First line
43. Nichlas Hardt
81. Ilari Filppula
42. Ben Eaves
2. Jeremy Dehner
40. Markus Nordlund

Second line
47. Janne Lahti
44. Antti Kerälä
6. Teemu Pulkkinen
21. Teemu Eronen
4. Ossi Väänänen

Third line
86. Teuvo Teräväinen
32. Riku Hahl
28. Jani Rita
7. Antti-Jussi Niemi
10. John Klingberg

Fourth line
14. Tomi Mäki
55. Henri Heino
22. Juhani Tyrväinen
50. Tommi Kivistö
9. Alexander Ruuttu

37. Eero Kilpeläinen
(33. Frans Tuohimaa)

Jokerit - HC Slovan Bratislava
7 - 2

Period 3
20:00 Stars of the game: ***Filppula, **Eaves, *Dehner.

20:00 Stars of the game: ***Filppula, **Eaves, *Dehner.

20:00 Game over. Jokerit take a big win and go to Red Bulls Salute come December!

19:19 Väänänen scores from the blueline! A big shot to the top corner. Assisted by Kerälä and Pulkkinen.

19:04 Last minute of the game. Icing by Slovan.

18:01 Two minutes left in the game. And Kilpeläinen makes a glove save.

16:09 Pek makes a fine save on Kerälä who almost had an open net in front of him.

14:37 Pek makes a pad save on Eronen's shot.

13:32 Icing by Slovan.

12:23 Sisovsky scores! Assisted by Datelinka and Ciger. Sisovsky tips Datelinka's shot from the blueline in the net.

11:19 A beautiful 4-on-2 counter attack by Jokerit but Teräväinen can't hit the bouncing puck right.

10:21 Kivistö also playing 5-on-5 shifts now.

09:33 Ruuttu in his first shift of the game in the first line, replaced Eaves.

08:57 Fan section and beer section cheering for each other.

07:39 First save by Pek on a shot from Tyrväinen.

07:37 Icing by Slovan.

06:08 Konrad is yanked from his net, replaced by Pek.

06:08 Niemi scores! Filppula and Eaves generate a chance for Niemi who joins the rush and shoots the puck in off Konrad's pads during a delayed penalty.

05:11 It's all Jokerit right now on the ice.

04:39 Icing by Slovan.

04:07 Pulkkinen can't get a shot off in the offensive zone after some nice moves.

02:30 Mäki scores! Dehner shoots from the blueline and Mäki scores from the rebound. Assist also to Nordlund.

02:14 Mäki trying to make his way through the Slovan defence. Gets a shot off but Konrad saves.

01:33 Icing by Slovan.

01:22 Väänänen shoots the puck out of play in the neutral zone.

01:06 Pulkkinen shoots but just wide.

00:01 We are under way.

00:00 Nice goals by Jokerit. The team had the control of the latter part of the second period. Deserved leaders at this point in the game. Can Slovan come back?

00:00 Shots in the second were 13-7.

00:00 Three minutes and we start the third.
Period 2
20:00 Period is over.

19:21 Rita scores on a break-away after a nice pass along the boards by Hahl. Assist also to Väänänen.

19:10 Sisovsky shoots and the puck goes out of play from Dehner's stick.

18:50 Konrad covers the puck. Jokerit playing well at the moment.

18:04 Kerälä has a good chance but Konrad makes a pad save.

17:27 Jokerit fans are singing: We are going to Austria.

16:04 Eaves scores! A shot from the blueline by Dehner is tipped in by Eaves. Assist also to Filppula.

15:29 Penalty to Slovan, 2 minutes to Jass for slashing.

14:30 Icing by Slovan.

13:49 Hardt scores finally in a Jokerit jersey! Beautiful dekes and a feed by Filppula. Assist also to Eaves.

12:53 Penalty for Slovan, 2 minutes for Jass for hooking.

12:30 The Bulik line once again got the play in the Jokerit end.

11:54 Kerälä's line go offside in 3-on-2 attack.

11:33 Kilpeläinen makes a few good saves after a nice attack by Slovan.

11:05 Tyrväinen hits Sisovsky in the neutral zone and the Slovan player loses his helmet. Clean hit.

10:20 Konrad taking a breather and fixing his equipment.

10:20 Teräväinen shoots from the air after Nordlund makes a sweet pass to him in front of goal. Konrad saves.

09:45 Konrad makes a good save on Hardt after a good pass by Filppula.

09:05 Lahti and Pulkkinen trying to score in front of goal but fail.

08:11 Faceoff in the neutral zone.

07:47 Jokerit full strentgh.

07:16 Hardt clears.

06:41 Jass can't keep the puck within the offensive zone and Slovan have to start again.

05:47 Penalty for Nordlund, 2 minutes for charging. Bulik made a nice diving pass to Bakos before the penalty.

04:54 Filppula, Eaves and Hardt try to score the prettiest goal but fail. Icing Slovan.

03:52 Kilpeläinen saves a shot from Svarny from the blueline.

03:38 Dehner trying to get past the neutral zone but shoots the puck out of play.

03:24 Kilpeläinen covers the puck.

02:19 Bulik is there again and almost scores but Kilpeläinen holds on.

02:00 Niemi missed a great chance after a wonderful pass from Pulkkinen.

02:00 Slovan full strength.

01:19 Lahti tries a wrap-around but fails.

01:06 Nordlund shoots wide from the blueline and Slovan clear.

00:01 Here we go. Jokerit are on the PP.

00:00 Three minutes and we start the second period.
Period 1
20:00 Shots in the first period 13-13.

20:00 Slovan started the first period pretty well but as the game went on, Jokerit was the better team. A few good saves for Konrad. Slovan playing very aggressive defence which has resulted in a few penalties.

20:00 Slovan penalty, 2 minutes for Stajnoch for cross-checking.

20:00 Period is over and Slovan get a penalty after a good shift from Jokerit fourth line.

18:57 Slovan clear and are full strength.

16:52 Hudacek is back on the ice. Nice save from Konrad on a shot from Klingberg.

16:41 Penalty for Slovan, Hudec gets 2 minutes for cross-checking. Jokerit 5-on-3 for 10 seconds.

15:17 Nordlund makes a bad play and Bulik is all alone with Kilpeläinen but the Jokerit goalie makes three saves on the play.

14:51 Penalty for Slovan, Hudacek gets 2 minutes for hooking.

14:28 Slovan score on the PP. Scored by Bulik, assisted by Stajnoch. Slovan played the puck in front of goal and smashed it in from the rebound.

13:22 Penalty for Jokerit, Filppula 2 minutes for high-sticking.

11:56 Rita and Hahl have a 2-on-1. Rita shoots and Konrad saves.

11:41 Offside Slovan.

11:19 Pulkkinen is open again in the back post and Kerälä finds him. Just can't finish.

09:59 Eaves shoots and Konrad deflects the puck to the stands.

09:51 Kilpeläinen covers the puck.

08:23 Pulkkinen scores! Lahti and Kerälä play Pulkkinen wide open in front of goal. Easy to score for the youngster.

07:20 Nordlund blasts from the blueline, Konrad saves even though he doesn't see the puck.

06:52 Hardt shoots as he passes the offensive blueline but Konrad holds on the puck.

06:18 Penalty for Slovan, Datelinka 2 minutes for interference. A good chance for Rita to score from the backhand before that.

06:02 Now we continue!

06:02 Fans are singing and we still wait for the game to continue.

06:02 Small break now as the refs are repairing the glass of the rink. It's not broken but its missing a supportive piece.

06:02 Filppula's line get things going for Jokerit. A good shift but they can't score.

04:16 Jokerit full strength.

03:16 First minute of the penalty gone and Jokerit have defended well.

02:16 Penalty for Jokerit, Dehner 2 minutes for tripping.

00:45 Another faceoff in the Jokerit zone who are having trouble in the first minute.

00:29 Kilpeläinen saves a shot from Ciger after a bad pass by Dehner.

00:20 First icing for Jokerit. Noisy fans here from the start.

00:00 Slovan win the first faceoff.

00:00 Five minutes and we will start the game

00:00 Both teams need points to qualify for Red Bulls Salute. Jokerit will qualify if they win tonight, Slovan need to win to have a chance at qualification.

00:00 Good afternoon everyone. Jokerit-Slovan Bratislava starting in 50 minutes. Lineups are in.

First line
71. Jakub Ciger
16. Roman Kukumberg
12. Michal Hudec
19. Michal Dobron
23. Ivan Svarny

Second line
9. Tomas Bulik
27. Michal Macho
39. Martin Bakos
5. Lukas Bohunicky
6. Ivan Datelinka

Third line
68. Libor Hudacek
93. Jan Lipiansky
81. David Buc
10. Martin Stajnoch
55. Maris Jass

Fourth line
25. Peter Sisovsky
72. Lukas Kozak
59. Ondrej Janik

2. Branislav Konrad
(1. Tomas Pek)
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