First line
26. Tomas Vlasak
28. Martin Straka
69. Radek Duda
8. Jirí Hanzlik
5. Jakub Jerabek

Second line
10. Pavel Mrna
71. Jaroslav Hlinka
22. Ondrej Kratena
12. Frantisek Kaberle
55. Dan Ruzicka

Third line
78. Patrik Petruska
43. Jan Kovar
17. Petr Sykora
14. Tomas Frolo
86. Dominik Bohac

Fourth line
80. Nicholas Johnson
48. Tomas Pitule
52. Michal Dvorak
60. Jaroslav Mrazek

31. Adam Svoboda
(1. Petr Prikryl)

HC Plzen 1929 - HC CSOB Pojistovna Pardubice
4 - 3

Period 3
20:00 A great drama for Plzen! Home players showed their will for victory and they are rewarded. Thanks for watching and have a nice evening.

20:00 The game is over.

18:14 Time out for Pardubice.

18:00 Two minutes left in the 3rd period.

13:40 RADEK DUDA scores a power play goal and Plzen is in lead. Assisted by Petr Sykora a Tomas Vlasak.

13:09 Jan Kolar II. (PCE) gets a minor penalty for cross-checking.

11:30 Attandance: 2071.

09:42 JAN STARY scores the 3rd goal of his team! Assisted by Petr Koukal a Vaclav Koci.

05:55 TOMAS VLASAK scores the third Plzen´s goal! Assisted by Martin Straka and Patrik Petruska.

04:28 Pardubice at full strength.

02:28 Vaclav Benak (PCE) gets a minor penalty for cross-checking.

00:01 The 3rd period has just started.
Period 2
20:00 The second period is over.

18:16 Tomas Zohorna (PCE) gets a minor penalty for hooking.

17:34 Vaclav Benak (PCE) scores and the score is balanced!

10:49 Plzen at full sterngth.

09:05 Pardubice at full strength.

08:49 Jaroslav Hlinka (PLZ) gets a minor penalty for hooking.

07:05 Jakub Nakladal (PCE) gets a minor penalty for tripping.

05:39 Plzen at full strength.

03:39 Nicholas Johnson (PLZ) gets a minor penalty for roughing.

00:01 The second period has just started.
Period 1
20:00 The first penalty is over.

We watch a balanced game. For the first half, there were few great hockey moments, but after Plzen´s two goals and Pardubice´s one the tempo slowed down.

The second period will start at 6:22pm.

19:00 One minute left in the 1st period.

17:07 Icing also for Plzen.

15:42 Pardubice in off-side.

15:13 Pardubice are playing more active, they are trying for second goal.

13:48 Icing for Pardubice.

11:49 RADOVAN SOMIK beats Svoboda in face to face duel and scores! 2 - 1! Assisted by: Martin Barek.

08:57 Only 30 seconds after, Dvorak passes to TOMAS PITULE and he beats Ruzicka for the second time. Assisted by Michal Dvorak.

08:27 PATRIK PETRUSKA opens today´s score with rebound of his own shot!

07:12 Icing for Pardubice.

06:52 Plzen at full strength.

05:52 Pardubice are in their offensive zone but there is no shot.

04:52 Dan Ruzicka (PLZ) gets a minor penalty for tripping.

00:35 Icing for Plzen.

00:01 The game has just started.

00:00 Welcome! The game begins after 5 minutes, referees are already on ice. We are waiting for both teams.

First line
23. Jan Stary
42. Petr Koukal
48. Jan Kolar
27. Jan Kolar
24. Ales Pisa

Second line
96. Radovan Somik
30. Corey Elkins
18. Martin Bartek
14. Vaclav Koci
9. Vladimir Sicak

Third line
61. Daniel Rakos
79. Tomas Zohorna
11. Jonathan Sim
25. Casey Borer
19. Vaclav Benak

Fourth line
46. Jan Buchtele
69. Lukas Radil
90. Robert Kousal

87. Jakub Nakladal

99. Martin Ruzicka
(2. Vladislav Koutsky)
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