First line
11. Simon Hjalmarsson
29. Chris Abbott
15. Mattias Persson
10. Johan Fransson
39. Robin Jonsson

Second line
90. Johan Harju
16. Niklas Olausson
14. Damien Fleury
5. Lukas Kilström
33. Elias Fälth

Third line
40. Sami Sandell
38. Ville Viitaluoma
20. Joonas Vihko
3. Topi Jaakola
36. Marcus Fagerudd

Fourth line
17. Konstantin Komarek
9. Sebastian Enterfeldt
19. Kim Karlsson
6. Daniel Gunnarsson
23. Jonas Berglund

34. Joel Lassinantti
(31. Gusten Törnqvist)

Luleå HF - HC Slavia Praha
1 - 2

Period 3
20:00 The game has ended, Slavia wins 1-2.

Shots on goal in the third period: Luleå 10, Slavia 5
Attendance: 4057

European Stars:
3 stars: Johan Fransson, Luleå
2 stars: Joel Lassinantti, Luleå
1 star: Robert Slipcenko, Slavia

16:55 Slavia takes back the lead. 1-2 scored by #26 Dmitrij Jaskin assisted by #88 Jakub Sklenar.

Slavia comes in a counter attack in midst of the Luleå pressure and scores on a two on one.

16:00 Luleå Hockey is pilling on the pressure

12:21 Great scoring chance for Joonas Vihko who hits the post

09:58 Team Penalty Slavia Prague
2 min too many players

08:39 Luleå scores, 1-1. Goal by #20 Joonas Vihko, assisted by #36 Marcus Fagerudd and #90 Jonas Harju.

Luleå came through in a flying attack and Vihko shot the puck high behind Robert Splicenko.

08:00 We unfortunately have problems with the internet connection from the game, and can only report the major events form now on.

07:05 Penalty Slavia Prague
#20 Lukas Spelda tripping

05:16 Penalty Luleå Hockey
#29 Chris Abbott 2 min cross checking

04:17 Luleå full strength

02:17 Penalty Slavia Prague
#33 Jakub Krejcik 2 min tripping

00:00 The 3rd period is away

00:00 The 3rd period is away

00:00 The 3rd period is about to begin
Period 2
20:00 We´ll be right back when the 3rd period starts in about 14 minutes.

20:00 2nd period ended
Luleå Hockey - Slavia Prague 0-1

Luleå the better team, especially in the first half of the period with several great scoring chances. Slavia evened out the play though in the second half and had a great chance to increase the lead playing 5 on 3 for 1:49. The game is open going into the 3rd period.

19:26 Luleå Hockey full strength

18:17 Slavia Prague full strength

17:26 Penalty Luleå Hockey
#38 Ville Viitaluoma 2 min hooking

16:17 Penalty Slavia Prague
#7 Petr Kadlec 2 min interference

16:08 Luleå Hockey full strength

15:57 Luleå Hockey four men on the ice

15:21 Game is stopped as Lassinantti gets a shot on the helmet. He looks alright though.

15:08 Slavia gets the puck from one side to the other and goes for the one timer but Joel Lassinantti is standing at the right spot.

14:08 Penalty Luleå Hockey
#9 Sebastian Enterfeldt 2 min high sticking

13:57 Penatly Luleå Hockey
#40 Sami Sandell 2 min holding

10:40 Great chance for Slavia Prague as Lukas Krenzelok finds Vladimir Rucizka with a great pass close to the net but the shot went outside.

10:06 Icing Slavia Prague
Luleå is in the drivers seat but hasn´t got the equalizer yet.

08:58 Again a great chance and again it´s Konstantin Komarek, behind the net, who finds Enterfeldt in the slot.

08:28 Slavia Prague full strength

08:03 Marcus Fagerudd had a great chance when he had time to aim and take a slapshot from the blueline. The shot went over though.

06:28 Luleå turned up the pace and created some good scoring chances wich forced Slavia Prague to take the penalty.

06:28 Penalty Slavia Prague
#71 Jiri Dolezal 2 min tripping

06:19 Great pass from Johan Fransson to Chris Abbott positioned at the post but the puck goes alongside the goal line

05:33 Good scoring chance Luleå as Konstantin Komarek finds Sebastian Enterfeldt in the slot.

05:00 Five minutes played of the 2nd period and the scpre is still 1-0 to Slavia Prague

02:40 Defenceman Johan Fransson shows some skill with some moves.

00:08 Icing Slavia Prague

00:00 The 2nd period is away

00:00 The players enters the ice. The 2nd period is about to begin.
Period 1
20:00 We will be right back when the second period starts in about 16 minutes.

20:00 1st period ended
Luleå Hockey - Slavia Prague 0-1
Shots: 9-7

Luleå has perhaps had more puck possession but hasn´t managed to convert that into good scoring chances. Slavia Pragues 1-0 came somewhat out of the blue but overall a quite even period.

19:15 Icing Slavia Prague

18:41 Icing Luleå

17:02 Luleå full strength

15:02 Penalty Luleå Hockey
#33 Elias Fälth 2 min slashing

13:57 Johan Harju goes for a wrap around as Robert Slipcenko is out of position but the goalie manages to save with the pad.

11:50 Great scoring chance for Luleå as Sebastian Enterfeldt delivers a good pass but Kim Karlsson doesn´t strike the puck cleanly. Right after that Enterfeldt delivered a huge hit.

09:18 Ville Viitaluoma and Sami Sandell with som good chances in front of goal right off the faceoof

09:12 Johan Fransson went coast to coast and had a great scoring chance on the penalty

09:12 Penalty Slavia Peague
#14 Marek Tomica - 2 min holding

06:57 0-1 Slavia Prague
#23 Tomas Svoboda strikes on a rebound.
Assist #91 Toma Kurka and #14 Marek Tomica

05:56 Good scoring chance for Luleå as Damien Fleury deflects the shot from Lukas Kilström

05:51 Icing Slavia Prague

05:00 Five minutes played of the 1st period and none of the teams had managed to get the upper hand.

02:10 Icing Slavia Prague

01:40 Luleås #40 Sami Sandell gets the first shot on goal.

00:00 The 1st period begins - Luleå wins the faceoff.

00:00 The teams enters the ice and the game is about to begin

00:00 The crowd is getting warmed up now.

00:00 Captains for the teams tonight are:

Luleå Hockey
Chris Abbott - C
Niklas Olausson - A
Topi Jaakola - A

Slavia Prague
Petr Kadlec - C
Marek Tomica - A
Petr Kubos - A

00:00 Tonights games referees are Marcus Vinnerborg and Tobias Björk assisted by linesmen Jan Sandström and Emil Yletyinen.

00:00 Hello and welcome to the live report for the European Trophy round robin game between Luleå Hockey and Slavia Prague. The game starts in half an hour and the teams are currently on the ice warming up.

First line
14. Marek Tomica
23. Tomas Svoboda
91. Tomas Kurka
7. Petr Kadlec
18. Jakub Sulc

Second line
88. Jakub Sklenar
89. Vladimir Ruzicka
29. Lukas Krenzelok
15. Vladimir Roth
33. Jakub Krejcik

Third line
24. Lukas Endal
25. Petr Jelinek
22. Miloslav Cermak
16. Jiri Vasicek
9. Petr Kubos

Fourth line
71. Jiri Dolezal
93. Tomas Hertl
26. Dmitrij Jaskin
20. Lukas Spelda
49. Michal Poletin

41. Robert Slipcenko
(1. Miroslav Kopriva)
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