First line
12. Leos Cermak
41. Andrej Podkonicky
26. Jaroslav Svoboda
51. Jan Svrcek
5. Tomas Zizka

Second line
9. Roman Erat
11. Miroslav Holec
10. Petr Hubacek
89. Michal Kempny
32. Radim Bicanek

Third line
27. Tomas Pospisil
29. Jakub Koreis
61. Jakub Svoboda
8. Juraj Valach
71. Tomas Malec

Fourth line
20. Hynek Zohorna
91. Jan Krivohlavek
67. Branislav Jankovic
94. Jaroslav Koma
23. Radim Ostrcil

35. Jiri Trvaj
(1. Sasu Hovi)

HC Kometa Brno - HV71
2 - 3

Period 3
20:00 Thank you for watching online report!

20:00 It's finished.

HV71 gets second win in European Trophy and collects six points. Kometa has one win and one loose.

Three stars of game:
third star: Tomas Zizka (Kometa)
second star: Andreas Falk (HV71)
first star: Johan Davidsson (HV71)

19:10 HV71 was in attacking area and played very strongly.

18:02 There was argue between Cermak and Grillfors. There are no penalty minutes.

17:42 Cermak shot quickly after face-off to the Larsson.

16:36 ROMAN ERAT scores in power play and makes it 2:3. He was alone between circles and shot fast snap-shot close to the left bar.

15:11 Jukka Voutilainen (HV71) gets 2-minutes penalty for throwing puck out of ice rink.

13:43 30-seconds time-out for HV71.

13:21 Holec wasn't able to score with rebound from half meter close to Larsson.

11:57 Krivohlavek was finding mate close to net but he hit Larsson. Puck went to the air and fall down close to the net line. There was no player of Kometa for rebound.

11:10 There was no chance for a long time.

08:13 Jankovic missed puck in rebound of Krivohlavek's shot.

07:15 Pospisil failed with shot across defenceman.

05:22 HV71 goes to two goals lead. JOHAN DAVIDSSON surprised Trvaj with shot from left board. It went between right hand of Trvaj and his body. Assists: Noah Welch.

05:22 Todays attendance is 3355 spectators.

05:06 HV71 controls play. Linnander pass puck close to net very fastly and Trvaj had a lot of work with it.

02:14 ANDREAS FALK showed fast hands, made quick move around net and put puck between legs of surprised Trvaj. Assist: Jesper Fasth. It's 1:2 for HV71.

01:53 Jaroslav Koma jumps to the ice, skating to attacking zone and shot very though shot from right circle. Larsson had plenty of luck.

00:51 Erat could pass free mate but he shot from right circle. It wasn't bad position, he hit goalie.

00:25 Icing from HV71.

00:00 Puck is in the game. Third period begins.

00:00 Second period continued with slower "pre-season" play. Goalies were excelent. Today should win both teams.
Period 2
20:00 Second period ends. Third will start after 18 minutes. (real time 20:57)

19:55 Podkonicky holds puck in hand. Game is stopped.

19:29 Slow shot from Thörnberg ends in Trvaj's glove.

18:32 Tomas Pospisil had great speed, skated between circles and shot under the legs of swedish defenceman. He miss left post little bit! It was nice shot.

17:40 There was tough hit to Kempny. It was without penalty. HV71 went to chance, but Trvaj didn't make mistake.

17:17 Bicanek again. He missed net.

16:46 Bicanek shot one-timer from blue line. Larsson was on good place and found puck in glove.

16:31 Daniel Grillfors throw puck outside from ice - 2 minutes penalty.

15:00 Joensuu had great chance in shorthanded play. He stayed alone before Trvaj. He tried some deke moves but Trvaj catch it.

13:36 Mikko Luoma (HV71) gets two minutes penalty for interference. It's 4 to 4.

12:50 Leos Cermak (Kometa) gets two minutes penalty for tripping. Again 32 seconds 5 to 3 power play for HV71.

12:27 Fasth missed puck before empty net!

11:22 Jakub Koreis go to the penalty bench after fight close to Trvaj's net (2mins crosschecking). It's 34 seconds power play 5 to 3 for HV71. Joensuu gets penalty too (roughing). Michal Kempny (2mins roughing).

11:02 Karlsson shot hard shot from left circle. He hit someone before net.

09:56 Fasth and Grillfors went to break 2 to 1. Grillfors wasn't able to shot well due to faul of Tomas Zizka. Zizka gets two minutes penalty for interference.

08:15 Mikko Luoma (HV71) gets two minutes penalty for interference. He sent down to the ground Jankovid.

07:51 Shot of Jakub Svoboda fall down from glove of Larsson. It fall close from left post.

06:45 Kometa was locked in defence area. Welch had two shots from distance. First time he shot to teammate standing before net, second he shot wide.

05:08 Podkonicky waited in right circle. He choose between shot and pass. He decided for shot and it went really close to right post!

03:56 Mats Trygg (HV71) gets two minutes penalty for hooking.

03:41 Voutilainen was in breakaway from right side. He shot to the right leg of Trvaj!

03:11 Malec aim to upper side od net. He hit defenceman.

01:45 Pospisil tried to go alone before Larsson. It was good run but he hit only goalie.

01:20 Johan Davidsson (HV71) gets two minutes penalty for holding stick.

01:05 We have seen nothing special.

00:00 Second period just begin.

00:00 We have five minutes to start of second period.
Period 1
20:00 First period ends.
Game isn't so fast as yesterday game between Kometa and LHC. Both team had just few chances. Goalies haven't so much work. It's tipical pre-season game.

19:41 It's little bit calm. There is not so much aggresive hockey.

18:30 Now it's 5 to 4.

18:16 Oscar Sundh (HV71) gets two minutes for tripping. It's situation 4 to 3 for Kometa.

16:20 Hynek Zohorna (Kometa) and Per Ledin (HV71) get two minutes penalty for roughing. They have small fight close to net of Jiri Trvaj after save of goalie.

16:01 Koma wait for Voutilainen in the middle of ice pitch and hit him down with bodycheck.

15:28 Kometa was in attacking zone for long time, but there was no shot.

14:49 There was lock in HV71 area and five shots of Kometa. Last shoter was Jaroslav Koma. But Larsson went far from net to make distance between him and shoter smaller. Goalie catch puck well.

13:38 Zohorna gets puck from opponent, found Koma who shot to the leg of Larsson.

12:19 Luoma shot very close to left bar!

12:19 Again Larsson. Goalie found shot from Holec in glove.

11:40 Kempny shot after Cermak's pass from blue line. Larsson catch puck.

08:49 HV71 levels from power play! JUKKA VOUTILAINEN scores with rebound of Davidsson shot. Trvaj has no chance to catch puck. Assits: Johan Davidsson, Jesper Fasth.

08:38 Voutilainen hit Zizka before Trvaj with slap shot. Player of Kometa is fit and going to the bench.

08:18 Andrej Podkonicky (Kometa) gets two minutes penalty for hooking.

08:10 Kometa is in full strenght. But not for long time.

07:31 Power play of HV71 is without shot.

06:20 Jukka Voutilainen shot from place between circles. Trvaj catch puck to the glove.

06:10 Roman Erat (Kometa) gets 2-minutes penalty for high sticking.

05:50 Lindström worked well in attacking zone and hold time in shorthanded play.

04:16 Mikko Luoma (HV71) gets two minutes for slashing.

03:42 Kometa scores from power play. TOMAS POSPISIL found net with slapshot from right circle. Larsson just tippet the puck but didn't catch it. It's fourth goal of Pospisil in ET. Assist: Tomas Zizka.

03:15 Defenceman Tomas Zizka shot twice time from blue line. First shot was to goalie, second wide.

02:49 Per Ledin (HV71) gets two minutes for slashing.

02:40 Junior player Jankovic shot very wide.

00:43 Podkonicky found free Svoboda who shot between legs of Larsson. But goalie was faster. It was first big chance of the game.

00:00 Game just begin.

00:00 We have four minutes to play.

00:00 Captain of HC Kometa Brno is forward Petr Hubacek. Leader of HV71 is forward Johan Davidsson.

00:00 Second game of HC Kometa Brno in two days will be live reporting in czech TV. It is possible to see in tribunes because there's not so much people.

00:00 You're welcome from hala Rondo in Brno. Today there will match between home team HC Kometa Brno and visitors from Sweden (HV71). HV71 played two games in European Trophy with one win and one loose (Sparta Praha - HV71 1:4, Pardubice - HV71 3:2). Kometa played only one game. Home team won 5:4 after penalty shootout against Linköpings HC yesterday.

First line
97. Per Ledin
76. Johan Davidsson
39. Jukka Voutilainen
28. Daniel Rahimi
38. Mats Trygg

Second line
13. Oscar Sundh
20. Johan Linnander
79. Johan Lindström
5. Mikko Luoma
19. Mattias Karlsson

Third line
17. Andreas Falk
18. Jesper Fasth
8. Daniel Grillfors
47. Noah Welch
4. Adam Almqvist

Fourth line
11. Jesse Joensuu
10. Jesper Thörnberg

1. Daniel Larsson
(35. Andreas Andersson)
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