First line
12. Antonin Dusek
93. Petr Nedved
27. Jaroslav Kudrna
2. Martin Cakajik
6. Jan Vytisk

Second line
19. Daniel Spacek
92. Tomas Vak
91. Dalibor Bortnak
77. David Stich
4. Darrell Hay

Third line
60. Petr Kica
55. Tomas Urban
8. Michal Barta
17. Lukas Derner
9. Jiri Moravec

Fourth line
16. Jan Visek
88. Michal Bulir
24. Tomas Klimenta
34. Jan Holub
30. Michal Pavlu

33. Tomas Vosvrda
(97. Marek Pinc)

Bili Tygri Liberec - Adler Mannheim
1 - 3

Period 3
20:00 Eagles were the better team today and deserved the victory, follow us on Saturday at another online commentary when the Tigers face Swedish Luleå.
See you.

20:00 Patrick Galbraith gets three stars.
Petr Nedved, the Tigers' captain, gets two stars.
Mannheim's Chris Lee gets one star.

20:00 The game is over.

19:59 RONNY ARENDT scores an empty-netter and seals the deal.

19:38 Hay's play's waived off due to touching the puck with high-stick.

18:47 The Tigers play with Vosvrda pulled.

18:47 Nikolai Goc and Tomas Vak had some non-verbal conversation behind the Eagles' net and they both get two-minute penalties. Meanwhile, the Tigers take a time-out.

18:20 The play is slowed down behind the Tigers' net.

17:40 Derner's good pass found Nedved who missed the net.

15:58 Kink had a nice chance but hesitated when he saw Vytisk showing up in front of him and completely wasted it.

14:20 Nothing's been happening over the last couple of minutes.

12:01 There is a crowd of 2 056 watching tonight's game.

11:26 Urban won a footrace with Nikolai Goc but lost the puck at the doorstep where he tried to outplay Galbraith technically, which is not what he does well.

10:43 Nedved passed the puck in front where Michal Barta redirected it on Galbraith who, however, only had to stay where he was 'cause the puck found him.

09:23 Nikolai Goc ended a footrace with Klimenta by a hard body-check and moments after that, Klimenta shoots the puck just wide.

07:50 Derner steamwalled Plachta in front of Tigers' bench.

07:30 The chant is "tie it up" now.

07:18 Sifers is now hurt on a tough play near the boards.

06:49 After Vosvrda's collision with Magowan, the goalie is pretty shaken up but TOMAS VAK entered the offensive zone and sniped one behind Galbraith's back. Bortnak and Vosvrda get assists.

05:57 Barta was looking for a hole above Galbraith's catching glove but the Danish goalie raised it to stop the attempt.

03:53 Goc gets two minutes for interference.

03:27 Vytisk's shot goes just wide of the net.

02:32 Craig MacDonald smoked Dusek in the neutral zone after a series of hits from both sides.

01:36 Bortnak got tripped while crossing the blue line but the ref says no call this time.

00:47 Cakajik's hard shot was heading only to the middle of the net and guess who was there.

00:00 The third period begins as the ref drops the puck.

00:00 The second intermission will reach its end in thirteen minutes.
Period 2
20:00 In a pretty non-event second period the Eagles added another goal when Mitchell sniped one in midway through. The Tigers were more active powered by strong three hits by Jan Vytisk who instantly became Eagle's nightmare.

Galbraith stopped twelve attempts in the second while Vosvrda made six saves and allowed one goal.

20:00 The second period is over.

19:50 Barta deflected Cakajik's attempt just wide.

19:18 Kudrna tried a one-timer from the doorstep but Galbraith resists even in such a dangerous situation.

18:57 Cakajik's one-timer from the blue line only finds the protective netting.

18:34 Stich shot one early in the PP but his hard blast got stopped by Galbraith's pad.

18:29 Craig MacDonald gets called for slashing as another PP is coming up for the Tigers.

17:10 Dusek's hard drive from the boards is stopped easily by Galbraith's pads.

16:53 The Eagles PK looked good but after Hay's shot Bortnak tipped the puck just wide of the net.

16:04 Steve Wagner gets called for high-sticking on Bortnak.

15:51 The ref whistles the play down as he calls icing against the Eagles.

14:53 Klimenta's shot from the right circle went just inches wide.

13:40 Plachta was one-on-one on Vosvrda but the D's were right on his tail, his quick shot got steered away easily by Vosvrda.

13:23 Icing is called against the Tigers.

12:16 Holub's one-timer went just wide of Galbraith's net.

11:33 The puck ends up between the benches after a sloppy play in the neutral zone.

10:40 Another big hit by Vytisk, this time on Ullmann.

10:08 Nedved's attempt got blocked by a defenceman and Cakajik couldn't find it between his legs afterwards.

09:46 Kudrna's attempt deflected high to the netting.

08:47 ADAM MITCHELL stole the puck at the blue line and just blasted it to find the back of the net. Two-nothing, unassisted.

07:42 Bortnak tried a backhander from a bad angle and Galbraith resists.

06:52 Mauer and Ullmann connected in the attacking zone and the latter rang the puck of the post!

06:05 Ullmann was racing with Derner and after the German forward shot the puck, Derner struck him on Vosvrda dislodging the net.

05:11 Klimenta's shot just wide of the net.

04:15 Vosvrda almost mishandled the puck but got it to the corner quickly enough to let his defensive corps operate.

03:18 Vak wrapped around the net but only sent the puck to Pavlu, whose long high-flying shot got easily caught by the glove of Galbraith.

01:37 After Hay's shot got blocked by a defenceman, a Tigers' forward didn't find the wide-open net. Kettemer gets called for hooking.

00:58 Bortnak's hard blast covered by Galbraith for a whistle.

00:47 Vytisk sent Magowan flying with a crunching hip-check along the boards!

00:00 The official dropped the puck to start the second.

00:00 The second period will begin in nine minutes.
Period 1
20:00 After an active play from both teams at the beginning of the first, the Eagles took over the momentum while 4 on 4 and dominated throughout the rest of the period. The Tigers had some chances, too, but mostly they were getting stopped by a good Eagles' defence or by magnificent Danish goaltender Galbraith in Mannheim's net.

The shots are nine-to-eight for the Tigers.

20:00 The whistle blows to end the first period, the score is one-nothing for the visitors.

19:10 Cakajik blocked Wagner's shot and sent Spacek out but Bortnak lost the puck on the boards just behind the blue line.

17:59 Dusek connected with Nedved who's shot from the spot got stopped by a sparkling save by Galbraith.

17:28 Klimenta was going two on one with Visek but after Galbraith blocked it with his shoulder, the puck trickled off of Klimenta's one.

17:02 Sifers tried another hard blast but this time high over the crossbar.

16:37 Sifers' drive from the blue line is softened by Vosvrda's pads and the tall goalie hangs on.

16:25 Spacek clears the puck.

15:40 Moravec gets called for slashing and sends his team to four men.

15:30 Dusek was at the doorstep but he couldn't squeeze the puck around Galbraith.

15:05 Either Dusek or Kudrna tipped Holub's drive, but Galbraith stays cool.

14:19 The Eagles take a lead, after Ullmann got rejected by Vosvrda, the puck found its way to NIKOLAI GOC who's quick one-time blast found the back of Vosvrda's net.

13:56 Barta tipped Hay's shot dangerously, but Galbraith had his pad on the ice.

13:15 Vak found Bortnak in front of confused Galbraith, but the Slovak's shot only found the endboard.

12:30 Glumac tried one from between the circles but Vytisk was there to block it.

10:50 Lehoux found Mitchell running fresh from the box, but the latter shot the puck wide.

09:26 Both teams had chances, Reul with Wagner had the biggest opportunity, but Wagner redirected it high and wide.

09:00 Darrell Hay ends the powerplay quickly as he gets called for high-sticking on Wagner. 49-seconds long 3 on 3 coming up.

08:50 Mitchell gets called for tripping.

07:53 Ullmann and Bortnak get both a two-minute minor for cross-checking.

07:53 The Tigers were occupying the attacking zone with Vak trying two shots that were both stopped by Galbraith's blocker.

06:50 Dusek was dangerously closing in on Galbraith, but his attempt went wide.

06:05 Icing is called against the Eagles.

05:17 Derner tried one from the blue line, but with Bulir screening, the puck went just wide of Galbraith's net.

05:03 Teams play without any chances lately, the Tigers iced the puck most recently.

04:01 Mauer used Derner as a screen but the puck found only Vosvrda's chest.

03:28 Petr Nedved tried a drive from the right circle but Galbraith did well stopping his attempt.

02:57 Plachta had a break-away but after Vytisk tripped him, he slipped all the way to just dislodge Vosvrda's net. No tripping call on this play.

01:48 A little scrap broke out between Ken Magowan and David Stich, both guys get two minutes for roughing. We'll see some 4 on 4.

01:48 A good opportunity for Adam Mitchell after Magowan sent him the puck from the endboards to all alone, but Vosvrda lifted his pads to stop him.

01:00 In the first minute, the Tigers didn't permit the Eagles to cross their attacking blue-line.

00:00 The game has started.

00:00 The players and officials are ready for the opening face-off and just waiting for the clock to reach zero.

00:00 Milan Bartovic is sidelined for another game, junior Michal Bulir is playing instead of him, while Dalibor Bortnak was moved to the second line, playing right wing to Tomas Vak.

00:00 Welcome at the online commenting, the game will start in twenty-eight minutes. The rosters will be posted later before the opening whistle.

First line
36. Yannic Seidenberg
47. Christoph Ullmann
28. Frank Mauer
14. Steve Wagner
29. Denis Reul

Second line
19. Ken Magowan
8. Yanick Lehoux
27. Adam Mitchell
69. Florian Kettemer
26. Jaime Sifers

Third line
17. Marcus Kink
10. Craig MacDonald
16. Mike Glumac
77. Nikolai Goc
4. Chris Lee

Fourth line
57. Ronny Arendt
91. Marc El-Sayed
44. Matthias Plachta
24. Corey Mapes
92. Richard Gelke

35. Patrick Galbraith
(90. Felix Brückmann)
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