First line
27. Jaroslav Kudrna
53. Jaroslav Vlach
12. Antonin Dusek
4. Darrell Hay
2. Martin Cakajik

Second line
61. Milan Bartovic
92. Tomas Vak
19. Daniel Spacek
30. Michal Pavlu
6. Jan Vytisk

Third line
8. Michal Barta
55. Tomas Urban
81. Lukas Vantuch
13. Marek Troncinsky
17. Lukas Derner

Fourth line
24. Tomas Klimenta
91. Dalibor Bortnak
16. Jan Visek
9. Jiri Moravec
34. Jan Holub

33. Tomas Vosvrda
(97. Marek Pinc)

Bili Tygri Liberec - HC Kometa Brno
1 - 2

Period 3
20:00 Totally, the Tigers outscored Kometa 36-30 and now they'll get ready to face Pardubice on Thursday in this very same building. Good night to everyone.

20:00 After the Tigers managed to cut the deficit to half midway through the third, the game got even more intersteing and dramatic, with emotions sprakling at the dusk of the game. Although the Tigers tried as hard as possible, Hovi prevented Kometa's one-goal lead by a heroic performance not only in the final minutes, but throughout the entire hockey game. He had to stop 17 shots in the final period, while his counterpart Tomas Vosvrda had to handle just nine attempts.

20:00 Sasu Hovi gets three stars tonight, after a grade-A performance, Jaroslav Kudrna, the scorer of the only Tigers goal tonight gets two stars and Milan Bartovic will get home with just one star.

20:00 And the final whistle blows to announce the end of the game, Kometa Brno is victorious in this one, beating the Tigers by a one-goal margin.

19:57 Barta's dying seconds attempt didn't find the net.

19:48 With twelve seconds left, another Tigers attack is halted by an offside call.

19:36 Emotions explode on the ice and after the visitors iced the puck, Zizka punched down Kudrna. Both players got a double-minor penalty for roughing.

19:30 Svrcek gets called for slashing and the Tigers will now play six on four!

19:19 Another pile-up in front of Hovi's net, this time it concluded with Spacek and Bicanek starting a little scrap, but the officials stay cool on this one.

19:09 The first line of the Tigers rang one of the post after a howitzer in front of Hovi!

18:31 Tigers will try it with six attackers on the ice, Vosvrda is already on the bench.

18:06 With less than two minutes left in the third, home coach Kalous decided to take a time-out.

17:14 After Vak's shot got stopped by Hovi, a scrap broke out in front of the Finnish netminder, but the officials won't award any penalty minutes this time.

17:00 Cakajik's shot went just inches wide of the net, rebounds got covered by Kometa players.

16:12 Kometa is under enormous pressure now, but Hovi resisted Dusek's attempt.

14:50 With nearly five minutes left in this hockey game, the Tigers cut the lead to one! JAROSLAV KUDRNA redirected Bortnak's dump-in behind Hovi to make a forecast of drama coming in for the last minutes of the game. Assisted by Bortnak and Cakajik.

14:38 Zizka gets called for cross-checking.

13:02 Bartovic got to his trademark breakaway on the right wing, but Hovi deflected the shot away.

11:54 Kometa is trying to save some valuable time by leaving their own zone slowly and passing in the middle of the ice.

11:00 Vosvrda managed to stop Podkonicky's hard drive from between the circles.

09:41 Derner's drive is steered aside by Hovi's blocker.

08:05 Kometa's defence is simply great tonight, the Tigers can't even get past the blue line, eventhough they have possession and do their best.

07:06 Zizka's dump-in ended up swallowed by Vosvrda's catching glove.

06:02 Koreis' drive got struck off the endboard.

05:21 Icing is called against the Tigers during a non-event part of the third period.

04:49 The Tigers have killed this penalty.

03:55 Kometa occupied the attacking end of the ice before they were called for deliberate offside and sent back to in front of Hovi.

02:49 Urban gets a two-minute penalty for elbowing.

02:41 Moravec fired a dangerous bullet and Hovi managed to just soften the puck, which continued on its way to the net, but got cleared from the goal-line by one of Kometa's defencemen.

01:59 Vlach ended the man-advantage by a drive that was stopped by Hovi.

00:31 Bortnak redirected Hay's dump-in right in front of Hovi, following rebound by Kudrna was also stopped by the Finnish goaltender.

00:00 Third period has begun.
Period 2
20:00 The fans saw more interesting hockey in the second period with Hovi still shuting out the Tigers and Kometa running away with a two-goal lead. Jan Svrcek has already collected two points as he's leading the race for three starts tonight. Meanwhile, the shots were 9-13 in the second.

20:00 The whistle ended the second period of tonight's game.

19:59 Roman Erat gets to gate for slashing.

19:38 The visitors capitalized on the powerplay very quickly with JAN SVRCEK scoring from the blue line. Assisted by Pospisil and Zizka.

19:27 Troncinsky gets called for high-sticking.

19:11 Kudrna had a chance to break away, but he didn't expect to win the foot race so he rather fired a long drive which went wide.

18:41 Hubacek's drive was deflected over the glass.

17:32 Jankovic couldn't get past Vantuch, but the pressure forced the Tigers to ice the puck.

17:04 Erat's line forced Vosvrda to show another save.

16:53 Brno's fourth line connected in front of Vosvrda, who was able to stop Jankovic's try.

14:00 The game calmed down after an interesting couple of minutes.

11:56 Vosvrda just blocked a dump-in to in front of his net, Erat eventually didn't get to the rebound thanks to a great work by Tigers Ds checking him out.

11:30 The Tigers got active and forced Kometa's defence to work harder. Troncinsky found Kudrna at the doorstep but the forward couldn't get the puck how needed.

09:57 Pospisil and Podkonicky connected in Tigers' own zone, Vosvrda had to stop the attempt of his former teammate.

09:33 Both teams are in full strength.

08:39 The opening goal changed the tempo of the game, Urban redirected Vantuch's pass on Hovi, who managed to stop it.

07:33 Pospisil and Derner got to the box simultaneously for roughing after they engaged each other in a little melee.

05:18 HYNEK ZOHORNA scored on the rebound of Svcek's shot to make it one to nothing for Kometa.

04:39 Bartovic found Spacek on the doorstep, but Hovi made an incredible goal line save.

04:04 Vak found Bartovic in a good position in the left circle, but the Slovakian express failed on his one-timer.

03:15 The game is being played mostly in the neutral zone leaving the goalies out of work.

01:40 The visitors occupied their offensive zone for a while, but didn't send a shot on Vosvrda.

01:19 After Cakajik's try, Vlach got into a little scrap with Kometa's rearguards, however, noone will get a penalty.

00:00 The second period is underway.
Period 1
20:00 The players are warming up for the second period, which will start in just a few moments.

20:00 The game is well-balanced so far, with Kometa getting into more scoring chances. However, Tigers goalie Vosvrda holds a nine save shutout bid with Hovi turning away eight attempts. Overally, the game hasn't offered anything extraordinary so far.

20:00 The first period is a history, the game is scoreless.

19:43 Kudrna's try was blocked by Kometa's defence as the time is running away in the first.

18:21 Barta's bullet from the left circle was blocked by Hovi's blocker.

16:21 Jaroslav Svoboda was closing in on Vosvrda from the right side, but the puck got kicked out by the pad of Tigers goalie.

15:29 Tomas Urban showed a good individual effort, but didn't manage to fire the puck ideally.

14:51 Bartovic fired one from the left wing on a breakaway, but his shot was steered by a defenceman into the protective netting above the glass.

14:19 Hubacek was forechecking aggressively but after he gained the puck he couldn't find an open lane to pass it to someone else.

13:21 The game is getting plaqued by many inaccuracies plus it is often interrupted due to offside calls on both sides.

12:13 Zohorna wanted to capitalize on Cakajik's misplay, but he hesitated and gave Vosvrda a little too much time to get ready for a shot.

11:40 Spacek engaged Hovi in a foot race for the puck, but the Finnish goaltender managed to get there first.

11:04 The Tigers now dictate the tempo of the game, but are trying to get past the opponent's defensive wall unsuccessfully.

09:30 The Tigers had a great pressure throughout their first powerplay of the night, but they were unable to threaten Hovi's net too often.

08:02 The Tigers immediately moved the scene to their attacking zone, both shots by Troncinsky were answered by Finnish netminder Hovi.

07:30 And now, the former Slovakian national team player gets to the box for tripping.

06:45 The game continues, Podkonicky tried to center one in front.

06:32 The lights are back on. The Tigers are having a debate at their bench, but the visitors are in their dressing room.

06:32 Some players have already left the ice, but it seems it will be fine soon.

06:32 The break is getting a little longer, nothing has happened so far.

06:32 The lights in a half of the venue went off, a short technical break is coming up.

05:45 The powerplay was pretty weak for Kometa, they've spent just the closing twenty seconds in the offensive zone and couldn't generate any significant chance to score a goal.

03:45 The first powerplay of the game is coming up, Tigers blueliner Martin Cakajik gets a two-minute minor for tripping.

03:30 Tomas Malec got to the first great chance of the meeting, after he found a loose puck and shot it from between the circles Vosvrda had to make an effective glove save.

02:56 Jan Holub managed to snipe one from the blue line, but Hovi had no problem with his attempt.

02:19 Antonin Dusek got into a good position in front of Hovi, but couldn't let a shot away. On the other side, Vosvrda registered another successful save.

01:22 The visitors have possession so far, but they've been unable to get through the neutral zone so far.

00:24 Former NHLer Jaroslav Svoboda registered the first shot of the night, Tigers goalie Tomas Vosvrda made an easy glove save.

00:00 The puck was dropped for the first time as the ref blew the opening whistle.

00:00 Both teams are already on the ice, Tigers will play in blue uniforms, Kometa is in white.

00:00 Former White Tiger Andrej Podkonicky is centering Kometa's first line, while the other former White Tigers in Kometa's roster, Leos Cermak, is scratched.

00:00 While for the Tigers it's the opening game of the tournament, the visitors have already played in two ET games, beating Linköping 5-4 and losing to HV71 2-3. Tomas Pospisil is the leading point-scorer for Kometa with four goals in the two games and leads the tournament's goal-scoring alongside Canadian left winger Francois Fortier, who plays for the Vienna Capitals.

00:00 Welcome at the online reporting from tonight's only European Trophy game, which takes place in old Svijansk√° arena in Liberec, where the home White Tigers host Kometa Brno. The game will begin in twenty minutes.

First line
26. Jaroslav Svoboda
41. Andrej Podkonicky
27. Tomas Pospisil
5. Tomas Zizka
51. Jan Svrcek

Second line
10. Petr Hubacek
11. Miroslav Holec
9. Roman Erat
32. Radim Bicanek
89. Michal Kempny

Third line
61. Jakub Svoboda
29. Jakub Koreis
20. Hynek Zohorna
71. Tomas Malec
8. Juraj Valach

Fourth line
67. Branislav Jankovic
91. Jan Krivohlavek
72. Roman Jurak
94. Jaroslav Koma
23. Radim Ostrcil

1. Sasu Hovi
(35. Jiri Trvaj)
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