First line
17. Mathias Tjärnqvist
18. Jonas Almtorp
4. Marcus Nilson
34. Daniel Tjärnqvist
49. Kyle Klubertanz

Second line
29. Patrick Cehlin
37. John Norman
15. Mattias Carlsson
78. Josef Boumedienne
7. Andreas Holmqvist

Third line
19. Jimmie Ölvestad
20. Christian Eklund
64. Daniel Brodin
55. David Printz
28. Kim Lennhammer

Fourth line
46. Pontus Åberg
26. Tim Eriksson
70. Mario Kempe
21. Stefan Lassen
44. Stefan Söder

41. Gustaf Wesslau
(1. Tim Sandberg)

Djurgårdens IF - HC Slavia Praha
5 - 2

Period 3
20:00 Three stars to Patrick Cehlin, two stars to Andreas Holmqvist and one star goes to Tomas Svoboda.

20:00 Game over, Djurgården won 5-2.

19:48 Petr Kadlec and Daniel Brodin gets 2 minutes each.

19:05 GOAL! Slavia Prague scores on a breakaway. Scorer: Tomas Hertl, assisted by Marek Tomica.

18:55 Slavia Prague full strength.

16:55 Mathias Tjärnqvist and Vasicek gets sent to the penalty box to cool down for two minutes after a minor fight.

16:55 Djurgården will have a 2-man advantage, Miroslav Kopriva gets a 2 minute penalty for slashing.

16:35 Yet another penalty, this time for Slavia Prague's Krejcik.

16:11 Djurgården full strength.

14:11 Marcus Nilson gets very upset with Vladimir Roth for some reason, following him to the bench and cross checking him. Roth didn't accept the challange, so Nilson goes to the penalty box by himself for a 2 minute penalty.

10:00 Time is running away for Slavia and there are no signs for a miracle comeback.

06:49 Djurgården full strength.

04:49 John Norman gets a 2 minute penalty for hooking.

04:00 Andreas Holmqvist shoots and hits Vladimir Roths stick. The stick flies through the air and Kopriva actually saves his teammates stick! The puck? It went far wide of the net.

00:31 GOAL! Djurgården scores on a power play again! John Norman, scores Mattias Carlsson and Patrick Cehlin.

00:00 The third period has started!
Period 2
20:00 The period is over. Djurgården took the lead with 3-1, but Slavia Prague came back and created lots of scoring chances but didn't score. Insted, Djurgården got an easy goal to make it 4-1. Shots on goal: 13-11.

19:01 Another penalty: Marek Tomica gets 2 minutes for holding.

18:01 Patrick Cehlin misses a breakaway.

16:57 Attendance tonight is 1743.

14:28 The goal was scored by Patrick Cehlin, assisted by John Norman and Mattias Carlsson.

14:28 GOAL! Djurgården gets an easy goal when Kopriva allowes a shot from a small angle.

12:07 Offside, Djurgården.

10:00 Slavia Prague creates a lot of scoring chances now. We're just waiting for the second goal...

07:54 Djurgården full strength.

06:44 Tomica gets a breakaway, but can't find the fifth hole on Wesslau.

05:54 With a delayed penalty on Marcus Nilson, Kadlec hits the post with a rocket from the blue line. Nilson gets 2 minutes penalty for hooking.

04:19 Djurgården full strength.

03:19 A minute to go of Slavia's power play.

02:17 Djurgården's Mario Kempe gets a 2 minute penalty.

01:50 GOAL! 3-1 to Djurgården. Christian Eklund scores, assisted by Kim Lennhammer.

00:26 GOAL! Just seven seconds into the power play Jonas Almtorp gets an open net but hits the post, but the puck bounces on a defender and into the net. 2-1 to Djurgården.

00:19 Jakub Sulc gets a 2 minute penalty.

00:00 Face off in the secound period!
Period 1
20:00 The first period is over. Djurgården had the puck more, but the scoring chances where quite evenly divided. Shots on goal: 12-13.

18:40 GOAL! Tomas Svoboda skates into Djurgården's zone and shots the puck into the top corner behind Wesslau. Assists by Tomica and Kurka.

17:00 John Norman reflects the puck in fron of the net, but Kopriva saves his team again.

14:33 Icing, Slavia Prague.

12:45 Slavia Prague full strength.

12:25 A shot from the blue line by Andreas Holmqvist.

10:45 I tough tackle Dolezal results in a 2 minute penalty for boarding.

09:45 Fantastic save by Wesslau when Dolezal got a scoring chance right in front of Djurgården's goal.

07:57 Breakaway by Ruzicka, but Wesslau saves this time.

07:00 Jimmie Ölvestad misses a shot from very close range, good save by Kopriva!

06:38 Slavia Prague full strength.

04:38 Slavia Pragues Jakub Krejcik gets a 2 minute penalty for hooking.

03:44 Djurgården full strength.

01:44 Djurgården's Daniel Brodin gets a 2 minute penalty for interference.

01:12 GOAL! Djurgården takes the lead in power play, when Marcus Nilson found the net. He was assisted by Mathias Tjärnqvist.

00:46 Djurgården creates a scoring chance and draws a penalty when Jakub Sklenar holds Andreas Holmqvist.

00:00 Face off! Djurgården takes the puck.

00:00 Despite the great distance, Slavia Prague has some fans in Stockholm tonight. Respect!

00:00 Djurgården enters the ice, with Slavia Prague following right afterwards. We're just minutes away from the first faceoff.

00:00 Welcome to the live report from Hovet, Stockholm, and the game between Djurgården and Slavia Prague. You can check the lineups on the left and right.

First line
14. Marek Tomica
23. Tomas Svoboda
91. Tomas Kurka
7. Petr Kadlec
18. Jakub Sulc

Second line
88. Jakub Sklenar
89. Vladimir Ruzicka
29. Lukas Krenzelok
15. Vladimir Roth
16. Jiri Vasicek

Third line
44. Michal Poletin
25. Petr Jelinek
61. Tomas Micka
9. Petr Kubos
33. Jakub Krejcik

Fourth line
71. Jiri Dolezal
93. Jaroslav Hertl
26. Dmitrij Jaskin
20. Lukas Spelda
24. Lukas Endal

1. Miroslav Kopriva
(41. Robert Slipcenko)
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