First line
17. Mathias Tjärnqvist
9. Kristofer Ottosson
4. Marcus Nilson
34. Daniel Tjärnqvist
36. Philip Holm

Second line
70. Mario Kempe
37. John Norman
29. Patrick Cehlin
55. David Printz
49. Kyle Klubertanz

Third line
19. Jimmie Ölvestad
18. Jonas Almtorp
15. Mattias Carlsson
14. Fredrik Claesson
7. Andreas Holmqvist

Fourth line
26. Tim Eriksson
20. Christian Eklund
44. Stefan Söder
28. Kim Lennhammer
21. Ludwig Blomstrand

41. Gustaf Wesslau
(1. Tim Sandberg)

Djurgårdens IF - Luleå HF
2 - 3

Period 3
20:00 A heated ending to the game, Djurgården's hunt for an equalizer in the end didn't pay off. 3 DIF game misconducts, 2 Luleå game misconducts. But no suspensions will follow.

20:00 The referees are summarize the penalties for the third period. Update will come shortly.

20:00 Djurgården players are denied by the referee to thank the Luleå player for the game.

20:00 Full fight on the ice, bench clearing. Some fights and it settles down, Djurgården leaves the ice.

19:49 Marcus Nilson and Robin Jonsson leaves the ice after getting a miss conduct
Mathias Tjärnqvist and Chris Abbot both gets 2 minutes, both for slashing

19:19 Icing Luleå.

19:06 Face off in Luleås defensive zone.

18:47 Wesslau is out

18:47 Time out, Djurgården. And now they need to pull the goalie, need 4p in these last two games to secure a play off spot.

16:09 11 seconds in the power play Damien Fleury scores, assisted by Sebastian Enterfeldt and Ville Viitauoma.

15:58 2minutes penalty on Jimmie Ölvestad, interference.

15:01 Luleå needs to win this game, they will probably pull the goalie if the scores stands a tie

14:19 Offside by Jimmie Ölvestad face off in Djurgårdens defensive zone.

12:32 Luleå clears the puck to icing.

10:01 Norman with a solo effort saved by Gustafsson.

09:33 Lars Ohly, Djurgården fan, jumps along with the crowd to Ole ole ola

07:03 Patrick Cehlin gets a great opportunity to score close to the score but is denied by Johan Gustafsson

05:56 Luelå manage this powerplay with out any great difficulties and are now playing with full strength.

04:05 Marcus Nilson fires on a rebound but gets denied by Johan Gustafsson

03:56 Johan Harju gets a minor for tripping in offensive zone.

02:25 Kristofer Ottosson shoots on goal and the puck is deflects the puck in the goal.

02:05 Djurgården have changed their lines in the third period.

00:55 Djurgården is now playing with full strength.

00:00 Third period has started

00:00 Luleå plays 5on4 for 55 seconds for the start of third period.
Period 2
20:00 Period ends 2-0 to Luleå. Penalties 2x2mins for Djurgårdens IF and 1x2mins for Luleå. Shots 9-12.

19:51 Luleå now plays 5on4

19:00 One minute left and its 4on4.

18:54 Ölvestad gets a minor for cross-checking.

17:51 Lukas Kilström gets a minor for cross-checking. First powerplay in the game for Djurgården.

16:21 Claesson on a one timer denied by the keeper.

14:21 Andreas Holmqvist got a chance to score but the shot is blocked.

13:37 Djurgården is unable to establish any game in offensive zone.

10:45 Marcus Nilson blocks a shot and starts a counter attack.

08:51 Luleå counter attacks and gets an even better chance to score but misses the goal with ust an inch.

08:41 Good pressure with a few great chances from Djurgården.

06:56 Sebastian Enterfeldts goes around Wesslau and lift a backhand in to the net. Assist goes to Kim Karlsson and Konstantin Komarek

06:25 Luleås player #14 Damien Fleury scores in power play on a one timer. Assist goes to Jonas Vihko

05:43 Luleå starts the power play good and got a few great chances.

05:07 Mathias Tjärnqvist gets 2 minutes for tripping.

04:31 Luleå takes a time out.

04:31 Luleå clears the puck to icing after a long attack from Djurgården.

03:32 Dangerous puck from Luleås player #5 Lukas Kilström that bounces on the outside of the net.

02:11 Fransson goes straight on the net and a loose puck in front of Wesslau a bit out of position. But Djurgården manage to clear the puck.

01:37 Good attack in offensive zone from Djurgården. But Luleå manage to turn the game around and establish pressure in Djurgårdens defensive zone.

00:37 Offside by Luleå

00:01 Second period has started.

00:00 Three minutes left to the second period.

00:00 Jan Järlefält is interview during the intermission
Period 1
20:00 First period ended, shots 7-11. Luleå got most of the pressure in the game so far.

19:24 Mattias Carlsson alone in front of the net, but the shot is saved by Johan Gustafsson

19:00 One minute left of the firstperiod and Luleå got the pressure.

16:00 No great scoring chances for a while.

11:47 Luleå got the pressure in offensive zone

10:28 Great save by Wesslau on a shot from Topi Jaakola

09:47 Stefan Söder goes behind the net and passes to Christian Eklund who puts the puck in the net.

08:24 Best chance so far in the game by Sebastian Enterfeldt but the shot is blocked.

06:47 Good play in the neutral zone by Djurgårdens IF.

05:14 Both teams are now playing with full strength.

04:38 #10 Fransson dangerous shot through traffic saved by Wesslau.

03:14 First penalties of the game goes to Konstantin Komarek and Christian Eklund, 2min, 4on4. Slashing on Komarek and interference on Eklund

00:00 Kristofer Ottosson lost the first face off of the game against Chris Abbott

00:00 The swedish national anthem is playing in the arena.

00:00 The players are entering the ice and they are presented to the spectators

00:00 Ten minutes left to the start of the game.

00:00 Djurgården needs 4 points in the last two games to make the playoffs without relying on other teams losing.

00:00 Today's game is crucial for the playoffs race in the division. Luleå needs 3 points tonight, or their hope to make the playoffs in the European Trophy is gone. Expect coach Rönnqvist to pull their goalie if the game is tied late in the third...

00:00 38 minutes left to the first face off. The players are warming up and the spectators are starting to enter the arena.

First line
11. Simon Hjalmarsson
29. Chris Abbott
14. Damien Fleury
5. Lukas Kilström
10. Johan Fransson

Second line
90. Johan Harju
16. Niklas Olausson
23. Jonas Berglund
3. Topi Jaakola
33. Elias Fälth

Third line
40. Sami Sandell
38. Ville Viitaluoma
20. Joonas Vihko
26. Niclas Wallin
39. Robin Jonsson

Fourth line
19. Kim Karlsson
9. Sebastian Enterfeldt
17. Konstantin Komarek
36. Marcus Fagerudd
6. Daniel Gunnarsson

37. Johan Gustafsson
(1. David Rautio)
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