First line
22. Jiri Simanek
29. Pavel Kasparik
10. Rostislav Martynek
2. Frantisek Ptacek
38. Ales Kranjc

Second line
88. Milan Gulas
84. Jakub Langhammer
55. Lukas Kveton
17. Jan Novak
81. René Vydareny

Third line
24. David Kuchejda
65. Rudolf Cerveny
19. Roman Psurny
3. Michael Kolarz
85. Peter Mikus

Fourth line
11. Jiri Ferebauer
86. Stanislav Polodna
18. Jakub Marek
8. Miroslav Dvorak
47. Roman Vrablik

21. Jakub Kovar
(30. Pavel Kantor)

HC Mountfield - HC Sparta Praha
4 - 3

Period 5
00:00 The game is over.

00:00 The game winning goal is scored by Rostislav Martynek.

00:00 2.round - Petr Tenkrat (SPA) - saved by Kovar! 2:0.

00:00 2.round - Milan Gulas (MOU) - scores a backhand shot goal! 2:0.

00:00 1.round - Yorick Treille (SPA) - saved by Kovar! 1:0.

00:00 1.round - Rostislav Martynek (MOU) - scores! 1:0.

00:00 Home team will start the penalty shootout.

00:00 Shoots in the overtime - 6:0.
Period 4
05:00 The overtime is over...we´ll see the penalty shootout.

04:40 20 seconds to go...face-off infront of Falter.

04:04 Falter stopps Mikus´s shot...not much time to go.

03:24 It looks like, both teams are waiting for penalty shootout...

02:26 Home team spent whole two minutes in offensive zone, but couldn´t score...

02:00 Vydareny missed with his shot from the blue line.

00:25 Sparta´s complete for only moment. Michal Sersen (SPA) is called for charging + 10 minutes for abusing the ref.

00:01 5-minute overtime has just started.

00:00 Shoots in the third period - 13:17.
Period 3
20:00 This game´s going to overtime.

19:45 15 secs to go...

19:17 Pavel Kasparik has been staying in a goalie zone for a moment. Face-off in neutral zone.

18:59 Martynek missed the empty net!

18:24 Peter Jansky (SPA) - 2 mins for kneeing. Real chance for HC Mountfield in the end of the regular part of the game!

18:00 Only two minutes to go in the third period.

17:23 Skate save made by Falter against Novak´s shot. Sparta in real troubles right now.

16:53 And the game is tied! Another fine cross pass from Pavel Kasparik, and Jiri Simanek scored with his snapshot! Second assist: Rostislav Martynek.

16:20 Excellent cross pass made by Rene Vydareny, and Milan Gulas shoots the puck to the empty net! Second assist: Lukas Kveton. We´re awaiting interesting finnish.

15:52 70 seconds of 5 on 3 power-play for home team. Jaroslav Kasik (SPA) - 2 mins for hooking.

15:03 Alex Foster attacked Miroslav Dvorak and he´s called for cross-checking.

14:03 HC Mountfield´s complete.

13:19 Tenkrat didn´t score from a clear position after pass from Bros.

12:43 Sersen missed with his shot from the blue line. The game is stopped, young fans are looking for a shooted puck in the arena.

12:03 And it´ll be 4 on 3 power-play for Sparta. Roman Psurny (MOU) - 2 mins for tripping.

10:59 Rudolf Cerveny (MOU) - 2 mins for interference.

10:59 Sparta´s on four.

10:43 Falter stopps Novak´s slapshot.

10:35 Another penalty! Mario Bliznak (SPA) - 2 mins for slashing.

09:40 HC Mountfield couldn´t score!

08:59 It´s going to be 5 on 3 power-play for whole 2 minutes! Morten Ask - 2 mins for boarding, Radek Philipp - 2 mins for slashing!

08:25 1880 spectators visited tonight´s game.

07:38 Peter Jansky shoots the puck from the right side on the left side of the net and it´s 1:3! Assist: Morten Ask.

05:52 Home team is playing in a full strength.

05:19 Another exellent blocker save by Kovar after Krstev´s shot!

04:21 Milam released a slapshot from the blue line. Kovar made a slide save!

03:52 Rostislav Martynek (MOU) - 2 mins for holding the stick.

02:48 Jakub Kovar was a lucky man stopping Foster´s backhand from a few steps.

00:41 Sparta´s complete.

00:35 Pavel Kasparik missed the net with his backhand shot!

00:01 The third period has just started.

00:00 Shots in the second period - 9:10.
Period 2
20:00 Second period is over.

19:00 One minute to go in the second period.

18:41 Peter Jansky (SPA) - 2 mins for hooking and Michal Bros (SPA) - 10 mins misconduct for abusing the referee.

18:13 Adam Lapsansky looks injured after Mikus´s bodycheck. Sparta´s captain Michal Bros is discussing the referee, wants some penalty for Mikus.

17:53 Rudolf Cerveny released a good shot from the right side, Falter stopped him!

17:49 Sparta is playing in a full strenght.

17:08 Kranjc shoots the puck from the blue line, puck goes inches wide!

15:49 Yorick Treille (SPA) - 2 mins for hooking.

15:10 HC Mountfield is hunting the equalizer now. Falter stopped usual shot from Ptacek.

13:41 Lukas Lunak missed the target in 2 on 1 situation!

12:04 Sacha Treille was in the breakaway after lucky situation in a neutral zone, and shoots the puck to the left bottom. No assist.

10:30 Falter had no problems with saving David Kuchejda´s shot from the position between the circles.

09:53 Lunak missed the net from another good position.

09:32 HC Mountfield´s complete.

08:43 Really good power-play by Sparta.

08:20 Sacha Treille shows excellent move by passing the blue line. Kovar blocked his shot with his shoulder!

07:32 Pavel Kasparik (MOU) - 2 mins for tripping.

05:29 No scoring chances for Sparta in this power-play. HC Mountfield in a full strenght.

03:48 Sacha Treille passed the puck on his brother Yorick, but he missed the net from clear position!

03:29 Frantisek Ptacek (MOU) - 2 mins for hooking.

02:56 Simanek hits the post with his shot from the right side!

00:36 Michal Sersen (SPA) - 2 mins for holding the stick.

00:01 Second period started.

00:00 We have a correction in official game sheet: First goal by team Sparta Praha was scored by Troy Milam, assisted by Alex Foster.

00:00 Shots in the first period - 16 - 9.
Period 1
20:00 The first period is over.

19:00 One minute to go.

17:55 It´s in. Falter couldn´t react Jakub Langhammer´s rebound. Assist: Lukas Kveton.

17:01 Michal Bros (SPA) hits Jakub Marek - 2 mins for cross-checking.

16:13 Sparta´s complete again.

15:05 Mikus hits effectively Tenkrat in neutral zone. Fine moment for the crowd.

14:13 Michal Bros (SPA) - 2 mins for high-sticking.

13:50 We´re watching unbeliavable pressure by home team! Falter has to make three saves in a row!

12:28 Sparta´s complete.

12:12 Falter made another good save against Simanek. He couldn´t score, standing just a meter infront of the net.

11:25 Jakub Langhammer missed the target in a clear position, rebounding the Gulas´s shot!

10:28 Jan Hanzlik (SPA) - 2 mins for hooking.

09:20 Sparta is playing much more agressive and has better skating in these moments. HC Mountfield is unable to create any clear scoring chances.

08:03 The game is stopped after Kolarz´s shot. Falter didn´t have problems.

07:32 Sparta Praha is playing in a full strenght.

05:41 Falter makes a good save against Novak.

05:32 Sacha Treille (SPA) - 2 mins for slashing.

05:09 Kovar stopped clear chance by Morten Ask! It could be 0:2 now!

02:46 Sparta Praha is in the lead. Kovar couldn´t save Sacha Treille´s deflection after Jaroslav Kasik´s shot.

01:50 Thirty seconds from power play are over, Sparta is strarting the pressure from defending zone again...

01:21 Lukas Kveton (MOU) - 2mins for holding stick

00:01 The game has just started.

00:00 Both teams are entering the arena. The game is going to start in a few moments...

00:00 We´re awaiting the last game of the whole European Trophy in this season. HC MOUNTFIELD want to hold the lead in the East division and want to win tonight´s match. Their opponent, Sparta Prague, will finnish the North division on 5th place, but want to win this match as well. The czech extraleague starts in a few days, Sparta needs to find the way to win games before the regular season starts.

First line
10. Ivan Rachunek
6. Michal Bros
86. Peter Jansky
33. Troy Milam
8. Michal Sersen

Second line
62. Petr Tenkrat
27. Morten Ask
12. Lukas Lunak
38. Jan Hanzlik
73. Angel Krstev

Third line
77. Sacha Treille
23. Alex Foster
7. Yorick Treille
52. Radek Philipp
16. Jaroslav Kasik

Fourth line
30. Tomas Rachunek
55. Mario Bliznak
81. Adam Lapsansky
14. Patrik Husak
93. Jan Vesely

1. Martin Falter
(42. Vojtech Sedlacek)
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