First line
24. Tomas Klimenta
93. Petr Nedved
27. Jaroslav Kudrna
2. Martin Cakajik
6. Jan Vytisk

Second line
19. Daniel Spacek
88. Michal Bulir
91. Dalibor Bortnak
77. David Stich
30. Michal Pavlu

Third line
12. Antonin Dusek
55. Tomas Urban
8. Michal Barta
34. Jan Holub
17. David Kajinek

Fourth line
16. Jan Visek
92. Tomas Vak
53. Lukas Krejcik
60. Petr Ulrych
29. Patrik Urban

33. Tomas Vosvrda
(97. Marek Pinc)

Bili Tygri Liberec - Eisbären Berlin
4 - 5

Period 3
20:00 Good evening everyone.

20:00 T.J. Mulock collects one star, David Kajinek gets two and ANDRÉ RANKEL is the player of the game.

20:00 The game is over and the European Trophy for the Tigers too.

19:58 Nedved tried to redirect it in, but Nastiuk collected it.

19:37 Ustorf tried to tally, but the ref calls icing! What a mistake.

19:16 Stich fired one to the netting, but it went off of Rankel.

19:10 Vosvrda is staying on the bench.

19:10 The Tigers collect their time-out as Baxmann gets called for slashing.

18:35 Rankel had a chance, but after he hesitated, his shot was steered aside easily by Vosvrda.

17:40 A big hit by Holub on Tyson Mulock, who wanted to fight him. Holub stayed cool, just as the officials.

16:38 Ulrych fired one from the blue line and Bulir got the rebound twice off a defenceman.

13:48 Hard drive by FRANK HÖRDLER finds the exactly same sport as the fourth goal. Rankel gets credited with the only assist.

13:37 Kudrna carried the puck in, but missed.

11:58 After Vytisk's shot was stopped by Nastiuk, it was announced that there's a crowd of 2,824 watching the game.

11:08 Felski's drive gloved down by Vosvrda.

10:15 Kudrna had three chances, with the third one ending at the back of the net. Spacek dug it out and tried to squeeze it through Nastiuk, but the D's came back and held him off.

09:30 Klimenta turned on jets but after cycling the net, he returned back where he came from.

08:16 Busch's drive was looking for the five-hole which got closed by Vosvrda just in time.

07:12 Talbot got himself to the doorstep, but the puck ended up a distance above him.

06:40 Tiny chances on both sides, but with awkwardly inaccurate shots.

04:38 Visek had a chance on the doorstep, but didn't reach the puck in his awkward move.

04:33 Tomas Urban was the slower one in a footrace for the puck.

03:14 JAN HOLUB blasted one from the blue line to score another equalizer. Assisted by Pavlu and Kudrna.

02:36 Krejcik's first shot was stopped by a defenceman, rebound by Nastiuk and Vak ended up in the blue while Nastiuk wasn't in position, but somehow, didn't score.

01:26 The icing is the first interruption of so far non-event third period.

00:00 The official has dropped the puck to start the third period.
Period 2
20:00 The final period will start in sixteen minutes.

20:00 The second period saw more goals and emotion sparkling on the ice with David Stich going crazy and to the opponent's bench. The officials did well getting him out to the box. André Rankel already has three points, which makes him one of the candidates on three stars.

20:00 The buzzer sounds to end the first period.

19:46 The Bears are called with an offside.

19:06 Kajinek's first attempt was only deflected out by Nastiuk, the second one got gloved.

18:25 T.J. Mulock was parked in front, but hesitated for too long.

18:13 Rankel's hard drive flew across the blue before being deflected by ref's skate.

17:47 Kajinek's deflected drive gloved down by Nastiuk.

17:41 And icing is called against Berlin.

16:40 Pavlu carried the puck in, but he got rejected just as following rebound by Patrik Urban.

15:22 Now the two are having words in the corner and they are both going to the penalty box as they get both a minor for roughing.

15:05 Laurin Braun presented himself with a hard hit on Kajinek.

14:31 Spacek fired both the puck and a stick of one of the Bears D-men. The puck was steered aside by Nastiuk, the stick went wide.

13:46 Bears occupied the attacking zone but didn't work anything out.

12:15 Nedved found Klimenta but the conncection didn't work other way.

11:35 What a nice shot by Holub, Nastiuk had to stretch himself to reach it.

10:20 Stich was raising hell after the goal as he tried to challenge two Bears and than their whole bench, but the refs kept him far from there. Hordler gets called for roughing, just like Stich, who gets extra ten minutes for unsportsmanslike conduct.

10:20 The Bears regain the lead as TYSON MULOCK found a hole between Vosvrda's blocker and shoulder. Asissted by Hördler and Christensen.

10:05 Nedved rang one of the glass.

09:21 The Bears managed to clear it.

08:55 The PP line has produced one chance already, but the puck ended in the netting.

08:17 Tyson Mulock gets called for tripping.

07:04 Busch one-times it wide.

06:32 Sharrow had two nice chances, but missed both times.

06:00 The game is tied as TOMAS URBAN found the puck in the pile-up in front of the net. Assisted by David Kajinek, who fired the original shot from the blue line.

04:25 Nedved fanned on a pass in front.

03:55 André Rankel carried the puck in and after getting Vosvrda down, SVEN FELSKI fired it into the wide-open net.

03:25 Pavlu's nice drive is softened by Nastiuk.

03:00 Bortnak tried to run over Angell, but the American rearguard dropped him instead.

02:16 Tyson Mulock fired two close-range shots, but Vosvrda stopped'em both.

01:46 Ustorf found a hole in the defence and didn't hesitate with a shot, but Vosvrda stopped him cold.

01:26 Hordler sent the puck wide.

00:37 Talbot and T.J. Mulock carried the puck in with ANDRÉ RANKEL finishing it off as a trailer.

00:23 Nedved coudln't get a pass to Klimenta.

00:00 The second period has begun.
Period 1
20:00 The next period is starting in fifteen minutes.

20:00 The Tigers had advantage early in the first, which become just a slight advantage after they got up by two. Ending minutes were played in Bears' powerplay which took the momentum over to their side.

20:00 ANDRÉ RANKEL cuts the lead to one after receiving a nice pass from T.J. Mulock from the corner.

20:00 The Ice Bears scored, but the buzzer might have sounded before.

19:36 Rankel had possession in front, but his attempt went off of one of defencemen's stick.

19:27 Stich and Tallackson went after each other and Vosvrda held Ustorf who was trying to get into it, but the howitzer ended quickly as the first two players get called for roughing plus Stich gets two minutes for crosschecking.

19:03 Spacek clears the puck out.

18:21 Petr Ulrych gets a minor penalty for holding.

18:05 Busch had a nice chance in front and Vosvrda down, but the goalie reached out to make a save.

17:01 Nastiuk swallows Tomas Urban's drive.

16:35 Wonderful work by Spacek and Bortnak around and behind Nastiuk's net is rewarded by a goal, scored by DAVID KAJINEK, who got it in with a hard blast from the blue line.

16:05 Klimenta's drive was followed by Kudrna's rebound, but it went wide plus Kudrna ran into Nastiuk so the play will continue by a face-off in the neutral zone.

15:24 Vak had possession in the attacking zone for a pretty long time, but his pass didn't find anyone in blue.

13:24 Constantin Braun's drive ends up going just wide.

12:25 Amazing pass by Kudrna who found Nedved whose attempt, however, didn't find the net.

11:59 Kajinek's shot right after the face-off got swallowed by Nastiuk's glove.

11:54 The Bears are called for intentional offside.

11:05 Now the same situation, this time Pavlu was at the cannon and Krejcik in the field.

10:59 Stich's drive got rejected and Vak's rebound got saved, too, by Kevin Nastiuk, who plays well tonight.

10:30 MICHAL BARTA was racing in two-on-one and after his original shot was blocked by a defenceman, he took his own rebound and fired it in to make it one-nothing. Tomas Urban gets credited with a helper.

09:40 T.J. Mulock tried to convert a pass into a goal, but gets called for interference instead.

09:18 Petr Nedved gets to gate for hooking as the Ice Bears are about to have their first powerplay tonight.

09:18 Baxmann fired one from the right circle, but Vosvrda resists.

08:02 Big hit by Hordler on Vytisk in the neutral zone.

07:47 Nastiuk covers up as he stopped another Tigers powerplay chance.

07:26 T.J. Mulock had a shorthanded chance, but his long drive went over the bar.

06:58 Now the game was filled by one-on-ones which results in Tyson Mulock getting called for delaying the game.

05:27 Another centering attempt, this time it's Barta who fails to convert it to a goal.

05:16 Spacek passed the puck up in front from the corner but Dalibor Bortnak couldn't fire it behind Nastiuk, who's been stellar so far tonight.

04:11 Cakajik sent a shot for a deflection, which was provided by Klimenta, but Nastiuk stopped it beautifully.

03:24 Nedved was racing in, but Nastiuk made a nice blocker save.

03:16 After Cakajik's hard shot was steered aside by Nastiuk, Talbot gets called for delaying the game.

03:00 Florian Busch with a big hit on Cakajik, could have been a boarding call, but the ref says no.

01:57 Ulrych's hard drive ends up wide.

01:20 Bielke had a good chance right in front but fell down.

00:40 Cakajik's shot from the blue line is deflected by Kudrna to the protective netting behind Nastiuk's net.

00:00 The game has started as the ref dropped the puck for the opening face-off.

00:00 There are some technical issues as all the participants are waiting.

00:00 I think this won't be only about Bears and Tigers, but also a serious fan battle.

00:00 And now the Tigers are on the ice, too, and whole arena is bugging.

00:00 There is a lot of hardcore Ice Bears fans in the stands as they already cheer out loud.

00:00 The Ice Bears are on the ice and waiting for the opponent to show up.

00:00 Kevin Nastiuk will start in the net for the Ice Bears tonight, while Tomas Vosvrda returns as a starter after he was heating the bench against Luleå.

00:00 Welcome at the live reporting page. The game will start in ten minutes while the arena announcer presents the Ice Bears roster.

First line
24. André Rankel
14. Stefan Ustorf
15. T.J. Mulock
7. Frank Hördler
8. Nick Angell

Second line
26. Florian Busch
48. Julian Talbot
22. Barry Tallackson
29. Jens Baxmann
3. Jimmy Sharrow

Third line
62. Tyson Mulock
57. Daniel Weiss
60. Mads Christensen
21. Dominik Bielke
90. Constantin Braun

Fourth line
34. Toni Ritter
28. Patrick Pohl
12. Laurin Braun
11. Sven Felski

31. Kevin Nastiuk
(72. Rob Zepp)
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