First line
18. Pontus Petterström
29. Erik Lindhagen
51. Mikael Håkanson
11. Robin Persson
4. Johan Åkerman

Second line
6. Klas Dahlbeck
17. Carl Söderberg
26. Victor Jigmalm
2. Jonatan Nielsen
7. Magnus Johansson

Third line
25. Claes Nordén
12. Sebastian Karlsson
22. Robin Figren
5. Mattias Bäckman
28. Niclas Hävelid

Fourth line
19. Kalle Olsson
13. Joakim Erikson
21. Joachim Nermark
8. Albin Lorentzon

30. Fredrik Norrena
(31. Christian Engstrand)

Linköpings HC - TPS
4 - 1

Period 3
20:00 The game is over. Shots on goal LHC 7 and TPS 8. The game was quite even in the first and second period but in the third period is LHC the better team and wins fairly.

3 stars LHC #7 Magnus Johansson
2 stars LHC #22 Robin Figren
1 stars TPS #25 Velia Matti Vittasmäki

Thank you from Katrineholm and todays game.

17:48 TPS Birner has good chance to score but misses the goal

17:21 Icing from LHC

15:08 5 against 5

15:08 2+2 min roughing for LHC Albin Lorentzon and TPS Ryan Stone,

13:09 Attendance 637

13:09 Offside LHC

11:46 TPS are trying to coming back but LHC are checking good

08:03 Breaktrough by TPS Marko Anttila, saved by Norrena

07:03 LHC is controlling the period so far

05:43 Slapshot from LHC håkansson good save by TPS Schwarz

05:00 LHC has the pressure

02:16 Goal by Robin Figren assisted by Mattias Bäckman. Figren is all alone and make no mistake and put the puck safely in the net.

00:20 Goal by Pontus Petterström from close range assisted by Mikael Håkansson and Erik Lindhagen.

00:01 LHC wins the face off

00:00 Less than 3 minutes to the 3th period begins
Period 2
20:00 Second period is over, Shots on goal LHC 9 and TPS 12. LHC loses the shots but wins the period with 2-1, a period in high speed and amusing play.

19:53 LHC plays with full strength

19:23 Good defence by LHC

18:21 TPS #16 trying to score from close range

17:48 2 min hoolding LHC Albin Lorentzon

17:33 Very high speed in the game

15:33 TPS reduces, Goal Michal Birner without assist

15:15 Goal Magnus Johansson assisted by Joakim Eriksson

15:10 Great double save by TPS Schwarz

14:24 Both teams plays with full strenght

12:24 4 against 4

12:24 2 min for roughing Kalle olsson and Tomas Mojzis

12:24 Fight near TPS goal, penaltys are waiting

09:21 Good goal chance from close range, saved by schwarz

07:53 TPS plays with full strength

07:50 Icing LHC

05:53 Penaly TPS Garret Raboin 2 min slashing

05:39 Goal by Magnus Johansson assisted by Carl Söderberg and Robin Figren

04:21 Hand pass LHC, face off i neutral zone

03:53 TPS Tomas Plihal 2 min interference

03:18 Great tackle by TPS

03:00 Save by Norrena with his catcher

02:00 LHC plays with full strength

00:01 TPS wins the face off
Period 1
20:00 The period is over. Shots on goal LHC 11 and TPS 12. The period was quite even with equal many goal chances for both teams.

20:00 Penalty LHC Claes Nordén 2 min tripping

19:16 LHC plays with full strength

19:13 TPS are close to score, the puck on goal line.

17:16 Penalty LHC Dahlbeck 2 min slashing

16:51 Delayed penalty for LHC

16:28 TPS plays with full strength

14:28 Penalty TPS Ryan Stone 2+2 slashing/roughing LHC Figren 2 min roughing, LHC plays 5 against 4

13:51 Icing from TPS

13:37 A very tight game so far

11:47 LHC plays with full strength

10:52 Good save by LHC Norrena

09:47 LHC, Kalle Olsson 2 min charging

08:07 Teams are playing with full strenght

06:07 Penalty for both teams LHC Robin Persson TPS Laakso 2 min roughing

04:00 TPS playing with full strenght

02:50 Great save by TPS Schwarz

02:00 First penalty off the match, TPS Mikko Lehtonen 2 min hoolding

00:01 TPS wins the first face off

00:00 National anthems by Arne Eklöv

00:00 Katrineholm Hockey honors Linköpings Klas Dahlbeck with his national team jersey in the ceiling of the rink. This as proof that he is the club’s first national team player.

00:00 Teams entering the ice, soon the game will start

00:00 Todays referees are Mikael Nord and David Bergman, linesmen Emil Wärnström and Björn Wettergren

00:00 Teams are warming up, the game will start at 16.00 CET

00:00 Welcome to the live report from Woodyhallen, Katrineholm, and the game between Linköpings HC and TPS Åbo. You can check the lineups on the left and right.

First line
28. Ville Vahalahti
39. Tomas Plihal
12. Marko Anttila
4. Tomas Mojzis
24. Joni Tuominen

Second line
16. Michal Birner
15. Janne Hauhtonen
40. Ryan Stone
25. Veli-Matti Vittasmäki
2. Garrett Raboin

Third line
61. Timo Salo
71. Tapio Laakso
17. Mikko Laine
22. Timo Seppänen
55. Rasmus Ristolainen

Fourth line
87. Jarkko Hattunen
27. Marko Virtala
18. Jakub Cerny
21. Rasmus Kulmala
36. Mikko Lehtonen

33. Marek Schwarz
(31. Aleksis Ahlqvist)
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