First line
24. Sami Kapanen
22. Matti Kuparinen
25. Jukka Hentunen
46. Jussi Timonen
6. Marko Kauppinen

Second line
23. Sakari Salminen
15. Joonas Riekkinen
84. Jyri Junnila
57. Ryan Lannon
38. Adam Masuhr

Third line
18. Iiro Pakarinen
28. Jaakko Rissanen
11. Ossi Saarinen
40. Mikko Kukkonen
48. Henri Laurila

Fourth line
42. Tommi Jokinen
13. Jasse Ikonen
9. Toni Kallela

3. Simo-Pekka Riikola

31. Ari Ahonen
(4. Juha Toivonen)

KalPa - Djurgårdens IF
3 - 1

Period 3
20:00 Good night everybody!

20:00 Stars of todays game: 3 stars KalPa #31 Ari Ahonen, 2 stars KalPa #18 Iiro Pakarinen and 1 star DIF #29 Patrick Cehlin.

20:00 Thank you for following the game. It was a good hockey game.

20:00 End of the game! DIF tried to tie the game, but KalPa was stronger this time.

19:27 Goal was assisted by #24 Kapanen

19:27 KalPa #25 Hentunen scored to empty net

19:03 Face off on KalPas end. DIF with 6 skaters

18:37 DIF pulled goalie out

18:34 KalPa won the face off and had a good shot

18:33 Time Out for DIF

18:33 Brake after KalPa putting the puck towards DIF's net

17:56 DIF had scoring chance after face off

17:46 Icing for KalPa

17:40 Scoring chance for DIF! They are really pushing KalPa!

17:20 DIF #37 Norman played very well and had good scoring chance.

16:27 DIF is playing stronger

15:10 Teams are palying at full strenght

15:10 #18 Pakarinen almost scored from very small corner. DIF defenders saved the puck from goal line.

13:54 DIF shot the puck to KalPas end.

13:30 KalPa has trouble braking out on power play

13:08 Penalty for DIF #49 Klubertanz

12:23 KalPa is controlling the puck on offensive end

11:36 Icing for DIF

10:50 Kuparinen won the face off

10:48 Face off is on KalPa's end.

10:48 Commercial brake

10:33 Ahonen has some troubles with his stick play.

09:23 KalPa had good scoring chance

06:53 DIF scored their first goal. Goal scored by #29 Cehlin and assisted by #21 Lassen. Assist could also be given for KalPas Laurila.

05:05 Hentunen had big hit against on offensive blue line.

04:55 KalPa is little playing little bit more secure.

04:00 Small fight behind the KalPas net. No penalties this time.

03:23 Really good scoring chance for DIF. Kukkonen made bad pass and puck went to DIF forward to the slot. Ahonen made really good save!

02:27 Teams are playing at full strenght

01:37 DIF goalie Wesslau had problems stopping the puck and KalPa had scoring chance for empty net. #25 Hentunen shot the puck and that hitted DIF players stick and went over the net.

00:47 DIF had good scoring chance on power play

00:27 KalPa # 26 Timonen

00:27 DIF is starting the third period very strong

00:00 Two minutes to go. Third period is almost ready to begin.
Period 2
20:00 End of second period. Good physical game for both teams. KalPa had more chances, but DIF was strong on power play.

19:33 Big shot for #25 Hentunen. He missed the net.

18:53 KalPa had scoring chance, but Kapanen didn't have good control of the puck.

18:35 First lines are palying against each others.

17:09 Teams at full strenght

16:55 Good shot for Laurila. KalPa had ccoring chance.

16:13 KalPa running their power play. Spectators are shouting for goal.

15:09 DIF #29 Cehlin 2 minutes for slashing

15:09 KalPa is at the moment little bit more active and faster with skates.

15:09 Commercial brake

14:40 DIF had a good scoring chance. Ahonen saved the shot with his shoulder.

13:13 DIF had good offence but they lost their advantage for bad pass.

11:48 Kapanen assisted good scoring chance allready before the goal right after coming out of the penalty box.

11:48 Goal for KalPa. Scored by number 18 Pakarinen assisted by #24 Kapanen and #22 Kuparinen

11:33 Teams at full strenght.

11:07 DIF getting speed on their brake out

10:20 DIF had good reflection on front hte Ahonen's goal.

09:50 DIF on 5 KalPa on 4 players.

09:32 17 seconds DIF power play 4 on 3.

09:32 KalPa #24 took penalty on offensive end.

09:18 4 on 4 game is more open for both teams

09:18 KalPa had scoring chance.

08:21 DIF had excellent scoring chance after face off. #17 Tjärnqvis lost the puck on his skates.

08:19 DIF had good shot against Ahonen's goal.

07:50 Teams are playing 4 on 4.

07:50 Penalty for both teams. KalPa #48 Laurila nad DIF #21 Lassen had small fight.

07:08 DIF stole a puck from KalPas defender and had a scoring chance. Ahonen made good save.

06:33 Solid save for DIF #41 Wesslau

06:20 Game is drifting from coast to coast

05:12 The game is more physical now than in first period

04:08 DIF at full strenght

03:02 KalPa had good scoring chance on power play

02:41 DIF shot the puck away from their zone.

02:08 Penalty for DIF #55 Printz

01:33 DIF palyed good offensive play on KalPas end. Ahonen could control the puck and avoided DIF to score.

00:58 DIF defender #78 Boumedienne gave good hit for Junnila.

00:32 Good offensive play for KalPa.

00:15 KalPa had a scoring chance.

00:02 Second period has started!

00:00 Teams are coming on ice for second period
Period 1
20:00 End of first period. Both teams had some good scoring chances. DIF was pushing harder in the beginning of period, but KalPa took over after they scored a goal.

19:55 KalPa almost had 2 against 1 attack.

19:30 KalPa controlling th puck on their own zone.

19:13 Face off on KalPas end. Good shot for DIF.

18:38 KalPa is playing at full strenght

18:03 DIF can not enter the offensive zone on their power play.

17:10 DIF had couple of good shots. KalPa could dump the puck away.

16:38 Penalty for KalPa #15 Riekkinen. Referee called the penalty for interfierence.

15:50 #9 Kallela is skating well and was almost on brake away.

15:10 KalPa is controlling the puck on offensive zone. No good scoring chances.

14:20 Both teams are playing tight defence.

12:35 DIF is giving the puck away and dumping the puck to the neutral zone.

12:10 KalPa is more active at the moment.

11:15 KalPa #18 Pakarinen recieved a miss pass from DIF defender. Could not score.

09:26 KalPa # 48 Laurila scored with good slap shot. Goal was assisted by #28 Rissanen ja #11 Saarinen.

09:21 KalPa # 28 Rissanen is running the power play

08:52 KalPa won the face off on power play

08:48 Penalty for DIF # 20 Eklund.

08:41 KalPa at full strenght

07:40 KalPa had almost a brake away on box play

07:30 DIF had a scoring chance.

06:41 Penalty for KalPa # 57 Lannon.

06:17 DIF had a great shot. # 4 Nilson was almost on brake away. Ahonen had some trouble saving that puck.

05:41 KalPa # 9 Kallela had good shot again. Wesslau had no problem taking the puck on his glove.

05:10 DIF is forechecking very well.

04:19 KalPa had good forecheck and stole the puck. # 38 Masuhr had good shot.

02:56 Good offense for KalPas fourth line. #9 Toni Kallela had good shot from point but DIF goali e # 41 Wesslau had no problem.

01:20 Ahonen made big mistake and passed the puck to opponent. No goal anyway.

00:30 KalPa had good controlled brake out, but lost the puck on offensive end.

00:02 Djurgården won the first face off

00:00 Kuparinen and Ottoson on face off.

00:00 Starting line ups for both team are introduced.

00:00 Teams are on the blue lines

00:00 Smoke, lights and the players!

00:00 Let's welcome home team KalPa!

00:00 Djurgårdens IF is entering the ice!

00:00 10 minutes to go! Arena is dark and atmosphere is rising!
People are waiting the first face off!

00:00 Warm Up on ice has ended. Teams are preparing for tonights game!

00:00 Djurgårdens IF is on the ice to warm up!

00:00 KalPa is entering the ice to warm up!

00:00 Home team in todays game is KalPa. They have played 4 games in European Trophy. They have won 1, tied 2 and lost 1 game. They are on fourth place in their East Division.

00:00 Todays visitor DIF has played five games in European Trophy and they have 5 straight wons and 1 tie. They leading their North Division with 13 points.

00:00 Todays referees are Antti Hämäläinen and Jyri Rönn. Linesmen are Tuukka Lohi and Hannu Sormunen

00:00 Referees are on the ice warming up.

00:00 Welcome to follow European Trophy game KalPa - Djurgårdens IF!

First line
17. Mathias Tjärnqvist
9. Kristofer Ottosson
4. Marcus Nilson
34. Daniel Tjärnqvist
49. Kyle Klubertanz

Second line
15. Mattias Carlsson
37. John Norman
29. Patrick Cehlin
36. Philip Holm
78. Josef Boumedienne

Third line
70. Mario Kempe
20. Christian Eklund
19. Jimmie Ölvestad
55. David Printz
14. Fredrik Claesson

Fourth line
46. Pontus Åberg
26. Tim Eriksson
44. Stefan Söder
21. Stefan Lassen
28. Kim Lennhammer

41. Gustaf Wesslau
(1. Tim Sandberg)
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