takes a shot. Nilhstorp makes a great save

17:17 Hv71 Jesper Fasth with a shot but it goes over the crossbar.

16:50 Färjestads powerplay is better this time but Daniel Larsson in HV71 goal stops Färjestad from scoring

16:38 HV71 playes with full strength

15:18 Färjestads Powerplay is better this time. Rickard Wallin gets the puck in front of the goal and is close tho score.

14:38 HV71's Kamil Piros gets 2 minutes penalty for High Stick.

12:49 Mikael johansson passes to Patrik Lundh who gets a good chance . The shot goes wide

11:40 Both teams plasye with full strength

11:21 Good chance for HV71 by Andreas Falk. Nihlstorp makes a good save.

10:32 HV71's Noah Welch and Färjestads Marius Holtet has a bit of an argument

09:40 Färjestads Patrik Lundh and HV71 Per Ledin gets each 2 minutes penalty for roughing.

08:12 Rickard Wallin scores for Färjestad assisted by Per Åslund And Christian Berglund

06:50 Färjestads Anders Bastiensen breakes through and takes a shot from distance.

05:53 Another chance for Färjestad. Peter Wennerström with a shot from close distance

05:40 Färjestads Sanny Lindström with a good shot. Daniel Larsson in HV71 goal with a good save

04:40 Second period starst like the first period ended. No teams gets the advantage

01:33 HV71 close to scoring by Patrik Carlsson

00:20 Great chance by Färjestads Rickard Wallin

00:00 Second period starts.

00:00 Both teams are entering the ice for the second period.
Period 1
20:00 Even fist period. Both team struggels in powerplay.

20:00 First period ends. Shots on goal Färjestad 9, HV71 4

19:40 HV71 Noah Welch shot from the blue line. Nihlstorp blocks.

19:00 One minute left of the first period

15:19 Färjestads Fredrik Sjöström breaks through and takes the shot

15:19 Färjestad plays with full strength

13:19 Färjestads Anton Grundel Gets 2 minutes penalty for tripping.

12:40 HV71 plays with full strength

12:10 A little argument betwen Osacar Fantenberg in HV71 and Christian Berglund in FBK.

10:40 76 Johan Davidsson in HV71 gets 2 minutes penalty for tripping

10:18 Färjestad clos to goal when Sanny Linström shoots

07:55 Färjestad a good chance by Mikael johansson

07:20 HV71 with a good chance by Voutalainen

05:55 HV71 playes with full strength

05:20 Färejstads Magnus Nygren with a shot in PP

04:20 HV71 plays very aggressive in boxplay

03:55 HV71 Jesse Joensu gets tvo minutes for hooking

00:00 Wallin wins the first face-off for Färjestad.

00:00 Soon teh teams are entering the ice and when they have arrived we will hear the national anthem and then its time for the teams to start.

00:00 The teams are off-ice and now we are waiting for the faceoff

00:00 Färjestad will play without Marcus Paulsson, Oscar Klefbom, Martin Sevc and Jonas Frögren. All due to injuries.

00:00 Both teams are out for warm-up. Färjestad plays in green jerseys and HV71 in white.

00:00 Todays Referee Mikael Holm and Sören Persson. Linesmen Henrik Pihlblad and Ola Adamsson

00:00 Welcome to Åmåls Ishall and todays game between Färjestad and HV71. Were standing by for lineups.

First line
97. Per Ledin
76. Johan Davidsson
39. Jukka Voutilainen
16. Oscar Fantenberg
33. Mats Trygg

Second line
11. Jesse Joensuu
9. Jason Krog
18. Jesper Fasth
47. Noah Welch
19. Mattias Karlsson

Third line
23. Fredrik Bremberg
40. Patrik Carlsson
26. Kamil Piros
5. Mikko Luoma
4. Adam Almqvist

Fourth line
13. Oscar Sundh
17. Andreas Falk
79. Johan Lindström
28. Daniel Rahimi

1. Daniel Larsson
(35. Andreas Andersson)
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