First line
27. Tomas Pospisil
16. Radim Hruska
26. Jaroslav Svoboda
51. Jan Svrcek
5. Tomas Zizka

Second line
9. Roman Erat
11. Miroslav Holec
10. Petr Hubacek
89. Michal Kempny
32. Radim Bicanek

Third line
28. Radek Dlouhy
12. Leos Cermak
41. Andrej Podkonicky
8. Juraj Valach
71. Tomas Malec

Fourth line
20. Hynek Zohorna
29. Jakub Koreis
61. Jakub Svoboda
3. Petr Senkerik
67. Branislav Jankovic

1. Sasu Hovi
(35. Jiri Trvaj)

HC Kometa Brno - HC Mountfield
1 - 3

Period 3
20:00 Now it's all. Thank you for watching.

20:00 Radim Bicanek (HC Kometa Brno defenceman): "We must change everything. Today we were worst in all. We know that it's not a regular season but we wanted to prove each other that we can win games."

20:00 There will be quotes of Radim Bicanek from Kometa.

20:00 Thank you for watching online report! For this day it's all from us. See you next year.

20:00 Ceske Budejovice (Mountfield) goes to the final tounrament in Salzburg. Kometa ends in last position in South Division.

20:00 Stars of game:
One star gets Hynek Zohorna (Kometa)
Two stars gets Milan Gulas (Mountfield)
Three stars (best player) gets Jakub Kovar (Mountfield)

20:00 It's end of game.

19:53 Kuchejda shot to Hovi's glove.

19:05 Kometa has puck on sticks. It's too late.

17:47 Finally Kometa scores! It was after precise work and moves of young Zohorna, who skated from left side close to Kovar. After his shot Kovar made a save but he had no chance to catch rebound of BRANISLAV JANKOVIC. Assist: Hynek Zohorna.

16:51 End of game is very close. Game is calm.

16:12 Gulas made good move after crossing blue line, got puck between circles and shot to the Hovi's armful.

15:25 In this time there was on ice Branislav Jankovic from Kometa too. It's 13th forward.

13:50 Senkerik missed puck on blue line and it could be trouble for him. But Rudolf Cerveny wasn't so fast to skated before him towards Hovi.

12:50 Pospisil lost puck behind net of Kovar.

11:31 Holec thought that he has chance to score. Skated around defenceman of Mountfield and tried to let puck with beckhend shot across Kovar's leg. Unfotunately for him pass from Erat was too fast.

10:14 Zizka went on the left side close to the Kovar and shot to the top of net. Kovar tippet puck by shoulder.

09:21 Jaroslav Svoboda took puck to the attacking area.

08:15 Todays game has 2053 spectators.

07:49 Gulas had goal appetite. Gets puck in left circle and shot slap-shot to Hovi's armful.

07:32 Dlouhy saved few seconds in attacking area close to Kovar.

07:13 Kuchejda tipped shot of Dvorak close to Hovi. Hovi has puck in glove again.

06:50 Hovi finds jumping puck under the glove. Nobady other knew where is puck.

06:25 Budejovice are in attacking zone.

04:25 Langhammer went to good postition between circles and shot one-timer to Hovi's glove. There will be four minutes power play for Mountfield. Roman Erat (Kometa) gets 2+2 minutes for high sticking to the face of Langhammer.

04:25 Radim Hruska could go to his second breakaway but he stumbeled close to the blue line and lost puck.

03:28 There is short power play for Kometa.

02:15 Lukas Kveton (Mountfield) gets two minutes penalty for holding and 10 minutes personally.

01:28 Tomas Malec (Kometa) gets two minutes for interference.

01:03 Petr Senkerik from Kometa is on ice at first time in this match.

00:01 Third period just begins.

00:00 Second period was in direction of HC Mountfield which is leading abslutelly deservedly. Now it's five periods of Kometa's waiting for home goal in European Trophy. We think now it's too late to make game more dramatical for Kometa. Mountfield is on right way to win sixth game in raw in European Trophy.
Period 2
20:00 It's end of second period.

19:47 Langhammer found Kveton between circles and Kveton shot one-timer milimetres away of left post.

18:47 Jakub Svoboda (Kometa) gets 2 minutes penalty for cross-checking and 10 minutes personally minutes.

18:11 Jakub Kovar made three magic moves in net! He found shots and rebounds of Zohorna and Koreis.

17:42 Home coach Zdenek Venera is very thoughtful. There is many reasons why. At first three against goals in todays game.

16:14 After bully shot from blue line Mikus, Mikeska had rebound but it still wasn't goal. Second rebound of STANISLAV POLODNA was very comfortable goal to the empty net. Hovi has no chance. Assists: Michal Mikeska, Peter Mikus.

15:02 Again.

14:38 Kometa throws puck away.

13:24 Jan Svrcek (Kometa) gets two minutes penalty for slashing.

11:13 JAKUB LANGHAMMER scores very lucky one! He tried shot from big angle and hit home forward Holec to his skate. From skate of home player went puck to his own net. Assists: Roman Psurny, Milan Gulas.

10:31 Hubacek missed fast pass in middle zone - icing.

09:50 Slow puck from Kveton ends in glov of Hovi.

08:58 Hruska with nice snapshot! Just milimetres far from left post.

08:02 Kometa throws puck to icing.

06:42 Holec had great speed during crossing blue line, skated to the right circle and shot pungent shot to Kovar. Kovar fall down to the ice with puck in armful.

06:01 Hruska reached long pass and shot from left side. Kovar let puck out from net.

05:30 Zohorna skated well around boards in attacking area and shot from right circle. Before Kovar were two players of Kometa but Kovar found puck.

03:59 Cermak is talking with referee about Vydareny's throw puck out of game pitch. It's not penalty for player of Mountfield.

03:45 Erat tries to make surprice for Kovar with fast circle around his net and shot. Kovar's leg was in right place close to left post.

03:01 Pospisil skated to good position on right circle but didn't hold balance and fall to the ice.

02:51 All passes from Kometa are too long.

00:51 Hubacek found free Miroslav Holec close to the right post of Kovar's net. Holec had empty net from half but hit just leg of Kovar!

00:00 Second period just begin!

00:00 Kometa waits for home goal for 83 minutes! Last game lose with Jokerit Helsinky 0:3. Before that scored like a last player Roman Erat in 57th minute against HV71 (2:3 loose).

00:00 Kometa scored too but referees did not recognized goal due to too high position of Jaroslav Svoboda's stick.

00:00 Next period will start at 8:20pm.

There was a long time without a goal in first period. Kometa had chances in power plays but wasn't manage to make some good shot positions. Mountfield had two good chances and from second one opened score list thanks to Milan Gulas (most productive player of team in last season).
Period 1
20:00 End of first period.

19:50 Home team under pressure.

18:03 MILAN GULAS opens score! Kolarz tried nice move before Hovi, but goalie of Brno made a grat save. Unfortunately for him didn't catch puck. Gulas found puck before empty net and had easy job - 0:1. Assist: Michael Kolarz.

17:47 Tomas Zizka (Kometa) gets two minutes penalty for holding.

17:29 Next two minutes penalty for Mountfield - Rudolf Cerveny gets two minutes penalty for team (too much players on ice).

16:51 Mikeska has a great chance. He gets puck with luck on the left wing and shot one-timer. Hovi made a great save.

16:15 And Mountfield very well in shorhanded play - send puck far from own net.

15:33 Kometa plays very bed on power play.

14:31 Lukas Kveton (Mountfield) gets 2 minutes for tripping.

14:31 Jaroslav Svoboda moves on right side and shot across defenceman. Kovar holds puck on hands.

13:21 Kometa holds puck on sticks.

12:45 Malec shot from blue line to one player of Mountfield.

12:38 Kometa lose puck, must starts again from defence zone.

10:38 Away team shot puck behind Hovi's net.

10:16 Roman Psurny (Mountfield) gets two minutes penalty for high sticking.

08:36 Vydareny gets puck far away from Kovar's net.

08:18 Jiri Simanek (Mountfield) gets two minutes penalty for holding of Hubacek.

07:17 Zizka skated from position of defenseman close to the Kovar and shot to his chest.

05:52 Kuchejda has two chances to open score. But he wasn't able to get puck across Hovi's back.

05:15 Sasu Hovi made small practise. He catched puck to the glove after long slow shot.

05:02 Both teams have problems with passing and starts of attacks.

04:10 Zizka and Holec shot to the goaltender Kovar. He's on right place.

03:24 Home player Radim Hruska is alone in breakaway! He tries beckhand deke but Kovar catches that.

03:12 Kometa is in full strenght.

02:41 But Kometa sends puck far far away from net.

02:18 Now they are close to Hovi.

01:37 Away team isn't able to stay in attacking zone.

01:12 Radim Bicanek (Kometa) gets two minutes penalty for tripping.

00:30 Captain of Mountfield Ptacek shot to the side part of net.

00:00 Game just begin!

00:00 Kometa has today one forward more. 13th player in attack is junior Branislav Jankovic. In fourth defence line is Petr Senkerik alone. Mountfield has 8 defencemen and 12 forwards.

00:00 In KAJOT ARENA will be something about 1.700 spectators.

00:00 Kometa still waits for three points home win in European Trophy.

00:00 Kometa is last in South Division with 5 points after 7 games. Budejovice are leading to Red Bulls Salute with second position in East Division with 15 points in 6 games.

00:00 - 7 mins. Captains of both teams are forward Petr Hubacek (Kometa) and defenseman Frantisek Ptacek (Mountfield).

First line
10. Rostislav Martynek
29. Pavel Kasparik
22. Jiri Simanek
38. Ales Kranjc
2. Frantisek Ptacek

Second line
55. Lukas Kveton
84. Jakub Langhammer
88. Milan Gulas
81. René Vydareny
17. Jan Novak

Third line
18. Petr Sailer
11. Michal Mikeska
86. Stanislav Polodna
85. Peter Mikus
3. Michael Kolarz

Fourth line
65. Rudolf Cerveny
19. Roman Psurny
24. David Kuchejda
8. Miroslav Dvorak
47. Roman Vrablik

21. Jakub Kovar
(30. Pavel Kantor)
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